Nuna Strollers Review

Nuna is a premium baby gear brand, and while you will have to put up quite an investment at first, many parents have sworn by the comfort and easy-use that a Nuna stroller brings.

The strollers from Nuna are made to last a lifetime and are designed to make life easier for parents when on the go.

Most of us might be hesitant about the higher price tag, but are Nuna strollers worth it?

Nuna strollers are well worth the purchase and investment. For families on the move, and those who enjoy an active lifestyle, like jogging with your babies, Nuna strollers help to fill many roles, and just make life with a baby that much simpler.

To help you decide whether a Nuna stroller would fit your family best, read our review below, featuring the Nuna brand, the stroller models, and all the other benefits a Nuna stroller offers.

About Nuna

Nuna is a family-centered brand, focusing on providing families with what they need through parenthood. Practicality and functionality drive their designs, and Nuna work to think of all the little things that make a big difference when traveling with a baby.

The Nuna brand is inspired by the ingenuity of Dutch design, following expert craftsmanship, clean lines, and innovative solutions.

Producing high-performance baby gear that lasts a lifetime, each Nuna product is engineered to suit modern life.

Nuna incorporates the perfect blend of energy and simplicity into their products, and knows exactly what it is like to be a new parent, and uses this to provide premium gear to suit new parent’s needs.

Nuna is an exciting brand and is one that many new parents are relying on to fulfill all of their baby gear needs. Stylish, simple, yet so effective at helping out daily, Nuna products do their job well and do so while looking so wonderfully elegant.

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Nuna Strollers

Nuna offers a wide variety of strollers and travel systems for parents to choose from. However, it can be slightly overwhelming to look through them all.

Here are some of the most popular Nuna strollers, and their features and benefits.

The Nuna Demi Grow

The Nuna Demi Grow stroller is a stroller that features just about everything new parents could need when traveling with their baby.

The stroller has an incredible 23 modes, and can expand to be a double or twin stroller – you don’t need to worry about a whole new stroller if a new baby comes along.

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller product image

The Nuna Demi Grow features Dream Drape technology. This shelters your baby from the elements by creating a protective cover over them.

You can use Nuna accessories with the Nuna Demi Grow, such as car seat adapters and wheeled travel bags.

Features to note:

  • Foam-filled tires to suit any terrain
  • 23 configurations
  • Dual suspension
  • Accommodates baby and their sibling
  • Rear-braking system that can be activated with one-touch
  • 3 or 5 point quick-release anti-loop harness to suit your child’s age and size

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Product image of Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Harness
Product image of Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Configurations

Suitable for:

Families who have two children who both need to be in a stroller, and families who want a stroller to grow with their child.

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The Nuna Tavo

The Nuna Tavo is ideal for families who spend a lot of time away from home. It is spacious and fits in bags and essentials so you don’t have to worry about them. The seat of the stroller is very spacious, which means your child will be able to use it for many years.

Nuna Tavo product image

A sky-smart canopy protects your baby from harsh weather throughout the year, making it an all-season stroller.

One-handed open and close, the stroller is wonderfully easy to use. It also boasts other luxury features such as a height-adjustable push bar and an accented luxe leatherette.

Features to note:

  • Spacious design, to hold your essentials and for your child to grow
  • Sky-smart canopy, making it an all-season stroller
  • Suspension designed for a comfortable and smooth ride
  • Affordable price for a luxury stroller
Product image of Nuna Pepp Stroller Canopy
Product image of Spacious Nuna Tavo Stroller

Suitable for:

Families who need space and comfort when traveling. The stroller grows with your child and gives you enough space to store all your essentials.

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The Nuna Pepp

The Nuna Pepp was designed to be an affordable luxury stroller, featuring all the little things that many other stroller brands often leave out.

Being ultra-compact, the stroller folds in half neatly and can be carried around when traveling. It is an ideal travel companion for families who are on the go, while still providing comfort and elegance.

The Nuna Pepp will grow with your child and last for many years in your family.

Product image of Nuna Pepp Stroller

Features to note:

  • Ultra-compact design
  • One hand open and one hand close
  • Protective UPF50+ canopy
  • Dream Drape technology
  • Full recline for napping
  • Easily removable storage basket
  • Spring suspension for a comfortable, smooth ride
Product image of Nuna Pepp Stroller Canopy
Product image of Nuna Pepp Stroller Full Recline Feature

Suitable For:

Parents who need a stroller that is easy to travel with and compact.

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Nuna Mixx 2 Travel System

The Nuna Mixx 2 Travel System is perfect for everyday use. It is a dream to travel with and makes running errands and moving around town a breeze.

Smooth to push, you can maneuver the stroller with one hand, and it features a large storage basket to hold all your belongings while out.

Nuna Mixx2 Travel System Product Image

For baby, there is an extendable, breathable canopy, a flat-recline seat, and a mesh backrest for optimal airflow.

The Nuna Mixx 2 Travel System is compatible with some of the other Nuna car seats and bassinets, giving you more options when using the stroller.

It is a budget option in the Nuna range but still holds the style and elegance that Nuna products are known for.

Features to note:

  • Easy to maneuver stroller
  • Flat-reclining seat
  • Stylish, luxury design
  • Mesh window option for optimal airflow
  • Budget travel system in the Nuna range
Product image of Nuna Mixx2 Travel System Maneuver System
Product image of Nuna Pepp Stroller Full Recline Feature

Suitable for:

Families who are looking for an easy-to-use, comfortable, and stylish travel system which fits into their life and their routine.

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Nuna Stroller Accessories

The Nuna stroller range features some wonderful accessories for you to add on. These all help with the little things parents deal with daily, and the right accessory can really make life just a little bit easier.

Here are some of the Nuna stroller accessories that parents love the most:

Wheeled Travel Bag

The wheeled travel bag keeps your Nuna products protected when traveling or when stored. It fits most Nuna products, and even features storage pockets for snacks and toys!

Diaper Bag

Every parent needs a diaper bag, and Nuna has created one that can be styled any way you need it to be!

The diaper bag is discreet on the outside but features everything you need on the inside. It can be worn over the shoulder, cross-bodied, or as a backpack.

It even fits laptops and tablets up to 13-inches, and of course all the baby essentials you need.

Bassinet Stand

The bassinet stand offers up a way for you to use your Nuna bassinet or car seat in your home as an overnight sleep solution.

It can also be used as an on-the-go high chair. Both the bassinet and the stroller seat can be attached to the bassinet stand without the need for an adaptor.

Cup Holder

The cup holder fits onto the Demi Grow and Mixx strollers, so you can sip and stroll on the go.

Child Tray

The swivel child’s tray attaches to the stroller so that your child can enjoy a snack and a drink when in their seat.

Rain Cover

There are rain covers that can be used for the car seat and for the whole stroller, which give your child protection from wind, snow, and rain while being breathable, and clear to allow them to view the world around them.

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Product images of Nuna Stroller Accessories

Stylish And Practical

Nuna has worked to design their strollers, travel systems, and other baby gear to be as stylish as they are practical.

Not only will you be benefitting from innovative design and incredibly helpful features, but all Nuna gear is stunningly finished off. Simplicity and attention to detail make the strollers and travel systems look elegant and sleek, and they fit into almost every style.

Whether you buy a travel system set or separate Nuna products, all complete a very particular look, in neutral tones and shades that really do stand out.

Is Nuna The Right Choice?

Nuna is one of the higher-priced brands on the market, but this isn’t for no reason. Each product has been made with expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, quality materials, and features that parents need every day. The stylish design of the Nuna products also makes them a favorite among many new parents, who want their baby gear to represent their individual taste.

Yes, it is an investment at first, but it is one that will pay itself off over time, and which you will be thankful you made each day. The Nuna stroller you choose will last for years and can be kept and used for your next baby too.

There is a Nuna stroller to suit your family and your needs, whether you have one child or two, and whether you need something heavy-duty to travel over rough terrain, or a lightweight stroller to take along on your daily commutes.

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