The Stuff4Tots Editorial Team

Stuff4Tots is proudly written by moms, dads and medical and parenting experts from all over the world.  Read a little bit about our team below.

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Michael Oliver – Founder and CEO

Father of two lovely and special children. I’m an engineer (electrical) by trade and have worked at many a blue chip organization in the past.  From Ford Motor Company to Airbus to Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to the UK National Health Service I’ve had a pretty diverse working life.  After completing my MBA I wanted to break away from the corporate ‘cubicle’ so I founded Stuff4Tots as a means of being at home for my family and creating a future for us all.

Now as CEO of Stuff4Tots I bring together my expertise as a parent, a husband and a professional to serve fellow parents providing useful and relevant information and products to new families.

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Rebecca Brown

Rebecca is a mom to two and writer on all things parenting. She has been focussed on content creation and article writing for the last four years, drawing on the inspiration she gets from her own experience as a mother, and the expansive research the job requires.

When not writing, you can find Rebecca outside with the kids, or hidden away enjoying a good cup of coffee!

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Claire Bonneau (RN)

Claire is a registered nurse who now specializes in medical freelance writing. After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she completed training to be a certified operating room nurse at one of the largest trauma hospitals in Alberta.

Claire is passionate about everything women’s health, and enjoys educating women about health, sexuality, and wellness. She has always been an advocate for her patients and strives to provide educational resources for any audience. Medical information can be tricky to understand – so Claire works very hard to create accessible and educational content for women!

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Dr Kavita Ramanathan

Dr Kavita Ramanathan is a practising pathologist with over 12 years of clinical experience. Having completed her MBBS and MD in Pathology from the University of Mumbai, she went on to work for several institutions in India. As a medical writer, she writes to give practical tips to the non-technical audience.

As a mother to a young girl, motherhood is a topic that is close to her heart. Her own experience in raising her daughter while balancing her residency and medical career has taught her many practical aspects of successful child-rearing. Her knowledge of medicine and skill as a writer appeals to a broad spectrum of parents and mothers.

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