Bugaboo Donkey 2 Stroller Review 2020 – Is this premium range stroller system right for you?

The name Bugaboo Donkey 2 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but does this stroller truly “roll” like the Rolls Royce of strollers?  The Bugaboo Donkey is versatile, stylish and fashionable and popular with trendy moms but it comes with a hefty price tag so we asked the question – is the Bugaboo Donkey worth it?  Read on to find out.

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The Bugaboo Donkey 2 is a refresh of the original, game-changing, Donkey and has been on the market since 2018.  Like its predecessor the Donkey 2’s unique selling point is its versatility and ability to turn from a single stroller to a side-by-side double in just a few clicks.  However, Bugaboo have added in a few new features, upgrades and improvements too.

The Bugaboo Donkey 2 comes in three variants – Mono, Duo and Twin.  We’ll explain the difference between them and look at the pros and cons of each and you can work out if the Bugaboo Donkey is the stroller travel system for you.

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Is the Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Travel System right for me?

The major pros of the Bugaboo Donkey are its versatility in turning from single to double to twin and back again and its ability to expand to carry extra storage. It can also convert easily from forward facing to parent facing and gives a pleasant side-by-side ride in the multi-occupant mode. It is simple to use with click and go conversion ability.  It is practical and maneuverable and can fit through most doorways.

It’s a superb looking stroller too.  Those fashionable designers in Amsterdam have done a great job coming up with a wide range of designs and colors and you’ll look chic pushing this vehicle about the mall.

On the downside it can be quite heavy (about 40lb / 19kg) and it is one of the more expensive strollers on the market.  It’s called the “Donkey” for its carrying abilities so it’s not intended as a sleek umbrella-type stroller.  A lot of owners have reported that it’s a bit of an effort to lift it into the trunk of a car. That said it still looks good and it’s still pretty nippy (for its size).

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Our view is that if you’re planning to be out and about a lot then its practicality and great looks make it a superb buy – if your pocket can handle it that is.

Read on to find out how we assessed the Bugaboo Donkey 2.

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The Donkey 2 is a Travel System rather than just a simple stroller, that is, it comes with bassinet, seat, car seat capability etc. It is a finely engineered piece of kit designed in the Netherlands and combines practicality with great looks.

Here’s a quick run down of the main specs:

Width 30 inches (74 cm)
Weight 26.5lb (15kg) with seats
Facing Direction Reversible – forwards or parent-facing
Handlebar Single handlebar


One handed steering

Fabric Water-repellent; UPF50+; Machine washable
Care Fabric is machine washable
Wheels 10inch foam-filled, can be switched to double wheel mode
Seat capacity 50lb (23kg) per seat
Luggage capacity 12 gallon (46 liter); 34lb (15kg)
Folded dimensions 36” x 24” x 9” (compact); 37” x 29” x  20” (one piece)

What is the difference between Bugaboo Donkey and Bugaboo Donkey 2?

Bugaboo refreshed the design of their successful Donkey model in early 2018.   The main differences are:

  • Tires are now foam-filled rather than air. This reduces maintenance (they never deflate) and increases sturdiness and ruggedness over rough terrain (you can even take it to the beach!)
  • New colors and fabrics – updated designs and styles, customizable to suit even the trendiest mom
  • Upgraded side basket storage (10lb capacity now 22lb) with built in mesh pockets with zippers to resist those little exploring fingers
  • Upgraded under the seat basket – easier to fit and sits better when full
  • Anti-shimmy solution to improve the drive performance
How much weight can the Bugaboo Donkey 2 hold?

The Bassinet is usable for infants from birth up to 20 pounds.  The seats can be used from 6 months up to about 3 years old (approx. 50 pounds).  That’s each seat not total by the way.  The seats are not suitable to be used from birth as they do not have a >150o backrest incline.

As for luggage capacity the Donkey lives up to its name and can carry a hefty 22lb (10kg) in the under-seat basket and 12lb (5kg) in the side luggage basket.  The capacities are 7.4 gal (28 l) and 4.8 gal (18l) respectively.

What’s more, if you’re only pushing one child, the spare seat extends into more luggage space.

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Is it easy to fold / unfold your Bugaboo Donkey 2?

Bearing in mind that this is a travel system and not a simple stroller it is still quite easy to fold the Donkey 2.  The mom in the video below does it in about a minute but, if you’re not a paid model acting out a demonstration in a studio, it may take a little longer.  With practice it should get pretty quick to fold and unfold the travel system.

Also bear in mind that it depends a lot on what configuration you are using (Mono, Duo or Twin) as the more you put on the Donkey the longer it’ll take to strip down.

There are two options of folding – one piece and compact.  The compact is smaller but requires you to remove wheels, etc. so it would depend on how much space you’re trying to squeeze your stroller into.

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What’s the difference between the Donkey Mono, Duo and Twin

Maybe we’re a bit slow but it took us a while to work out the confusing array of models.  It’s actually quite simple Mono is for one kid, Duo is for two of different ages and Twin is for two children of the same age.

Basically, they’re the same thing just with different seat configurations.

Here’s a bit more detail.

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono

So, most parents would start off here.  A travel system with bassinet and side-storage basket.  You’d be buying this one if you had one eye to the future and thoughts about growing the family in mind.

It’s probably of over-kill for just one baby but, most of us at least, only have one at a time so you’d be buying it for it’s future expandability (is that actually a word?)

Donkey 2 seat and bassinet
Donkey 2 Duo seat and bassinet

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo

The Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono comes into it’s own when baby number 2 comes along and it converts into the Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo.  It has the configurability then to be a bassinet / stroller seat combo and each slot is forward or backward facing.

It is a side-by-side seat and bassinet stroller now but is still narrow enough to manage a standard doorway.  However, if you’re off and on public transportation a lot it may be a bit of a chore.

Annoyingly, despite the high price you’ve already paid the new seat will be an extra cost as it is sold separately.

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Bugaboo Donkey 2 Twin

So the Bugaboo Donkey Mono is for one child. The Duo is the Mono converted for two different age children (usually one baby in a bassinet and one toddler in a seat).  The Bugaboo Donkey 2 Twin is aimed at two children of the same age (der, yuh don’t say right!?!).  So, it can start off with two bassinets and then can convert to a two seated double stroller.

Like the Duo it is still narrow enough to fit in a standard doorway.

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Donkey 2 Twin seat and bassinet gray
How easy is it to push and get about?

The Donkey gives a nice, almost effortless, ride.  More of a thoroughbred than a donkey.  The large wheels with all round suspension and heavy-duty foam tires cope very well with sidewalks and uneven terrain ground; apparently, it’s possible to push along on the sand or snow although we haven’t tested that one out ourselves.  Having been stranded on the beach before and having to get some kind chaps to lift off my umbrella stroller I’m a little skeptical but I guess they wouldn’t say it if they weren’t confident.

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Considering how wide and heavy it is, this pushchair feels reasonably smooth and comfortable to push and it corners fairly easily.  You shouldn’t struggle maneuvering and tipping it back to go up sidewalks, but narrow doorways might be a problem (see below).

If you and your partner are different in height then you’ll be pleased with how easy the handlebar adjusts.  It moves up and down a range of just under 8 inches and it is fairly easy to alter the height when swapping over the driving.

The brake pedal is easy to apply and feels pretty strong.

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Can the Bugaboo Donkey fit through doors? Just how wide is the Bugaboo Donkey Duo?

Bugaboo’s website is fairly tight-lipped about exactly how wide it is with both seats on (Duo or Twin mode).  This got our little minds working away suspiciously.  It looks pretty wide right? Going to struggle to get through doorways eh?

But no. Shame on us for doubting them.  The Donkey Mono is 23.6” wide and the Duo is 29” wide.  That’s not too wide at all given the load it’s carrying and you should be able to fit through most doorways.

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Summary – who is the Bugaboo Donkey 2 right for?

The Bugaboo Donkey 2 is great for those who have, or are planning to have, two small children and like to spend a lot of time out and about.  It’s a bit on the big and heavy side but that’s kind of the point – it’s designed to help you carry big loads (like the kids for instance) and still be easy to maneuver around.  If you like walking around the park, mall or wherever then this stroller is for you.

You’ll love the look of the Bugaboo Donkey 2 that’s for sure.  It’s super-stylish, looks great and is practical and hard-wearing.

The biggest catch of the Bugaboo Donkey 2 is the price tag.  However, nothing great comes cheap these days.

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