What a beautiful time in any parent’s life; pregnancy. This is a magical time where you are watching your belly grow, seeing your baby dancing, or even feel their tiny hiccups. Does your baby has a “womb mate?. Don’t fret, we are here to help.There may be questions from mommy or daddy during pregnancy about changes happening to your family during this time. It may even be a hormonal time in both parents life as well, but that is normal and the mood swings shall pass with time. Side note Daddy, but Mommy sometimes may not be able to control those tears over forgetting to put away the dishes. We have enlisted many mommies to help with questions/concerns. This is a time to enjoy your 40 weeks of growing your little bundle of joy, so please savor every moment.

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As happy as you may be feeling about the birth of your child, you may be a wreck of emotions or fear of what will happen during birth. Parents will share their stories and information about birth and what to expect during this miracle while you’re waiting to meet your baby.


When a sperm meets an egg, ok we are not going that much into conception, but we will explain more of what goes on and how your body may feel. Click here to find out some more about conception in plain English from other parents.

Postpartum Care

Even after birth, care for yourself is very important. Either parent may feel out of sorts with emotions whether goods or not, but it is normal. Just be mindful that you may need help from out outside source. Mommy and Daddy are both experiences tons of things, let’s learn more.


Pregnancy comes in threes! Three trimesters that is. What to expect with each one and how will mommy’s body change with baby. Will you feel sick for 40 weeks? When will you feel your baby kick or move for the first time.


Belly bands, sea bands, maternity clothes, and what else there is out there may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret I’m here to give you the run down on products. There are lotions to help with stretch marks, candies to minimize morning sickness and I want to share it all with you!

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Trying to get pregnant? Get to know yourself

Want a Baby on Board? Use These Conception Tips As the decades come and go, so do the "norms." It seems that generations ago, it was common to have large 4-6 plus kid families. Then you think about a generation ago, and they have one maybe two kids. As a 30...

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7 Ways to get your body ready for Labor

Childbirth is by no means easy, physically and emotional. It entails a lot of overthinking and ‘what ifs’, especially when it is your first time. Even if it is your second or third pregnancy, the experience of giving birth is different and the overwhelming feeling of what will come is still there. Thankfully, there are ways to decrease the anxiety you are feeling regarding labor and delivery, and we have listed them down for you.

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Contractions during labor: what you need to know

Contractions are a vital element in a pregnant woman’s life as this may signify so many things from a possible premature delivery of the baby to helping with the expulsion of the fetus. Knowing what the different types of contractions are and how to count them is important because it will tell if you need to go to the doctor or just rest.

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