While raising families is as old as humanity itself there are always new developments, celebrities with their head scratching ideas, funny happenings and inspiring ideas. We also like to bring you fun competitions and purse-saving giveaways and discounts.

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Fun and Facts

Let’s not take life too seriously. Here are some things you never knew and some things you never knew you never knew. Let our little ones be your guide and travel through life with an open mind and a smile….

adorable smiling baby with closed fists
cute baby massaged by his mom on the chest

What’s hot?

She’s done WHAT?!? Did he really say THAT?!? What’s the latest must-have gadget? What are the gurus recommending now? Who’s having a big sale this week? We’ll bring that, and more, to you here

Competitions, giveaways and offers

We all love a bargain, a freebie, a special offer. It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the sale of the century! Well maybe not quite that big but we’ve scoured the market for bargains and deals for you. Plus a few that we’d like to throw our special customers way every now and again too….

sitting baby holding a brown teddy
chocolate on a toddler's face

Thought for the day

Life as a parent can be tough at times and we’re all under so much pressure to be better than the best. Take a little inspiration and encouragement from the wisdom of the ages. Maybe a smile or two too. Not that kind of tutu sir….