Luckily, if you are the parent of twins or more than one child, you don’t have to lug around two strollers, battling to push and pull all around. There are some really great and efficient double strollers on the market. They will make your outings so much easier, with your two precious bundles being safe and comfortable in their double stroller (or triple stroller).

When you are a parent of two little kids, it can be tough. Anything to make your life easier is a win. Some double strollers might be a big investment for your family, but the right one will be worth every penny spent.


Choosing A Double Stroller


It can be a bit tough to choose the right double stroller for your family. There are many boxes a good double stroller needs to tick, and there are also personal preferences for each family.

Do you actually need a double stroller?

It is nearly impossible to go out and enjoy your time when you have two kids under three who aren’t in a double stroller. You need to make sure that they are near you at all times, but you can’t actually push two strollers at once.

An option for parents with a toddler and a newborn is to push the older child in a stroller and then carry the second child in a baby carrier. This can help, but for extended periods of time, it can become tiring. This isn’t a viable option for twins either, so a double stroller is a must.

What ages do double strollers suit?

Most double strollers are made to be used for newborn up until three years old. There are many double strollers that are compatible with car seats, making them suitable, and comfortable, for infants. Older toddlers can use the normal double stroller seat, as it offers more space and can recline to suit their needs.

Types of double stroller

There are a couple of different types of double strollers to choose from. Whichever you choose would be based on your personal preferences and circumstances. You need to make sure that if you have infants, the double stroller can accommodate car seats, for a younger and older child, you need to check if the double stroller can accommodate their weight.

Side-by-side stroller –

Side-by-side strollers have two seats next to each other. These seats are usually identical and have the same space and features. They allow each child to have an equal and full view of the environment around them. The cons to side-by-side strollers are that they are usually too large to fit through normal doorways and aisles, which could be an issue when out running errands and in shopping malls. They also fold up bigger than other double strollers, so this could be a problem if you drive a smaller car and don’t have much trunk space.

Inline stroller –

This type of stroller has the two seats in single-file, with one seat in front of the other. The seats can either be at the same height or be stadium style with the back seat sitting higher than the front. Stadium-style does allow for each child to have a better view of what is in front of them. The seats usually do not have the same space and features, with one seat being able to recline more than the other. The longer body of the inline strollers make them harder to turn and maneuver, but they do fit through most doorways which is a huge plus for many parents.

Convertible stroller –

Convertible strollers are the most versatile of the lot. Usually, they come in the form of a one-seat stroller that can be converted into a double stroller by adding on an additional seat. Some can even accommodate for a third seat. Convertible strollers are a great choice for a growing family, with a toddler in tow and a newborn on the way.

Travel System

It is a good idea to buy a double stroller that can also be used as a travel system. This way you will only ever need to transport one stroller along with your car seats, and don’t have to worry about packing two on a trip out. Most double strollers that convert to a travel system can be customized in a few different ways, making them suitable for a growing family, or a family with different aged children.

Buying one system will also save you some extra money! For some double strollers, you will have to buy an additional matching car seat, but it is definitely worth it.

The Best Double Strollers

Now that you know what to look for in a double stroller, take a look at the below best list of double strollers on the market to save you some time searching!

Baby Jogger City Select Lux stroller recline position

Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat

This stroller is as versatile as they come. It can transform from a single stroller to a double stroller, and even accommodate a third child with a standing board. In total, the stroller has 16 different combinations, perfectly customizable to your special family. Each seat can hold up to 45 pounds, and to make it even handier, it has a large under-seat basket storage compartment, so you can be hands-free when pushing your babies around.

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The stroller is easy to maneuver and is comfortable for the kids, but it is a large stroller so make sure that your car can hold it.

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Graco Ready2Grow Stand and Ride Stroller

This stroller has everything a growing family needs. It has a rear seat, a toddler seat, and trays for both the children and parents. To add another little body to the stroller, there is a bench and standing platform in the back, letting them either stand and take a ride or sit down and enjoy a stroll.

There is a large storage basket to keep bags, groceries and other items while you are walking about. The stroller can be used with two car seats for twins, but it better accommodates different aged children. The rear seat can face forward, but when put facing the parent there is more room for the child in front.

It is customizable to your family and can grow with your kids as well.

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Graco Ready2Grow Stand and Ride with kid sitting
UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller facing parent

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller

The Vista stroller is a convertible stroller that can accommodate up to three kids. It comes with a bassinet, a rain shield, a large undercarriage storage compartment (up to 30 pounds) and an additional toddler seat for child up to 50 pounds. It has all the bits and bobs to make life super easy for parents with more than one child.

The Vista has an incredibly smooth ride and is easy to push around and maneuver. It also has a canopy with SPF50, perfect to keep your kids safe from the harsh rays of the sun.

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Baby Trend Sit ‘N Stand Double Eclipse Stroller

The Double Eclipse Stroller is great to use for twins and different aged kids. The two seats are inline seated, so one is in front of the other. Removing one seat will reveal a standing platform for an older child to join along for a ride. Each seat has a snack tray and a cup holder, as well as parents getting a tray and holder.

It is a sturdy and reliable stroller and is great to use outdoors as well. It will grow with your family, and it fits through most doorways with ease. When the car seats are attached, the canopies protect your little ones from the harsh rays of the sun. There is also a large storage basket below the seats, letting you keep your bags and shopping safe and out of the way.

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Double Eclipse Stroller facing parent

Bugaboo Donkey

The Bugaboo Donkey is a side-by-side stroller that is easily customized and adjusted to suit your needs. The two seats are reversible and can be arranged in a total of three different positions – side-by-side double stroller, a single stroller or with one seat facing forward and the other parent-facing. It is quite a narrow side-by-side stroller, so it is easy to push through doors and aisles.

Bugaboo Donkey Side by side stroller

The standard stroller only comes with one seat and a bassinet, so you will have to buy the additional seat at an extra cost. The stroller does make up for it with being a long lasting stroller, from two infants in bassinets to two toddlers watching the world from their comfortable seats.

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The Right Double Stroller for Your Family

When purchasing a double stroller, you need to consider your family’s needs and your everyday activities. Don’t purchase one for a once off trip, which won’t suit your usual lifestyle.

Take the age of your children into consideration, and their preferences if they have any. For twins, a double stroller that is adjustable to recline and sit up is great, as they will be the same size but each have their own, individual needs.

A decent double stroller will be a great investment for you and your family, you just have to be sure of what you are looking for!

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