Need tips and advice for your new itty-bitty bundle of joy? Here’s the 411 on infants. Whether you are a first time parent, fourth time parent or are just seeking out some help, we have enlisted real parents to share their tribulations, helpful hints and much more. You will find a little something for everyone along with an abundance of real life parent to parent help.


The stage of many firsts. Whether first words, first steps or even the first temper tantrum where your child is laying on the floor pounding their tiny hands/feet like drum sticks, we have all been there. I mean they don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing.Let’s share tricks to make those terrible twos (or threes) a much more enjoyable time. There are going to be challenges, tears shed, but many smiles and giggles. Here is some great advice for you to succeed with a smile on your face and your patience still intact.


What a beautiful time in any parent’s life; pregnancy. This is a magical time where you are watching your belly grow, seeing your baby dancing, or even feel their tiny hiccups. Does your baby has a “womb mate?. Don’t fret, we are here to help.There may be questions from mommy or daddy during pregnancy about changes happening to your family during this time. It may even be a hormonal time in both parents life as well, but that is normal and the mood swings shall pass with time. Side note Daddy, but Mommy sometimes may not be able to control those tears over forgetting to put away the dishes. We have enlisted many mommies to help with questions/concerns. This is a time to enjoy your 40 weeks of growing your little bundle of joy, so please savor every moment.


As parents, we seem to put ourselves on the back burner. Whether it be your career or anything. When adding a child into the mix, you need to remember self care. It’s not a selfish thing to do. Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you can’t take some time to yourself. It can be as simple as a bubble bath alone, a run outside, or a few hours away to shop. A fully fueled and patience filled parent will always feel better than one with a drained tank. Let’s talk some more about how to juggle being a parent with every other aspect of your life.


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Here at Stuff4tots, we want to take a lighthearted and even silly approach to our info. There is just too much seriousness in life and sometimes you just need to smile. We will be doing some competitions at various times during the year, so stay tuned and check back frequently. And don’t worry we always make our competetions fun. We also want to provide you with special offers and giveaways on family-related products. And don’t forget the 411 on new parenting, well anything.So stay tuned for more information. After all, you all deserve it!

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The Best Toddler Sleep Sacks of 2019 Reviewed

Many parents swear by sleep sacks, from using them for newborns up until after the toddler age. Sleep sacks keep your toddler warm, comfortable and give them a space to associate with sleep time. Wearable blankets are fast picking up in popularity, as more and more...

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The Best Toddler Sleeping Bags of 2019

Finding the right sleeping bag for your toddler can be tough. Toddlers are little and need a sleeping bag that will keep them comfy and safe, but they also tend to grow really fast, so you need to make sure the sleeping bag you choose will be able to accommodate for this growth.

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The Importance of Wildflowers by Tilly

The Importance Of Wildflowers by Tilly Wildflowers are not just pretty; they're very important for nature Whether they know it or not, all living creatures depend on flowers as part of the cycle of life For example, they provide food to insects in the form of nectar,...

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Snow Leopards by Tilly

Snow Leopards by Tilly Snow leopards live in the high mountains of Asia.  They are very good at camouflaging in the mountains. They have large paws to grip and long tails to balance to help them climb. They are endangered and rare to see They live in lairs on the side...

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The History of Stonehenge by James

Stonehenge Why did they build Stonehenge? Its massive scale suggests that Stonehenge was vitally important to the ancient peoples who built it, but the monument's purpose has been the subject of widespread speculation for centuries. Theories include Stonehenge as...

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Your post-delivery body: What happens in the first 24 hours after giving birth

In order to bring a precious bundle of joy in the world, you will have to go through the whole 9 months of pregnancy – including all the back pain, mood swings, nausea, vomiting and even the stretchmarks. But who knew that delivering your baby is just the beginning? Some changes still happen overnight and most importantly during the 1st 24 hours after giving birth.

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Hold off grandma – don’t kiss that baby!

Kissing your baby is a natural thing to do, especially when you just feel all the love pouring inside that you want to show your baby. But little did we know that there is more to kissing a baby than just showing our affection. Kissing a baby might be a way of sharing a disease which might not be harmful to you, but is to your baby!

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Why pump when breastfeeding?

It is natural for moms to want the best for their babies and fortunately, moms are equipped to provide the best with the ability to breastfeed! Aside from being created naturally by the body, breast milk is healthy and is rich in antibodies that help boost the immunity of your baby too. Of course, not all moms have the luxury to feed their babies 24-hours a day and because of that, milk pumping was introduced.

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How Long Should Your Newborn Baby Sleep

Watching your baby sleep gives you a feeling of so much love and warmth. Moms wants nothing but the best for their baby. As sleep is a crucial part for the first few months of your baby’s life, it is important to provide them a safe sleeping environment that will accommodate their needs.

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What should a newborn baby sleep in to help prevent sids?

Isn’t it so satisfying to watch your adorable little one sleep peacefully? Why not make them even more comfortable by providing them with the best environment for sleeping. We’ll give you some tips on what bed to choose, the appropriate clothing, how to build your nursery, soothing music for your baby and even how to sing your own lullaby to your baby.

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7 Ways to get your body ready for Labor

Childbirth is by no means easy, physically and emotional. It entails a lot of overthinking and ‘what ifs’, especially when it is your first time. Even if it is your second or third pregnancy, the experience of giving birth is different and the overwhelming feeling of what will come is still there. Thankfully, there are ways to decrease the anxiety you are feeling regarding labor and delivery, and we have listed them down for you.

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The Power of Pretend Play

Every day when my two little girls get home from preschool they ask if they can watch their Kindles. Since we recently banned YouTube in our house (thanks Momo), if allowed, they’ll be binge on Netflix kids for an hour or so until it’s time for dinner. It’s one of their favorite pastimes, as well as mine, so I tend to have a harder time saying no than their mother. But I do say no. As often as I’m able. Why? Because I want them to do something else instead. Something I loved doing as a child. I want them to pretend.

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Baby’s first year: How infants develop

Moms are always looking to keep up with the next milestones of their children.To make this a little easier, we have made a guide on what milestones they should reach at different ages, so you can keep a check that they are on the right track developmentally. Of course, not all children are the same, and they might reach a milestone earlier or later than the usual timeline. If your baby takes a little longer to reach a milestone, it shouldn’t cause worry if they seem to be on the right track overall. Some babies just need a little extra time.

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Contractions during labor: what you need to know

Contractions are a vital element in a pregnant woman’s life as this may signify so many things from a possible premature delivery of the baby to helping with the expulsion of the fetus. Knowing what the different types of contractions are and how to count them is important because it will tell if you need to go to the doctor or just rest.

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Vaccines and your baby

It is expected that your baby should be vaccinated within the 1st year of their life. This has been the usual prescription by doctors to prevent them from acquiring diseases that may pose risk on your baby’s life, especially when there is an effective way of resisting these diseases. So, what are these vaccines? What are they for? Why do your babies need them and when should you return to your pediatrician?

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