Cybex describes the Priam as “The New Luxury of Travel”. This promises a lot, and while the Priam looks the part, with the beautiful design and the option to customize your Priam to your individual taste, is the Cybex Priam all that it claims to be?

The Cybex Priam definitely is a great travel system to consider, and it offers all the added features and luxury design that you could hope for. It is a stroller for the active family and the family who wants a simple, safe and elegant solution to traveling with their child.

We have reviewed the Cybex Priam, so read on to find out if it is the right travel system for your family!

About Cybex

Martin Pos founded Cybex in Germany in 2005. The experience of having his own children, and the frustration that came along with installing car seats and traveling with strollers, inspired him to create an option that was designed with parents in mind.

His goal was to design a travel system that was intuitive and simple to use but still provided safety and comfort for children.

Cybex was created for the purpose of manufacturing baby gear that saw to many needs – safety, functionality, simplicity, and style. Innovation and fashion remain very important factors in the design of the baby gear from Cybex, which is also why it is a favorite brand for many parents!

Cybex continued to grow and is now a leader in the child safety industry. Not only are they regarded highly for this, but they are also seen as a lifestyle and fashion brand too.

Focusing on the needs of both parents and children, the product range at Cybex has evolved and continues to use innovative forward-thinking to produce carriers, pushchairs, and incredible car seats.

Being wonderfully fashionable and elegant too, Cybex products cater to parents who want to keep a sense of individuality, and who want to have a say in how their baby gear looks.

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All About The Cybex Priam

The Cybex Priam is the standout product in the range, and really does embody the luxury travel that Cybex strives to achieve.

There are two versions of the Cybex Priam, the Lux Carry Cot, and the Lite Cot. Both of these fit onto the Priam Frame.

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Product image of Cybex Priam Lux Carry Cot

Cybex Priam Lux Carry Cot

The Cybex Priam Luxury Carry Cot fits onto the new Priam frame and is ideal for sophisticated and comfortable family travel.

The carrycot offers generous space for your baby, and the larger dimensions and maximum comfort make it stand out from other traditional strollers.

Each side of the carrycot offers mesh material, which allows for a panorama view for babies, and which provides optimum ventilation. These can be covered up in bad weather. The hood of the carrycot also features a mesh bottom when opened, so little ones can look up too.

The breathable, soft foam mattress provides your baby with maximum comfort while creating a safe, healthy environment for them.

The cover of the cot can be zipped up to protect your little one in bad weather.

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Product features of the Cybex Priam Lux Carry Cot
Product image of Cybex Priam Lite Cot

Cybex Priam Lite Cot

The Cybex Priam Lite Cot is the lightweight model in the range. It is a mobile travel attachment that fits onto the Priam and MIOS frames.

While it is perfect for travel, the Lite Cot still provides optimal comfort, and requires minimal, simple handling, making it the ideal travel companion for active families.

Being 2-in-1, the Lite Cot can be used for up to 4 years! It acts as a newborn cot for the first 6 months and then can be used as an effective windstopper after this.

As a windstopper, the Lite Cot is made with high-quality, robust material and offers all-around protection from harsh weather conditions.

With the ability to fold with the stroller, and being lightweight, you can pack the stroller away incredibly quickly, and pack it away in storage without taking up too much space.

The mattress featured in the Lite Cot is made from high-quality breathable memory foam, with a 100% cotton interior. It offers only the best for your baby.

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Image of features of the Cybex Priam Lite Cot

The Cybex Priam 4-in-1 Travel System

The new Priam 4-in-1 travel system is the perfect travel companion. It is flexible, versatile and comfortable, and meets all needs and expectations.

The variable frame is capable of using different Priam attachments that give a solution for all the difficulties that mobile life brings.

Both the Lux Carry Cot and the Lite Cot fit into the travel system, as well as the award-winning Cybex car seats.

Once your child has outgrown these, the Priam frame can be used as a stroller, with a forward-facing and rear-facing option.

The 4-in-1 system includes the following options:

  • Priam Frame with Priam Lux Carry Cot
  • Priam Frame with Priam Seat Pack and Lite Cot
  • Priam Frame with Cloud Z
  • Priam Frame with Priam Seat Pack

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Product image of the Cybex Priam 4-in-1 Travel System

Features Of The Cybex 4-In-1 Travel System:

One-Hand Folding

The Priam system is easy to fold using only one hand. The whole seat unit folds down with the frame into a flat, compact package.

Whether with the seat or freestanding, the Priam can be folded and discreetly packed away wherever you are.

One-Hand Recline

Not only is there a one-hand folding system, but you can recline the Priam Lux seat using one hand too! The seat can be adjusted to a lie-flat position, which allows you to transform the stroller into a cozy bed while on the go.

Reversible Seat Unit

The Priam Lux seat can be adjusted to be either forward-facing or rear-facing, depending on how your little one wants to sit. This can be done in a few simple steps!

XXL Sun Canopy

The XXL Priam Sun Canopy provides UPF50+ protection from the sun, while also offering protection from wind, cold, rain, and other bad weather.

All-Wheel Suspension

The Priam features an all-wheel suspension to ensure a soft, quiet, and comfortable ride, for the children in the stroller and the parents pushing it along.

Extra-Large Shopping Basket

An extra-large shopping basket is located on the Cybex Priam frame, which is easily accessible, and which can be folded out when needed.

Table-Height Seat

The seat height of the Priam is aligned to suit the average table height, around 80cm, so the pram can act as a mobile child seat in cafes and restaurants.

Priam Skis

If your city sees a bit of snow in the winter, or if you are going on holiday in the snow, you could fit the Priam ski attachments to turn the stroller into a snowmobile!

Beach Mode

For walks on the beach, you can transform the Priam frame into a two-wheeled stroller, which will ensure a smooth and safe ride on beach sand, bumpy surfaces, or even to walk up the stairs.

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Product image of Cybex Priam Accessories

Priam Accessories

The Priam has a host of accessories you could purchase to make life on the go with a baby that much easier. All of the accessories are well-thought-out and serve a particular role.

Platinum Footmuff

The Platinum Footmuff keeps your little one warm with a comfortable and cozy fleece lining. The leather-look of the outer material is water-repellent and fits in well with the luxurious look of the travel system.

Snack Tray

The snack tray fits onto the stroller easily and offers a convenient and comfortable way for parents to transport and serve snacks on the go.

Insect Net Lux Seat

For the Priam Lux, the insect seat fits over the front and gives optimal protection against insects and bugs. The elastic material is easy to fit over the seat, while still being breathable for your baby.

Insect Net Lux Carry Cot

The insect net for the Lux Carry Cot protects against bugs and insects and is made from a breathable material.

Cup Holder

The cup holder can be attached to the side of the MIOS or Priam handlebar for when your toddler needs a drink on the go.

Platinum Changing Bag

You need to have this platinum changing bag for your Priam Cybex! The bag comes with a removable thermal bottle holder, a wet compartment, and a changing mat. It is the perfect accessory for your Cybex Priam.


This adjustable parasol can be attached to the frame of the Priam, and offers UPF50+ sun protection on warm days, and can also be used to protect against rain.

Kid Board

For older children, the kid board can be attached to the back of the Priam frame for them to stand on while you push the stroller around. It can be folded away when not needed.

Front Wheel Adapter

To cover tough terrain, you can attach the front wheel adapter onto the stroller.

Ski Attachment

The ski attachment replaces the front wheels on the Priam for when you want to convert the stroller into a luxury snowmobile.

Customizing Your Cybex Priam

One of the bestselling points of the Cybex Priam is that you can customize it to suit your own taste. Pick the frame, the accent colors, the seat packs, fabric, and more, to create your very own stroller look.

Here are some of the customizing options with the Cybex Priam:


The frame of the Priam comes in black, but you can choose accent colors for the bars, wheels, and handles. These accent colors are rose gold, matte black, chrome with black details, or chrome with brown details.

Seat Pack

The seat packs come in different fabric colors. This includes the seat, the hood, and the harness. The colors include Soho Grey, Deep Black, Autumn Gold, Nautical Blue, Mountain Blue, Mustard Yellow, Khaki Green, Manhattan Grey, Midnight Blue, and Stardust Black.

There are also patterned Fashion Collection materials to choose from if you are looking for more color and style.

Product image of Cybex Priam Customization Features

The Cybex Priam

There is no doubt that the Cybex Priam is a travel system that most families would love to have. It ticks all the boxes – versatility, mobility, comfort, safety, and style.

The options and features available with the Cybex Priam mean that it can be customized to suit your family and that it will grow with your child.

Ideal for families on the go, or those looking for a viable travel system, the Cybex Priam is comes highly recommended.

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