Let’s be honest, life becomes a little tricky when you have three young children, maybe even triplets, to travel around with. Running an errand isn’t as simple as it used to be, and you need to keep your hands free when out and about.

A triple stroller is likely to be a necessity and not a luxury.

They’re not cheap though. And some three seat strollers are like pushing a school bus full of bowling balls around a mini golf course.

If Austin Powers drove a TRIPLE STROLLER ?? money-mouth

How, then, do you make sure you get the best one for you?

We’re always happy to help! We rolled up our sleeves and we’ve checked, analyzed and reviewed some of the leading triple strollers on the market to help you make an informed choice and get the best one for your family’s needs.

We’ve also consulted child-minders and fellow parents to give you the low down straight from the coal face.

First you need to have a think about your own particular requirements as all families are a little different.

The key factor is the age of your children. 

Obviously, with triplets, the ages are all the same and the kids will all have similar requirements for seating.  Alternative combinations are twin babies with an older sibling, twin toddlers with a younger infant, or three kids of different ages if you’re a childminder (or if you’ve squeezed ‘em out in quick time! 😊 )

Then there’s how you’re going to use the stroller.  Are you looking for that ‘super-mom’ all terrain stroller, the get-through-doors in-line tandem stroller, the v-shaped (‘V’ is for versatile we reckon) double-to-triple convertible stroller, or a stroller car seat travel system?

There was a time when the choice of three seat strollers was very limited but now the market is catching on to this family need.

Read on to see which 3 kid stroller is right for you.

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Best Tandem Triple Stroller

Tandem Triple Strollers are basically where all the seats are in a line front-to-back. This makes the stroller as narrow as possible but obviously makes it quite long too. This can make maneuvering quite tricky and getting the stroller in the trunk will also be a challenge.

On the plus side they are narrow and can usually fit in and out of doorways.

Tandem Triple Strollers are generally suited to triplets as the seating is usually the same – however you can get models that work with different age kids.

Sadly, decent tandems for three children are difficult to come by.  There are only a few options available.  We’ve reviewed the top 3 on the market – two relatively cheap but with a few drawbacks and one which is significantly more expensive but is quite a luxury.

After a lot of contemplation, we plumped for the Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller as our #1 recommended best Tandem Triple Stroller.

The Foundations Trio Sport is relatively affordable at under $400 (check out the up to date price on Amazon) and is narrow enough to fit through doorways (handy for loading up the little ‘uns before leaving the house).

The seats have 3 reclining positions and a 5-point safety harness.  They can hold children up to 40lbs but they aren’t suitable for newborns; although they’ll work for kids 6 months and up.

There are large storage baskets in the rear for carrying the load that comes with three children.

On the negative side moms report that the seats aren’t that comfortable; so long periods in the stroller may be a challenge.  As you might expect, at 50lbs unladen, this stroller is tough to push about with three children plus bags in it.  It is difficult to steer and going over bumps is a rattley ride for the passengers.

That said, you have to be realistic in your expectations with three child strollers.  Pushing three kids plus baggage around is never going to be a cake walk (although walking to the cake shop might make it more pleasurable) so it is what it is.

On balance, the Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller is the best on the market for a reasonable budget and most customer reviews are positive.  Those that left negative reviews didn’t really suggest a better alternative, so our guess is that they’re not really being realistic in their expectations.

What do the professionals think?  Child-care center manager, Angie, from St. Paul, MN. said she was pleased with her Trio Sport.  The only negative being that it is difficult to close up one handed and needs to be laid down flat and closed up with two hands.

Taking Three put together a little video here:

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Before we finish off, there are a couple of alternatives to the Trio Sport worth mentioning. 

If your budget can stretch to it (~$1,200) check out the Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller on Amazon. This is reviewed below in our Best Triple Stroller Travel System section or you can check it out at the link above. 

Another lower cost tandem stroller option is the Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple. This is similar in design to the Trio Sport but seems to have a far lower build quality.  You can check that one out in our review below (Best Affordable Triple Stroller)

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Best Triple Stroller Travel System

A travel system is defined as a stroller that takes a car seat. There are a number of configurations for three seat travel systems depending on the age of your children.

For three children of a similar age the Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller is the Italian sports car of Triple Travel Systems.  It’s certainly not cheap at well over a thousand bucks (plus car seats extra!) but it is a well-designed piece of kit if you can afford the luxury.    (Check out the latest prices on Amazon)

It is relatively light-weight (45lbs with normal seats, 65lbs with car seats) for its size and has ball-bearing suspension and soft-ride wheels; making the journey a lot smoother than some. 

Maneuverability is good for the length of it thanks to the light-weight aluminum chassis and the steering wheel.

It is good from birth up to 35lbs (car seats) or 45lbs (stroller seats) so it’ll last you a while.

There is a great, large-sized, under seat storage basket which has a decent capacity; plus it’s a distance away from those tiny bottoms to prevent them getting jabbed by the baggage underneath.

It’s very easy to use and the seats click in and out really easily.

The dimensions are: 23.5″W x 66.66″L x 42.75″H.  Folded it is: 23.5″W x 56.5″L x 17.25″H

Our biggest bug-bear with this one is that, on top of the already high price, it seems most things come as extras.  It makes the total price for the whole travel system close to $1,500 which is a lot.  (Check out the latest prices on Amazon)

The second big issue is the folded length of 56.5” (or 4 ½ feet!) means that it’ll only fit into the largest of trunks or vans.

What do the professionals think?  Well we weren’t able to find a professional child-minder who uses a stroller of this cost.  However, mom Ciazia, from Las Vegas, NV. said “This was the best thing that has happened to me. I have three small children and this made taking them around so easy. All three of my children liked this stroller. I would recommend it to anyone, it’s very expensive but totally worth the investment.”

Also, Jerene the mom of triplets, does a great demo in the video below (maybe skip the first two minutes as it’s quite long)

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MacroBaby also give you a good overview:

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On the whole, if you have triplets or 3 young children, and you can afford it, the Peg Perego Triplette is definitely the stroller for you.   Check it out online on Amazon.

The Peg Perego Triplette is definitely the Italian Stallion of triple strollers; especially for triplets or three young ‘uns.  If you haven’t got triplets though, likely, you’ll have older and younger siblings.  In this case perhaps consider if you can get away with a double stroller travel system with riding board.

For a versatile travel system for twin toddlers and an infant see our review of the Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo Accessory Seat (Triple) below.

For twin infants and a toddler see the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X review below.

 For Urbini strollers, check out our Urbini strollers review aticle.


Best Triple Stroller for twin infants and a toddler

For two little ‘uns and one bigger sibling you can’t get a better, more versatile ride than the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X with Toddler seat and Riding Board check availability on Amazon.

Black Valco Baby Double stroller
Valco Baby toddler seat
Black riding board

It’s not cheap as a budget triple tandem – the toddler seat is a $150ish extra for example – and, if you prep ahead and buy the riding board, you won’t get much change out of $1,000. However, it is super-versatile for those who’ve added two little faces to their family recently.
The reason for that is the ability to add on a toddler (or Joey) seat to sit above the two smaller children. This can be added and removed as need. Imagine, if you will, dropping your eldest off at kindergarten, leaving the sit behind and heading off with the twins for a stroll or jog around the park. This seat is for use from 6 months up and is good until the child is 40lbs. Then they can switch to the Hitch Hiker Board at the back.

The pros of this stroller are:

• Robustly built
• Versatility
• Quick fold (see the demo video below) with auto-lock
• Large 12” air tires for a smooth ride with tri-mode wheel directions
• Good from newborn (in the main two seats)
• Adjustable handlebars for different height parents
• Front handlebars for those excited little people watchers to hang on to

Open: 34L x 29.2W x 43H
Folded: 27L x 29.5″W x 19H
Weight: 34lbs
It’s big when folded but it is quite easy to fold up. See the demo below.

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What do the professionals say?  Allie from Binghamton, NY says “This stroller rocks! We have 3 under 3, a 2.5 year old and twin girls a few months old. This stroller in the tri mode is so awesome. It fits through all doors I’ve come across. It is heavy when you are lifting in and out of the car but let’s be honest I didn’t buy this stroller for how lightweight and compact it is lol. This is a very well made stroller I recommend it to everyone I know.”

Travel system for twin toddlers and an infant

A special mention for the Aspire Twin Buggy with Solo Accessory Seat check availability on Amazon.  “Sole Accessory” seat is kind of a funny name when the ‘accessory’ in question is actually a baby (!) but it’s still a good, versatile triple stroller worthy of a mention.

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It’s made in New Zealand but has free world-wide shipping.

We thought this was a great idea for those who have two older toddlers and a new infant.  You can buy the Twin Buggy first and then add the accessory seat on afterwards.

Again, this one’s not cheap (over $1,500) but it comes highly recommended and has great build quality.


Best Triplet Stroller for Newborns

For three kids all the same age (that’s triplets to you and me! 😊 ) you’ve got a couple of design styles to choose from.  Firstly, there is the Tandem Triple (see above) with the kids all in a line. 

Another option is to use the versatile v-shaped Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X and have one of the babies in the higher up seat – note this would only work from 6 months up as, even though the main seats are suitable from birth, the high up seat is only good from 6 months.

In this section though we’ll cover the three in a row side-by-side options so as you have an assessment of all three styles to choose between.

Our recommendation for a side-by-side triplet stroller is the TFK (Trends for Kids) Trio Twist.  It is suitable from birth and it has the versatility to mix and match different combinations of seats, car seats and bassinets.

It has a 5 point safety harness and the wheels are lockable, and come with smooth running air tires. The back wheels are larger to give that extra stability and control.

It has a large basket under the seat for those inevitable triplet storage needs and the dimensions are:

– Unfolded dimensions: L52” x W44”x H44”

– Folding size approx. 32”(30” with wheels removed) x 44” x 16”

Check availability on Amazon.

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Three seat stroller
Three child family in a stroller

The Most Affordable Quality Triple Stroller

While there are lots of great options on the market for triple strollers, a lot of them can be on the pricier side. You don’t want to bankrupt yourself when buying a triple stroller so it might be an idea to look for a more affordable, yet quality, stroller for your family.

The Sport Triple is available for less than $300 check availability  on Amazon.

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The Child Craft Sport Triple Stroller is an affordable triple stroller, but it still offers some great features. The stroller has a safe-brake system which automatically engages the brakes when the handle is released.

The seating on the stroller is stadium style so each child will have a good view of the environment in front of them. Each seat also reclines individually and can accommodate for toddlers. The large storage space underneath the seats is perfect to hold all your belongings, and the stroller folds up easily and compactly, making it great to travel with.

Child Craft Sport blue triple stroller

– it might be worth a punt of they drop the price down or something.

Here’s a quick overview video from Taking Three.

The Best Triple Jogger Stroller

For the moms who love to get outdoors and take a jog now and then, you need a robust and maneuverable jogger stroller that will not only keep your babies safe in place but also keep them comfortable on a potentially bumpy jog.

Having three kids in tow can be tricky when out jogging, but the BeBeLove Triple Jogging Stroller can get the job done. Two solid wheels in the front mean that the stroller won’t topple over, and it can handle many different outdoor terrains.

The fixed wheels ensure that the stroller won’t vibrate or wobble, which could cause your children to have a rather uncomfortable ride. Each seat has a footrest, and the stroller has a large canopy which will keep your little ones safe from the sun and other harsh weather conditions.

The BeBeLove Triple Jogger is in high demand and they are often out of stock.

BebeLove triple jogger stroller

Some of the plus points of the BeBeLove Triple include individual storage under each seat which is particularly handy for child-minders so you can stay on top of each little ones belongings. 

The tires are air filled for a comfortable ride and the wheels don’t pivot so as to reduce the chances of roll-away keep the jogger going forwards when you’re running. 

There is a 5 point safety harness.

The stroller itself weighs 57lb and each seat is good for a child to 50lb – there’s some weight there to burn off those calories!

One negative is, given it’s size and weight, turning corners can be a challenge. It’s ok on longish paths but weaving in and out of pedestrians and the like will be tricky.

However, the main concern to watch out for here is build quality.  Quite a few parents have reported this stroller not being very robust and even wheels falling off while out.  However, mom Gina P advises “…the lever that locks the wheels in place was jiggling loose as I ran and then when you put pressure on the handlebar to turn, the front wheels fall off. But all I had to do was tighten the screw that holds the lever in place and I had no more problems with it.”.

Hopefully that will fix the problem but make sure you test it thoroughly while your guarantee is still valid.

In summary, if you have three little ‘uns to combine with your fitness routine you could do worse than the BeBeLove Triple Jogging Stroller as attested by supermom (and we mean SUPER!) Cynthia Arnold who ran the Missoula Marathon in 2019 in the eye watering time of 3 hours and 11 minutes while pushing her BeBeLove triple.  In fact she has gone on to break three world records with her stroller so it can’t be all that fragile.

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The Quad Stroller and Up…

There are a few four seater options for child-minders or the larger family.  We’ll include them here as you may want to plan ahead (!) or you can have a spare seat for bags, cousins, adopted waifs and strays etc.  Hey how about Fido??

Here our recommendation is the 2020 edition of the Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller. Check product availability on  Amazon.

Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller

For it’s size it is quite easy to maneuver and the rubberized foam wheels make for a smooth ride.  It has a 5 point safety harness system and is suitable up to 40lb in weight (each child that is. It wouldn’t last very long if it was the combined weight of four of ‘em!).

It is 48 x 22 x 20 in and weighs 34lb.

For a four child stroller it is relatively cheap and just shy of $400 (check latest price).  A little feature we liked was that all four seats recline individually.  This allows flexibility over nap times cos what’s the likelihood they’ll all sleep at the same time! It’s the little things….

On the negative side it is heavy to get into your car and some moms have reported struggling to fit through doors despite it supposed to be able to do this. Some doors are narrower than others I guess.

On the whole, if you want a four child stroller or pushchair, this is the one for you as it is a good quality stroller for the price. You’re not going to be able to fit four children in one stroller and find it light as a feather let’s face it.

What the professionals say: Ryan L says “Balance is great and motion is smooth. Two minor gripes : no cup holders and the canopy blows back with not much more than a sneeze.  Easy to maneuver.  We have 1yo Triplets and we are mobile again!”


The Fun Triple Stroller

Okay, while this isn’t practical for young infants, it is a great way to transport toddlers, and they would love coming along for the ride as well!

For walks and outings, the Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon is such a fun option. It has three seats for children over the age of 18 months. There are seatbelts attached, keeping your little ones safe in place.

The wagon comes with a large and expandable rear storage bag that can be folded away when not in use. The canopy will keep the kids out of the sun, and protect them from any rain or other conditions, while still giving them a good view of their surroundings.

The tires are also large and durable, for a safe and comfortable ride.

Check out price and availability for the Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon on Amazon.

Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon

Or what about the Wonderfold Passenger Wagon Quad Stroller?  It’s a heavy-duty beast but must be great fun for the kids to be pushed around in with their friends. Check product availability on Amazon.

Wonderfold Passenger Wagon Quad Stroller

The Best Triple Stroller For Mixed-Age Kids – Sit / Stand Stroller

Every family is different, and triple strollers aren’t only made for triplets. You might have two small babies and an older toddler, all who need to be kept safe in a stroller. Having all three kids in one, compact stroller is much easier than having them spread out between two.

That is where the Joovy Big Caboose comes in. It is the only triple stroller on the market that has a built-in standing platform, as well as a rear bench seat. The standard stroller comes with two built-in seats, which have universal car seat adapters, as well as an optional seat caboose on the rear that could convert into a full size reclining seat.

The stroller has all-wheel suspension, giving your babies a comfortable and smooth ride. It is also narrow, making it fit through doorways easily.

Check out price and availability of the Joovy Big Caboose on Amazon.

Joovy Big Caboose black stroller

Check out this video overview from Three Little Trees who do a great demo of the Joovy Caboose Triple.

Check out price and availability for the Joovy Big Caboose on Amazon.

Choosing The Best Triple Stroller for Your Family – Summary

Price vs Quality 

Most of the time it is true that the higher the price, the better the quality. Most well-loved brands do cost more, but sometimes you can find some really great specials online. If you come across a great special, make sure to read reviews of the triple stroller to make sure that it is a good option.

Your Children 

There is no point buying a triple stroller suitable for infants alone when you have three children of different ages. Finding a stroller that grows with your family will be a lifesaver, and save you money in the long run. Make sure that it is compatible with all your children, even if it means your oldest toddler gets to take a ride on a built-in bench.

Reclining Seats 

When you have multiple children, you will need to make sure each one of their needs are met.  Seats that recline individually will allow each child to rest the way they want.

An Active Lifestyle 

You need to seriously consider your lifestyle before buying a triple stroller. If you only plan to use it when out running quick errands, a compact umbrella stroller is your best option. However, if you love being outdoors and going for jogs, you will need to look at buying a more robust specialist triple jogging stroller.

A stroller made specifically for jogging will be able to handle the terrain better, will be easier to maneuver, and will make the ride more comfortable for your babies with better suspension. It is also a good idea to make sure that the stroller allows each child to have good visibility of the world around them, enjoying the jog just as much as you.

Your Triple Stroller and You 

Parenting comes with lots of complications, don’t make traveling with your toddlers one of them. There are more than enough strollers for three children to choose from, to accommodate and grow with your special family.

Take a look at here to see what’s new in the world of triple strollers you may even bag a bargain.

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