Orbit has been hailed as one of the most innovative brands in the baby gear company, and are known for their impeccably designed products that just fit so well into everyday life, while still holding a superb touch of luxury as well.

Featuring the very best in technology and the best materials, Orbit Baby strollers are held to a high standard. Do they meet this, and are Orbit Baby strollers worth the hype and price tag?

To help you decide whether or not you should invest in an Orbit Baby stroller, we have reviewed all you need to know, and then some.

About Orbit Baby

Orbit Baby was brought to life in 2003 by Brian White and Joseph Hei, two Stanford University students. Together, they brainstormed the idea of a stroller hub that folded together small, fulfilled so many needs, and just looked really luxurious too.

The company has been through some ups and downs, falling in and out of favor with consumers, but in 2019, the company was bought out by Safian who managed to revive the brand and relaunched it successfully.

The reboot featured the iconic car seat originally released, and the luxury stroller. They included more colors for the stroller.

Orbit Baby products are only sold online, and not sold in-store. So while you might battle to view the strollers in person, all of the information is available online for you to read through before purchasing.

The Orbit Baby range is fairly limited, with one stroller, the Smart Hub, and the accessories, but all can be used to perform just about every function that you would need them to, which is exactly why they were designed the way they were!

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Orbit Baby G5 Stroller

Orbit Baby has released an improved version of the G5 Stroller. The G5 stroller is a high-style, high-performance stroller that is known to turn heads.

It is a fully loaded stroller that offers just about everything you need, and more. It features only premium materials such as mélange textiles, anodized and durable aluminum frames, and QuadShock suspension.

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Product image of Orbit Baby G5 Stroller

One of the standout features of the G5 stroller is the 3D rotation, which allows you to turn the baby seat to any side, making the stroller suit you and your baby no matter what.

The SmartHub allows you to seamlessly and stylishly transport your baby wherever you go. What so many parents find important is that the G5 Stroller encourages your baby to engage with the world around them, while making traveling so much easy for parents.

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Orbit G5 Patents And Travel Features:

  • SmartHub for seamless transport docking, and multiple seat options, such as a stroller seat, a bassinet, and an infant car seat.
  • Quadshock front wheel suspension for a smooth, easy ride.
  • 3D rotation which allows for 360-degree rotation and reclining in one motion.
  • The compact 3D fold allows the stroller to fit into small car trunks.
  • Non-Flat E-TPU-based rear wheels for allow for an effortless travel
  • No-pump tires made from responsive and lightweight EVA
  • Aerospace-grade, anodized aluminum frame that is optimal for high strength and weight.

    Product Image of Orbit Baby SmartHub              Product image of Orbit Baby 360 Degree Orientation Feature

Features For Babies:

  • The G5 is usable from birth, with a reversible infant car seat insert for up to 40lbs.
  • Rotation for baby to be forward-facing or parent-facing, upright or fully reclined.
  • Memory foam cushion lining.
  • Full-coverage water-repellent UPF+ canopy.
  • Premium mélange textiles.
  • Ventilation system which helps to generate temperature using a perforated seat shell, airflow channels, and wicking fabric.
  • An adjustable footrest and modular seating positions to make your toddler comfortable as they grow.

Features For Parents:

  • All-round steering and comfortable grip.
  • Quick-collapse feature to easily pack the stroller away.
  • Telescopic settings on the steering wheel adjust easily to suit each parent’s height.
  • The brakes are sandal-friendly, so you can safely stop the stroller at all times.
  • The stroller stands up on end when collapsed to allow for easy storage.

Safety Features:

  • 5-point harness to keep little ones safe
  • Removable support bar for added safety
  • Durable quality straps and buckles that will not hurt or irritate your child.
  • The front swivel wheels are lockable.
  • All materials used in the G5 stroller are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and dyes.

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  Product image of Orbit Baby Stroller Rotation Feature                Product image of Orbit Baby Reversible Insert

Extra Features:

  • Spacious storage basket that is accessible from the front and the back of the stroller.
  • A removable snack tray that has a safety lid.
  • Built-in cupholder and added key tray for parents.
  • The G5 is compatible with other Orbit Baby products such as Stroller Panniers, Rain Cover, Foot Muff, Mosquito Net, Stroller Travel Bag, and Sidekick.

Color Options

One of the benefits of ordering your Orbit Baby Stroller online is that you get to customize it to your tastes, and you aren’t just limited to what is on the show floor.

For the G5, you are able to choose your fabric color and the frame color, to build your perfect stroller!

The fabric color options include Black, Mélange Navy, and Mélange Grey.

The frame colors include Black, Rose Gold, and Titanium.

You can pick and choose between these different options until you come up with the perfect combination. You can even see how the different combinations look online by selecting to view the fabric colors and the frame colors.

Once you have chosen the frame and fabric colors you prefer, you can choose accessories in the same color and frame too, so you build up a matching luxury travel system!

As an added bonus, you can also customize your canopy color to add more of a pop to your stroller.

Orbit Baby Accessories

There is a range of Orbit Baby accessories that are compatible with the stroller and travel system. While the stroller is amazing on its own, accessories do help make the experience that much better!

Canopy Covers

There are 6 different canopy cover colors to choose from, which come with matching harness covers. These colors are:

  • Black
  • Sunset Orange
  • Niagara Blue
  • Pink
  • Burgundy
  • Beige

Stroller Seat Mosquito Net

The stroller seat mosquito net will protect your baby from bugs and insects.

Stroller Seat Rain Cover

The stroller seat rain cover fits over the whole stroller to protect them from harsh weather conditions such as rain and wind.

Stroller Pannier Set

The stroller pannier set helps to carry extra goods and gear for when you are out, while still fitting in seamlessly to the style and look of the stroller.

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Product image of Orbit Baby Accessories

Stroller Foot Muff

The stroller footmuff helps to keep your baby insulated and warm in the cooler months and is especially helpful for newborns who still want to feel snug and safe.


The sidekick is ideal if you have an older child who still needs to be kept close. When attached to the stroller, your older child can stand on the sidekick and be pushed around with your little one.

This is a great way to make sure the kids are safe and everyone is moving seamlessly!

Winter Kit

The winter kit is an absolute must-have if you live in cold conditions. Not only is there extra protection and warmth offered for your baby, but there are built-in warm gloves on the handlebar for parents to keep warm too!

Travel Bag

The stroller bag keeps your folded-up G5 stroller safe and protected when traveling. This is great to have when flying, as it protects your stroller from being damaged when going through baggage.

It holds the stroller frame, the stroller seat, and more Orbit Baby accessories.

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Orbit Baby Accessories product image

Is Orbit Baby Worth It?

While Orbit Baby doesn’t have the widest range of products, and they had a bit of a dip in sales a few years back, they really do focus their innovation and design on their existing products, and because of this, the Orbit Baby strollers and travel systems are incredible.

You will need to be prepared to spend a little more than most other brands, but the convenience and luxury offered in their baby gear is wonderful.

Combining new design and technology, you will not be left wanting with the stroller and travel system. All of the products have been designed to suit parent’s needs, while still being safe and comfortable for babies.

Made to encourage your little ones to engage more with the world around them, and to make traveling easy and elegant, the Orbit Baby range is worth the money if it falls into your budget. It is a great way to travel in style and comfort!

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