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Baby Shower Gifts

Oh, Baby showers, what a joy to be invited to one of them!

During a baby shower is the only time where it is ok to openly discuss a pregnant woman’s belly. It’s where pastel colors are everywhere trying to decipher the gender of an unborn child…or if the gender is known then it is very likely parents have chosen sides already…it is also the perfect opportunity to fill the room with toilet paper that will be used to wrap the expectant mom’s growing belly, where guests are encouraged to eat pureed foods to guess which flavors they are or even changing a nappy on a watermelon to see who does it better and faster.

However, even though baby showers are a traditional celebration that has been around for several couple of decades, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick to the same ol’ gifts that every baby who has had a baby shower has received.

This is why I have compiled a list of not only fresh ideas but also very creative baby shower gifts that will help you stand out among your friends…The beauty of these gifts is that they are very, very necessary and useful as well.

Rest assured, both baby and mama will definitely need these creative baby shower gifts, so continue reading to find out what they truly need:

What is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a small gathering that is usually hosted before the mom-to-be welcomes her baby into this world. It is a good way to celebrate her journey into motherhood, but also means that she gets to spend time with her tribe, she gets to reconnect with friends and family while also being taken care of by everybody else.

Especially if she’s a first-time mom, baby showers are really an amazing meeting opportunity where support is everywhere and everything and where they are able to receive well-intended knowledge and tips on the first couple of weeks of a newborn.

Even though baby showers have been around for quite some time, they are still as popular and relevant as they were so many years ago. And, of course, as is everything else in life, baby showers have now transitioned themselves to be focused more on the fun aspect of motherhood. They offer its attendees a beautiful way of celebrating motherhood, pregnancy and the lives of those who are involved in the welcoming of a child.

Moreover, because soon-to-be parents usually receive a lot of gifts for the newborn, baby showers can also be considered as a way of helping them financially, especially during the first couple of days of a baby’s life where you are more likely to spend all of your savings in diapers.

Are you a person who struggles with giving gifts to someone else? Can’t you decide on what to give a soon-to-be mom? Are you trying to do something that is both creative and useful?

This following list will offer you some great tips to keep in mind whenever you have a baby shower and you have ran out of ideas to give as a present. Furthermore, when you are close to a new mom, you will, of course, want to give her something that is personal, practical, unique, creative, and of course, made with love.

So, leave all of your struggles behind, and inspire yourself with any of these ideas.

Baby Shower expenses

A lot of people ask themselves how much money should they spend on a baby shower gift? And no one could give you the right answer, as that solely depends on you and on the relationship you have with the soon-to-be parents.

In this context, you do have to observe some things, for example, try to stick to a budget that you can afford, so, don’t think that because the new mom likes brands or has an expensive taste then you need to get out of your way to find something for her. Or the other way around, just because someone is humble or decides to live in a simpler way, then you decide not to gift her anything to celebrate this milestone.

As a matter of fact, many individuals have opted for giving a group gift, so instead of giving multiple gifts, they decide to come together and give one bigger gift that it is usually hard for parents to obtain. It could either be a baby bed, car seat, or even a stroller.

So, whenever a big group present is being bought, what the group does is that they all sign a card that will hand into the parents-to-be, this way they are all part of the present.

Practicality of the creative baby shower gifts

There are thousands of baby shower gifts to choose from, and it is very likely all of the baby shower attendees would like to buy a present that is relevant for both the mom and the baby. The most important thing to remember whenever you are about to get something is that you need to buy something practical that will help new parents cope with their baby and their daily lives, especially during the first couple of months were everything is readjusting itself to the little bundle of joy.

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Pregnancy can be really tough on a woman’s body, as there are a lot of changes going on. From hormone levels going up and down, to a non-stop growing belly, a mom-to-be is experiencing a constant transformation within her own self. Because of this, an expectant mom can receive some special gifts that will try to alleviate her process:

1. Find a doula for her: A doula is a non-medical birth companion who usually assists a pregnant woman before, during and/or after giving birth. A doula provides emotional and physical support whenever it is necessary. Helping a soon-to-be mom to find a doula that will be next to her during her pregnancy and childbirth experience is definitely a present worth giving.

2. A Photoshoot: This could either be during the last stages of her pregnancy, during childbirth or as soon as she gives birth. In fact, you could also give her a creative baby shower gift by setting up a-one-month old photoshoot for the little one. Your friends will absolutely love this idea, as it will help them create many lovely memories for later on in life.

3. Nursing Pyjama Set:‘’How can a pyjama be considered as something creative?’’ some of you may be wondering. And the truth is, a woman who just has given birth probably didn’t consider buying a set of nursing pyjamas in the first place…so, as soon as you give her this as her baby shower gift, it can be assured that she will find creative places to wear these pyjamas…after all being heavily pregnant or with a newborn gives you an ultimate pass on where you are allowed to wear your pj’s.

4. A Wrap: Baby wearing is considered as one of the greatest things to do in order to bond with a newborn, to make them feel closely guarded, and it is even good for colics! Putting a child inside of a lovely wrap is definitely a good decision. There are many wraps and slings on the market, but remember to buy an ergonomic one that will respect the baby’s physiognomy.

5. A Creative baby shower gift basket: These baskets are definitely one of the most practical and creative baby shower gifts ever. It is practical as a new mom is likely to use all the items that are found on this basket. It is creative as it will allow the sender to make an interesting combination of what he or she thinks its important and relevant when having a child. What can you put inside the basket? Diapers, moisturizing lotion, baby neutral soap, baby books, baby gyms and/or play mats, teething toys, bibs, grooming kit and even cabinet safety latches, you name it!

6. Cloth Diapers: If you have ever had a look at the diverse variety of cloth diapers, then you will soon realize how creative and practical they can be. It is one of the best investments you could give to some new parents.

7. Already prepared meals: This is definitely a creative baby shower gift, especially if it’s done correctly. You could either focus on preparing a large batch of frozen and nutritious meals for the soon-to-be parents before the birth or you can give it to them whenever you visit after the birth. This way, new parents will save a lot of time and energy from cooking and instead invest it in spending quality time together and resting.

8. Breasts’ pads: If you are giving a creative gift to a mom, then this is definitely in the top list, as colostrum (that thick gold liquid that will feed a newborn) could start coming out of the breasts a couple of weeks prior to childbirth. You could potentially be saving a t-shirts’ life by giving the pads as a present!

9. Books: People usually overlook the power a book can have on an individual. Regardless of their age or size, everybody will love to hear a good story, so why don’t you give books as a creative baby shower gift? This idea is definitely a winner, as you can give your family or friends some parenting books or even pediatric guides or cute baby books for the newborn.

10. House cleaning: Who says house cleaning isn’t a way of showing true love? If the new parents are likely to have everything already covered, then why don’t you hire a professional house cleaning for a couple of days after they have given birth? This way both parents can lay down and rest without having to worry about how their house looks. Yes, this is an incredible present that should become the norm for every baby shower gift!

Don’t dread baby showers, instead, see them as an opportunity to help someone else who really needs it, by giving them a functional gift that they will love and use a lot.

In fact, if you give them something that they don’t even know that they need, you’ll be earning extra points on this game of choosing a creative baby shower gift. So, how do you know what they need, if they themselves don’t?

Well, once they become a member of the postpartum club, chances are the now new mom is pretty much feeling tired, grumpy, with a lack of sleep, and above all, filled with love, so focus on this time and period of her life and her family’s life and voilá, you’ll immediately have a winner gift.

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