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Have you been invited to a baby shower? Humans have been throwing and attending baby showers from time immemorial across cultures around the world. There is something special about this ceremony that brings together family and friends to help the mom-to-be get the myriad things needed for the newborn. But what about her? Motherhood is a precious rite of passage in life and surely deserves to be marked for the baby as well as the mother. Do something unique and remember her at the next shower you attend.

In this article, we have found some fantastic and unique presents that the new mommy will be sure to thank you for. Read on and get inspired!

Belly Butters and Creams

These are specially formulated to help the expanding skin on the belly. Stretch marks, although harmless is something new moms may be keen to avoid. They happen when the skin rapidly stretches or contracts as is the case during pregnancy. A good quality lotion will help moisturize the skin and maintain its inherent elasticity, and most importantly ease the itchiness that often accompanies pregnancy. A handy gift, this will be something the pregnant mamma will always keep within reach. Be cautious that you do not buy creams that contain retinoid or tretinoin as these are not suitable for pregnant women even though they can help with the appearance of stretch marks.

Magazine Subscription

New mammas can often feel isolated until they make new like minded friends with babies of their own. It can often be hard to find out how others cope with the demands of motherhood or find reliable advice on common issues like teething or sleepless nights that all parents face. Good quality parenting magazines can be a lifesaver for mammas who like to read or browse. There are plenty of interesting natural and gentle parenting magazines that regularly arrive in the post or straight to a digital device when you buy a subscription. A good magazine will always provide interesting food for thought, be a source of comfort, and bring a smile on those hard days.

Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit

Belly cast kits make it as easy as a walk in the park to make a complete cast of the pregnant momma’s belly or even her thighs and arms! A kit would typically come with enough quantities of casting material, smoothing plaster and a primer. Some also contain suitable paints. The cast usually takes up to three days to dry and is an ideal activity to enjoy at the shower. Fun to make but more importantly, it will be a family treasure for years to come. Young children will be intrigued to see an impression of their first home, and you will be thanked for the joy it will bring to all.

Massage Voucher

This is something every mamma wants so you cannot go wrong! Be sure you read through the reviews and speak to the staff about whether they specialize in pregnancy or post-partum massages. Pregnancy can be quite punishing for backs and legs in particular and often a simple foot massage can provide tremendous relief. Post birth, moms are still typically carrying their newborn in their arms. Babies gain weight rapidly in these early months, and this can take a toll on the big muscle groups for the bearer. Your thoughtful gift will be met with tremendous gratitude.

For a personal touch, agree to babysit the newborn to allow the mamma to indulge in her precious gift!

Pregnancy Yoga Videos

Another unique but invaluable gift – pregnancy yoga specializes in stretching the pelvic floor and building core strength gently. These exercises contribute to smooth delivery and assist in recovery. A DVD set that includes postpartum yoga exercise would help in rebuilding muscles and improving skin tone. A yoga practice will also provide a meaningful way to attain calm and joy even when sleep deprived. Your gift will help the mom find some time for herself and look after her fitness.

Teether necklace

New mammas often cannot wear any jewelry with young babes in their arms who are always putting things in their mouths. Small stones or gems may get dislodged and risk the baby getting choked, so mums tend to put their accessories away for a while. This is where teether necklaces come in – they are made from safe, durable silicone. You can buy necklaces in a variety of colors and stylish designs. If you are crafty, you can buy silicone teething beads and make the necklace yourself! Whatever you do, pick something that is trendy and helps the mom lift her look comfortable in the knowledge that her baby will be safe.

Photoshoot for the Family

Now, this is one present sure to please the whole family! All that you need to do is research family photographers in the area that the mom and her baby can easily travel to and look at their portfolios. Most photographers will have family-specific galleries that you can browse. Think of what the mom likes – outdoors, boutique or traditional? Has the photographer already done something in that style? Read reviews left by previous customers and don’t be afraid to ask to speak to some past clients. The ideal photographer will make you feel comfortable, listen to all your questions and answer in a professional, considerate way. Your efforts will be rewarded in the beautiful photographs that will take pride of place in the family’s treasure.

Colouring Book and Pens

Towards the end of pregnancy, new mammas can start feeling anxious. They are ready for the baby, but babies come when they are ready. The hormones fluctuate in the body unpredictably. All this on top of fatigue and reduced movement can limit what the mamma does in the day. There are only so many movies she can watch! And that’s where this delightful gift comes in. Beautiful books and a good selection of gel pens can provide hours of relaxing entertainment pushing away anxiety and frustrations.

Bath Bombs

Another home relaxation favorite. Pair with some candles and you have a winner on your hands. A little bit of research into the momma’s favorite fragrances will bring a bigger smile upon unwrapping. Good quality bath bombs steer away from cornflour as a binder, given its tendency to cause mild reactions. General pregnancy preferences are lavender, rose, and warm cinnamon-like notes. Unless the mamma loves these, mint could be avoided as its more energizing than relaxing in its properties.

Matching Shawls

Shawls are in again, and a matching set will be delightful for all the baby’s newborn and toddler days. Avoid going for patterns that have child-like designs as the momma may not want to wear them when out and about by herself. Choose colors that would lift the outfit and provide easy ways to dress up. If you are crafty, then this would be a beautiful thing to make or consider commissioning a knitter or crocheter for it. This way you can add in details like names of the momma or baby to it.

Nursing Pajamas

This will be a gift that you get repeatedly thanked for. A new nursing mamma will find that she could be feeding her baby several times a night till he/she is old enough to sleep better. A nursing pajama set, however, will help the mom sleep better as she won’t need to fight her clothes every few hours. In fact, it would be comfortable to lounge in during daytime too for the times when you just want to curl up with your baby and not step outside. A gift that ticks the practicality box as well!

Funny pregnancy books

Pregnancy can be an incredible time for many moms and dads, but once the baby arrives, the hard work begins in earnest. Many parents find that things are more challenging than they expected. New parents can often feel disheartened and start thinking they are the only ones who are struggling. Hearing other parents grumble about their hardships may help them feel less lonely, but it doesn’t lift the gloom. This is where funny books like ‘Sh! t No One Tells You’ come in – they enable you to look at your new challenges with a sense of camaraderie. Books like these will quickly become best friends in the parenting journey.

We hope these ideas have provided you with all the inspiration you need to find that perfect gift for that baby shower. Do something different and celebrate the mom as well as the baby on this memorable day in her life.

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