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If you have ever been a new mom in the hospital, you will know how overwhelming and tiring it can be. If you have never experienced being a new mom in the hospital, you should take note of this. That includes pregnant first-time parents and their family and friends.

Yes, the birth of a baby is absolutely wonderful and both parents will be extremely excited about their new journey, but mom’s body has just done something incredible, and she needs some rest.

Swarming in to visit the new family in the hospital is not always a great idea, and sometimes along with unwanted guests, moms are given some very strange gifts.

This all might sound slightly harsh, considering everyone has the moms and new baby’s best interest in mind, but for the first few days in the hospital, she needs to be able to relax and bond with her baby, recovering and recuperating after the birth.

However, there are some wonderful gifts that a new mom will absolutely love while in the hospital, which will make her stay so much more enjoyable.

If you are stuck on ideas of presents to take along with you to the hospital, here are some ideas that would be really appreciated!


Flowers might seem painfully obvious, but they are popular for a reason. Who wouldn’t love being in a hospital room full of fresh, colorful flowers?

Flowers have a wonderful way of lifting the mood, and there can never be too many beautiful flowers around. If the mom is in the hospital for only a few days, she will be able to take the flowers home to brighten up space there as well.

Many mothers choose to dry out flowers they receive in the hospital to create bookmarks, or to frame in a baby book to remember the experience. So the flowers can last much longer, becoming a memento, and have quite a bit of meaning as well!


It is very rare to find someone who does not like chocolate, so you can be sure that your chocolate gift will be very welcomed by a tired new mom. Don’t worry about the myth that nursing moms can’t eat chocolate, they most certainly can, and they will love snacking on it when they are wide awake with a newborn baby in the middle of the night!


You can expect that a new mom will be up during the early hours of the morning nursing a new little baby. During this time, she will find herself pretty wide awake, and fairly ravenous. Nursing causes a mother to feel really thirsty or hungry, so buying some healthy snacks and drinks for her is such a blessing!

There are some great nursing snacks ready-made for moms, such as lactation biscuits, which are also a healthy idea.

She will love having the snacks on hand, and they will keep her company in the middle of the night!


Newborns tend to sleep quite a bit in the first few days, so the new mom will have quite some time on her hands, and there is only so much hospital TV that one can watch.

Magazines, especially baby magazines, will be a great gift for her hospital stay. Not only will they contain some helpful information and encouragement for her, but they are a good way to pass some time while in the hospital.

Look for baby magazines with free gifts inside, as an extra little treat for the new mom! Many magazines come with vouchers as well, which will help her with saving some money when shopping once she is out of the hospital.



There is nothing more wholesome than a warm, comfortable blanket. Hospital beds are not like your bed at home, so a little bit of comfort from a new blanket will be very welcomed by a new mom.

For her new baby, you could look at getting a meaningful blanket, such as our Bible Verse Quilt, which comes in either pink or blue, and has 9 embroidered bible verses to wrap up a baby snug and warm. This gift is both practical and incredibly sentimental and will be very appreciated by a new family.


Being a new mom is tough, and for the first few days, and sometimes weeks, she will want to stay in her pajamas all day. Pajamas make a thoughtful gift for the hospital when the new mom is out of her hospital gown and can be taken home and used over and over as well.

If she is breastfeeding, try to find pajamas that make feeding in the middle of the night possible. Take the season into account as well, summer calls for short cotton pajamas, and winter is perfect for flannel longs and button-up shirts.

Tummy Cream

It takes some time for a new mom’s tummy to bounce back, and the first few days can be really painful as well. A soothing, caring tummy cream is a wonderful gift to give. It can help to hydrate and nourish the skin, as well as soothe the senses with a calming fragrance.

Lavender tummy cream is a good choice, as it has calming effects that are needed by any parent. A tummy cream can be used all over the body, and gives some extra pampering that a new mom so desperately deserves to give herself!


A comfortable pillow will be amazing to use in the hospital if the mom doesn’t already have one. You can also find out if she has a pregnancy pillow or not, and gift her one if she doesn’t. Pregnancy pillows help with post-birth recovery and make positioning a baby for breastfeeding easier.

Tips For Visiting New Moms In Hospital

As mentioned before, being in the hospital for new moms is tiring, overwhelming and, at times, stressful. Other than hospitals having visiting hours, there are some rules to remember when visiting a new mom in the hospital, and whether or not you should leave the visiting to once she is settled in back at home.

Hospital visiting hours – If you are going to visit a mom in the hospital, you will need to find out the visiting hours beforehand. There is no point taking a trip to the hospital only to find out that you have visited outside of the allowed time. Hospitals, especially maternity wards, have to be very strict with visiting times, and will not let you in.

Text or call first – The best thing you can do is text or call the mom or her partner beforehand to make sure it is okay to visit. She might be happy to have you over, or she might ask that you skip the visit. Many family members will be wanting to visit, and only a few can visit at once. Do not be pushy in your text either, let her make the decision and do not put pressure on her.

Ask her what she needs – It can be hard for moms to admit that there is something they might need, and they won’t jump up and down to say it. Ask her if there is anything she might need, and listen to her. Even if it is something silly, help her out.

Do not bring balloons – Not only can balloons pop and scare almost everyone around, but many people are allergic to latex, and this can pose a health risk for those recovering in hospital.

Don’t push to hold the baby – Newborns are exactly that, brand new to the world. They have not built up an immune system to be safely passed around from person to person. Even if you do not hold the baby, make sure to sanitize and wash your hands because you might come in contact with the mom and some of the items a baby might be using. You should avoid kissing the baby as well – you do not want to be responsible for making them sick!

Do not sit on the bed – You would think it would be obvious to many people not to hop onto the bed next to a new mom when all the other chairs are taken, but some people really miss the mark. The new mom has just gone through what was probably a painful birth, and her body will still be sore and tender, she will not want to feel uncomfortable or cramped in her own bed. She will also have to deal with post-birth symptoms, which could cause some embarrassment if someone is too close in her personal space.

Gifts For New Moms

Everyone means well when a new baby arrives, and the new mom does deserve extra love and attention. Just remember to reel this in a bit and try to be considerate of how the new mom is feeling, think carefully about the presents you will buy her, and give her some space if needed.

The new baby is here to stay, and you will have many opportunities for visits and cuddles once they are at home and settled in!

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