Baby showers are a special event. For one, unlike most other celebrations – these are about presents! They are also an ideal way for family and friend to bless the mother -to – be with the myriad things that she would need in the first few months of the new baby’s life. It is the time when the new mom would be healing from childbirth and adapting to motherhood and gifts from her baby shower would make her transition into motherhood enjoyable. If you are attending a baby shower, you may wish to put considerable thought into what you will bring to it. Unique gifts are valuable because a baby shower full of newborn nappies and muslin cloths may well be useful but fail to capture the beauty of this particular time. In this article, we look at how to make that mamma happy by getting her truly unique presents that will mark a truly unique moment in her life.  

Personalized books

If the mamma has a name in mind, then this will be an ideal present for you to show that you appreciate her choice and make the chosen name come alive. Many authors offer personalized books for newborn children. Research suggests that reading to babies from birth can have positive outcomes for life. It teaches a love of learning for the whole family, creates a soothing routine suitable for relaxation, and the personalization makes the adventure of reading that much more exciting. If you like the idea of customization but wish to stay away from books, you could also look at personalized blankets or candles – any such gift is likely to be preserved in the family’s keepsakes for a long time.  

Scan photo in a necklace

Another gift which is truly unique for it is truly personal. If you can obtain an image of the scan, you can have it turned into a tiny pendant, that can go on a chain of your choice. The first photo of their child is something a parent visits again and again. When presented this way it is sure to take pride of place in the family’s treasured collection. A gift that the child would enjoy too for many years to come. Click this link to look into product details and choices.

Self-heating bottle warmers

These invaluable and unique gift shows your foresight. Once the new family is ready for travel and present their new bundle to distant family and friends, packing the food for the baby will occupy their minds. Formula or expressed breast milk needs to be given to the baby at the right temperature, and it is not always easy to prepare it adequately on the road. These handy warmers allow the parents to comfortably heat the baby’s food without requiring electricity, making them an indispensable travel companion. Check out product details here.

Soft hand tools

  Are the parents-to-be strike you as keen to encourage a DIY attitude in their child? Show your appreciation for their philosophy by steering away from the regular teddies and into soft toys fashioned in the image of popular tools like hammers and screwdrivers.
Making such concepts accessible to children at a young age is critical to give them a mental edge when they come to work with real tools. If the gift is for a girl child and the parents are keen to remain gender neutral – then such a present would be highly appreciated. Check out the product details and choices here.  

Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers can be a daunting investment for a new parent. While far more cost effective than disposable diapers over the years, they present an expensive outlay at the beginning. Compounded by a bewildering array of brands and styles of cloth diapers to choose from – this is indeed a hard task for a first-time parent. They may not be sure of the ease of using cloth, whether it would suit their child or even how many diapers to get! You can help and get a starter set of 15 or so in attractive colors and styles. This should give hesitant parents all they need for a successful trial. They will emerge wiser about their preferences and budget. Check out the latest cloth diaper pricing on Amazon here.  

Baby Carrier

Baby carriers have become increasingly popular in recent years as parents everywhere have started to realize their benefits. For the first time parent who may be getting prams for those early years, a sling or carrier would represent a unique gift. The new mum will be able to get on with many of her regular duties by carrying the baby close to her without hurting her back or arms. Be sure to check that the carrier you like allows for full support for the delicate newborns. Long cloth wraps are versatile but perhaps tricky for a new parent to master. Click here to look into this 4-in-1 ergonomic carrier on Amazon  

Baby Bullet

This unique gift will come into its own when the baby is about six months old and starts experiencing foods different from milk for the first time. The solids like soft fruits or cooked vegetables that are initially introduced have to be of a fine puree consistency. A regular blender is usually too big for the task and can leave small chunks. This is dangerous for babies with no teeth or practice at chewing. A baby bullet is correctly proportioned and is a pleasure to prepare baby foods with. Couple it with small silicone molds for freezing and you have a winner! Click here to view product details and choices.  

Baby socks

This may not strike as a unique gift at first glance, but if you are prepared to put some time into it, it could be an invaluable gift on a budget. Babies are notorious for losing their socks! They gradually learn to control their limbs, but for the first few months, involuntary motions mean that new parents struggle to keep the socks on where they belong. If you put a set of about twenty socks in different sizes going up to six months of age, you will have that difficult period covered by sheer ingenuity. Click this link to look into the product choices on comfy baby socks.

Periodic table building blocks

Building blocks with a twist! All babies love playing with blocks as soon as they are able to sit up. They are perfect for holding and stacking – two critical skills that young babies are trying to master. The periodic table adds an element of long-lasting pleasure to this age-old toy. The parents would thank you for introducing a difficult concept early on and in a fun way to their child. When he or she comes to look at the periodic table, they would already be familiar with the annotations! Click here for the latest product pricing and details.

Spilly Spoons

Again, a unique and thoughtful gift that would not cost you a fortune but become indispensable to the parent for years to come. Whether it is painkillers for teething infant or antibiotics to recover from an infection, every now and again babies need to be given liquid medication to the correct dosage. Trouble is babies do not know how to drink from regular spoons and usually dribble out most of what they are given. This makes parents anxious because medication usually requires a precise dosage. This is where spilly spoons come in handy. Their unique design ensures that all the drug is delivered to the baby efficiently with no chance of dribbling. Even fussy or irate toddlers can be reliably medicated with spilly spoons because they eliminate any chances of accidental spillage. This small gift will be useful for years in family life. Click this link to view similar product on Amazon.  

Wooden or silicone teethers

At first glance, perhaps not so unique but look again. Most commercial teethers are made out of food grade plastic. Some dubious ones may not even boast those baseline credentials. Babies are vigorous chewers, and most parents would not be happy with their baby potentially swallowing plastic – despite it being food grade. This is where wooden and silicone teethers come in. Good quality teethers are durable, and ones made of silicone are biologically inert too. Both types take well to being frozen without risking damage – a bonus for babies who find the cold soothing on their aching gums. Click here to look into this BPA free silicone teether on Amazon.  

Himalayan salt lamps

A somewhat misnomer, as the pink salt comes from surrounding areas rather than the Himalayas themselves, these salt lamps are rumored to have several health benefits. They may help to improve the air quality and reduce harmful radiation in the home depending on the size of the room and the size of the lamp. The salt traps the water vapor along with pollutants present in the environment. As the lamp heats, the water is released back into the atmosphere with some salt dissolved in it but without the contaminants present in it before. Salt air is known to have numerous beneficial effects for humans and their lungs. These lamps with their signature glow look beautiful and inviting in a nursery and are suitable to be used as night lights too. Click here to view this Himalayan salt lamp on Amazon. We hope that these unique ideas have succeeded in giving you the inspiration you need to attend a baby shower!

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