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Have you considered everything you need to have before your little bundle of joy comes to this world? Or better yet, if you have decided to breastfeed and you are also thinking about getting everything ready and set for when you go back to work, have you settled upon what to get for your pumping journey?

First, you will have to decide on whether to get a manual or electric breast pump. (By the way, if you decide to go manual, check out this article on choosing the best manual breast pump.) But, did you know that there are many breast pump accessories that are absolutely necessary for you to have a successful breastfeeding and breast pumping journey? Are you confused with all the information your friends, relatives and even the Internet tell you about breast pump accessories?

Clearing things up

Then look no further, as we are about to thoroughly explain everything you need to know before your little one comes out…and don’t worry though, if your baby has already arrived, this information is definitely relevant for any mama at any stage of her life!

So, what are the must-have accessories for breast pumping and breast milk storage? This is the list of everything you need to know when you pump, and how it could potentially support your pumping journey as the products that will be shown are known for making women feel comfortable and secure while making you save much needed time, but, above all, they will make sure you produce more than enough milk to offer to your little one(s).

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Talk about accessorizing

If you happen to be involved in a group of breast pumping mamas, then you will soon realize they all have one thing in common: they all agree on the fact that there are MANY accessories for breast pumps that they didn’t even know existed either until they were expressing themselves or later on in life.

The pumping list

Hands-Free Breast pump bra

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like to express yourself AND be able to do other things as well? In other words, have you ever wondered what it’s like to feel like you are the goddess of multitasking? Then look no further for your answer, as this bra will put into words what you cannot describe.

Are you tired of pumping yourself and not do anything else in the meantime? Well, now you are able to check your emails, have breakfast, and even do your makeup, why not? This bra will offer you all the necessary support for you to do other things while expressing yourself.

Nursing pads

If you are a first-time mum and you have never really been around many women who just had given birth, then you probably are not even aware of the leakage that occurs most of the time. Yes, we are talking about breast milk. This is why nursing pads are a must, as they will make sure you don’t have any problems with your clothes…or your breasts!

When your milk comes in, then there’s nothing that can stop it from leaking. So, if you would like to stay clean and without stains in your clothes then you should consider inserting a nursing pad into your bra between either nursing or your expressing.

You could get disposable nursing pads, but nowadays you can also find cloth nursing pads that are easy to wash – and are more friendly to the environment.

Also, keep in mind that if you are pumping regularly then your nipples are probably going to start sticking out, therefore they become increasingly more noticeable. Thus having nursing pads will help you with this as well.

Cleaning wipes:

Wipes are really good especially if you are always on the run, pumping away at work or anywhere else. You can either use them for cleaning your pump as soon after you finish expressing yourself, or you can use them to clean your hands before and after you pump. Either way, it is always good to have some wipes in your bag, especially when going out with your little one!

Wipes also offer a good solution for you if you happen to drop some of your expressed milk on any surface. You can clean almost everywhere with them, so it is definitely something you would like to invest in.

A pump bag

This should definitely be your priority. Whether you are using a manual pump or an electric pump, you must find a suitable bag for it, a bag that is both comfortable, affordable and that will allow you to put many things in it…after all, being a mom equals carrying lots of things!

A pump bag will also give you the freedom and independence to move whenever you want, wherever you would like, as you only need to put everything in it and voila! You are ready to go.


Many moms swear by this, as it has been proven that lanolin is very good for sore nipples, especially when you are directly breastfeeding your child. You can either rub some lanolin before pumping or even breastfeeding your little one, as it is perfectly safe to do so, because it is an organic product.

What lanolin does is that it protects your skin whenever you are not correctly placing your breasts to pump properly. And even if you already have nipple soreness (especially during the first couple of weeks after your child has been born and you are not quite sure on what and how to do it), lanolin can help smooth the pain.

Bear in mind that pumping yourself or breastfeeding shouldn’t really hurt, and even though sometimes your nipples may feel a little bit swollen or sensitive, these sensations shall pass soon enough.

Note: your breasts’ own milk and your baby’s saliva are equally good whenever you need to treat a sore nipple.

Sterilizer bags

Make sure the bags you buy have a very tight zip that allows them to close easily as this will allow your breast pump and its accessories to be kept in the best conditions. And even though sometimes the sterilizer bag will be dependant on the pump you buy, you can easily find sterilizer bags that could fit any breast pump model.

Breast pump drying rack

Even though most pumps can easily go inside the dishwasher, maybe you don’t feel comfortable with washing them there, or maybe you don’t even have a dishwasher! Either way, you can now buy a breast pump drying rack that can solve this problem for you.

Some racks even come with one or two brushes that will help you to clean small areas of your breast pump. Do keep in mind that you must be very careful whenever you clean your pump as you could easily damage it if you are not paying close attention to it.

Hot or Cold breast therapy

These packs are an amazing investment, especially when you are pumping away and you want to feel comforted immediately. Even if you have engorged breasts after your milk comes in, these packs can be life saviours.

Some packs can be applied when you are actually expressing yourself, thus you don’t need to wait 20 or 30 minutes to feel better. It has been said that warm heat therapy helps new moms to make their milk come in faster, so it is definitely worth a try.

A nursing cover

Not all mamas are the same, and that is definitely the beauty of motherhood. If you decide you want to breastfeed or breast pump but are too shy to be seen around and it is something you need to get done immediately, then you can always get a nursing cover for your breasts while you are either breastfeeding or expressing yourself in public. b

There are plenty of options in the market, from having a wire, to being a simple blanket, you can choose whatever cover is best for you and your needs. The only thing you need is to feel comfortable with it!

Portable vehicle adaptor

If you are thinking about pumping everywhere, even in your car, then you will also need a portable vehicle adaptor for your electric breast pump. Of course, this is not an absolute must-have, but can you imagine being stuck in a long traffic queue and think ‘’Oh well, I’ll start pumping now’’ and you ran out of batteries?

Hands-free collection cups

This product is very new to the market, but it has been received with so many positive feedback that it was impossible not to include it on the list. So, what do they do? They collect your glorious milk without you having to hold them, so you can actually express yourself whenever you need to do so!

And remember…

If you feel overwhelmed by all the options that the market is currently offering, then try to keep it simple! Come back to this article and search whatever it is that has caught your eye.

If you are buying for someone you love and you really have no idea about what to get them, then send them this article and she will be able to read this as well, thus you could start talking about your options.
Expecting moms usually have a lot of things in their minds, from fear of labor to excitement about meeting their new bundle of joy, sometimes they just wish someone else would take care of the ‘’earthly’’ things such as finding the right breast pump accessories!

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