Honest diapers have been introduced to the market as an eco-friendly alternative to normal disposable diapers, with a heap of other benefits.

As a new parent, it can be so difficult to decide on a brand of diapers to use. They are not cheap and buying a whole pack of diapers just to find that it isn’t right for your baby can end up costing quite a bit.

Honest diapers, the eco-friendly diaper, are not necessarily cheap, and before you rush out and buy a pack, here is all you need to know about these diapers, and whether or not their eco-friendly label is worth the high price tag.

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Are Honest Diapers Worth It?

The Honest Company has produced its range of high-quality diapers to see to the needs of families who want to be more conscious about the products they use.

These diapers come in a multitude of different patterns, all while being eco-friendly and good for your baby’s skin. The short of it is that they are good diapers, and are one of the better options on the market in their niche area of being eco-friendly.

According to some parents, the diapers do not perform as well when it comes to certain essential criteria. Liquids are not effectively absorbed into the diaper lining and they are therefore not great at keeping moisture away from your baby’s skin. This also means that the diaper does not prevent leaks as well.

On the other hand, some parents swear by Honest diapers, and how effective they are at keeping their baby dry and comfortable.

With the chance of leaks, mess, and then diaper rashes, the price of the diapers is difficult to justify. To make the diapers worth their price tags, the absorbency, and leak protection do need to be improved.

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Are Honest Diapers Better Than Pampers?

It can be so difficult to state whether or not one brand of diapers is better than another unless you try the diapers out on your baby.

One such comparison made is between Honest diapers and Pampers. Pampers has a new range of diapers out, called Pampers Pure. These are a more natural alternative to normal Pamper diapers, while still offering the same protection and comfort.

To compare Honest diapers and Pampers, you would need to compare the Pampers Pure line. Both the Honest diapers and the Pampers Pure diapers are eco-friendly alternatives to normal diapers. They are made with plant-based materials and are free from chlorine, bleaching agents, parabens, and latex.

While both are great eco-friendly options, the Pampers Pure line does seem to work a little better when it comes to leak protection and absorbency. If you enjoy the Pampers Swaddlers, you will love the Pampers Pure line, which works just the same, just being a little friendlier to the environment.

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How Much More Expensive Are Honest Diapers?

Honest diapers are not cheap. They are a top-tier diaper and you will need quite a large budget to accommodate for the price tag that the diapers carry.

For a bundle of size 1 Honest diapers and 280 wipes, you can expect to pay around $80. To show the difference, the same pack of Huggies size 1 diapers, and 448 wipes, costs around $67. Those extra few dollars do end up stacking up to quite a bit considering your baby will go through many, many packs of diapers.

Check out the latest Honest diapers prices on Amazon.

What Makes Honest Diapers Different?

The Honest Company diapers are different than many other regular diapers on the market, and they definitely do have some benefits.

One of the main selling points of Honest diapers is that they are made from plant-derived materials, and from sustainably harvested pulp. This means that the diapers are hypoallergenic and are not processed with irritating chlorine.

The diapers are also free from lotions, fragrances, latex, and other chemicals that might cause irritation. The diapers have naturally derived odor blocks which help to prevent diaper stink.

To help the diapers stand out from the competition even further, they come in over 20 different designs. From adorable patterns to plain white, there is a design that you are sure to love.

Their eco-friendliness, plant-based materials, and cute designs make the Honest diapers stand out from the competition.

Visit Amazon for the cutest Honest diaper designs.

Honest Diapers Details Infographics

Why Do Honest Diapers Smell?

Many parents have reported that they notice an odd smell when their baby uses Honest diapers, and this is something that could put you off.

The reason Honest diapers have an unusual smell is that they do not contain any fragrances. These fragrances, which many diaper brands use, can cause irritation to your baby’s sensitive skin, so they should be avoided.

The catch is that Honest diapers instead use naturally derived odor blocks, which are not as effective at blocking odors as fragrances, and can create an off smell when your baby urinates.

Whether or not the absence of fragrance is worth having this off smell is up to you. For your baby’s skin, it is the best option, but you also don’t want a stinky baby!

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Do Honest Diapers Run Small?

Honest diapers do tend to run small. Their size 4 diapers are comparable to size 3 Pampers Swaddlers, so you do have to be wary when choosing a size.

When purchasing Honest diapers, it might be worth moving a size up just to be safe.

Is Honest Company Really Honest?

The Honest Company has a range of environmentally-friendly items, such as diapers, hand wash, and laundry detergent.

How honest is the Honest Company when it comes to the actual eco-friendliness of their products, including how natural the ingredients are?

For the diapers, it seems that Honest is open about all the materials their diapers do and don’t contain, and you can trust that the diapers are as safe and natural as the company claims them to be.

When it comes to the hand wash, detergent, and dish soap, there are some sneaky ingredients included that are not as ideal. These contain phenoxyethanol, Cocamidopropyl betaine, and methylisothiazolinone, which are not necessarily dangerous, but they are not ingredients you would want natural products to include.

There have been quite a few concerns raised over the honesty of the company, as not all the materials and ingredients used are as natural as they should be.

The bottom line is that Honest is an honest company, you just have to read the fine print!

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Do Honest Diapers Expire?

It is generally accepted that diapers do not expire, but they are best used within 2 years. If you have leftover diapers, it is best to keep them stored away in a dry plastic bag or container until you have another baby or can gift them to new parents.

Honest diapers are considered eco-friendly diapers, do these also not expire?

The good news is that Honest diapers, and other eco-friendly diapers, do not expire. It is important to note that over time, the diapers might lose their effectiveness. This could mean the absorbency is not as great, or the elastic loosens a bit. The diapers will still be fine to use though.

Just make sure to keep any leftover Honest diapers in a cool, dry location, either stored in the original unopened packaging, or store opened diapers in a sealed plastic bag or container.

Can You Buy Honest Diapers In Stores?

Honest diapers were initially only available to order online like Amazon, but the company has now rolled out their products to be sold in stores. Some of the stores where Honest diapers are kept include:

Nordstrom, Costco, Whole Foods Market, Right Start, buybuy_Baby, and local stores across many neighborhoods.

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Are Honest Diapers Made In USA?

While it is an American company, not all Honest products are made in the USA. Honest diapers are made by a USA based company, but at a plant in Mexico. Other products such as the dishtowels and diaper caddies are made in China, along with the Honest baby wipes.

What Are Honest Diapers Made Out Of?

Honest diapers are made using eco-friendly materials. These plant-based materials are designed with sustainably harvested fluff pulp. The super-soft liner made from this harvested pulp is ultra-comfortable and helps to funnel away moisture, keeping babies dry and comfortable.

All the materials used to make these diapers are suited for sensitive skin and do not contain latex, fragrances, lotions, or chlorine.

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How Many Diapers Come In An Honest Pack?

Honest diapers come in 7 different sizes, and each size has a different amount of diapers included in the packs. Here is how many diapers are included in each pack:

Size N – 32 diapers per pack

Size 1 – 35 diapers per pack

Size 2 – 32 diapers per pack

Size 3 – 27 diapers per pack

Size 4 – 23 diapers per pack

Size 5 – 20 diapers per pack

Size 6 – 18 diapers per pack

Check out the diaper size availability on Amazon here.

Honest Diaper design samples

Do Honest Diapers Have Chemicals?

One of the selling points of Honest diapers is that they are free from most harmful chemicals. While the absorbent liner does contain some chemicals, the diapers do not contain some of the harsher chemicals that other brands might.

The diapers are also free from dyes and gels used in mainstream disposable diapers, which could cause irritation and diaper rash.

Being free from these chemicals, Honest diapers are considered non-toxic and safe to use. 

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Honest Diapers – Worth The Hype?

Honest diapers are good, reliable diapers that are made from plant-based, eco-friendly materials. They are worth a try, but they do carry a hefty price tag, and there are some other diapers, such as the Pampers Pure, which are just as good, but at a lower price.

Whether or not Honest diapers are right for you will be a personal decision, but they are worth a try, and it is always a good idea to go organic where possible!

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