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Huggies Vs Pampers: How To Choose The Best Diapers For Your Baby

Being new to parenting can be daunting.

Not only does there seem to be so many different things that you need for your baby, but so many different brands have their own version of each product which you must then choose from!

Once such choice you will need to make is what diapers your baby will use. The two most popular diaper brands on the market are Pampers and Huggies, and there seems to be a continuous debate on which is the better brand to use.

Both Pampers and Huggies cost roughly the same and are pretty reliable diapers, but some parents swear by one or the other.

Picking the right diapers for your baby is really important – not only does it help prevent leaks and messes, but the right brand of diapers will ensure your baby is kept comfortable and irritant-free.

To help you make the decision on which brand is best for your baby, we have done an in-depth comparison of Huggies and Pampers.

Product Lines

In order to compare the two, we must first look at the product lines offered by both. There are several options with both Huggies and Pampers, to suit different ages and different needs.

Huggies Product Line

Huggies sells six different types of diapers in total, which is a fair amount. Getting to know its different products and offerings will make your decision easier.

Little Snugglers

Little Snugglers is meant for newborn babies. It starts in preemie size, up to 3kg, to newborn size, up to 4.5kg. This range is one of the only diaper ranges which offers a diaper with an umbilical cord cutout, which prevents the diaper from rubbing the area, further preventing irritation and infection. The front of the diaper has a wetness indicator, with a soft and stay-dry lined interior.

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Slogans, Catch lines and Tag lines: Huggies,Huggies,Huggies..? Hey ...

Little Movers

The Little Movers range is for babies who have just outgrown the Little Snugglers Range and who are starting to move around more. This range of diapers has a SnugFit waistband and a contoured design to better fit moving bodies.

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Huggies Little Movers Step 3 Giant Pack, 136 Count: ...

Snug & Dry Diapers

With a LeakLock feature, the Snug & Dry Diaper prevents leaks, with a waistband that helps ensure the diaper has a snug fit.

Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers - Size 3-34 Count: ...


These diapers are thicker than the average diaper, as they have extra layers of absorbency to ensure your child sleeps well at night, free from leaks.  Prices depend on size of diaper and pack size, but usually it’s between 30c and 50c per diaper. Huggies Overnites Diapers, Size 5, 52 ct: Health ...


The Pull-Ups range is for when it is time to start potty training. The Pull-Ups help to keep them dry when accidents happen, while still allowing them to learn how to use the toilet on their own. The pictures on the front of the diapers will begin to fade when the diaper is wet.

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Training Pants | Ditch the Diapers & Potty Train With Pull-Ups

Pampers Product Line

Pampers has 5 products in their line, and they are fairly similar to the Huggies range.


Swaddlers are meant for new babies, and are the diapers that are commonly used for babies in the hospital. They range from 1.5kg to 3kg, for the smallest of babies. The Swaddler diapers are supposedly the softest around and are safe for sensitive and delicate skin. There is a color-changing wetness indicator in the front.

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Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Size 5 (58 Diapers) - The Mience Group


Baby-Dry diapers are for newborns and bigger babies, and for smaller toddlers. These diapers have three layers of absorbency that work well to prevent leaks and can be worn for up to 12 hours. The sides of the diapers are stretchy for comfort, but still snug. They also have really cute characters on the front.

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Pampers Baby-Dry Size 4, 86 Nappies, 9-14kg, Jumbo+ Pack ...


Cruisers are for babies and toddlers on the go. The diapers fit snugly to allow them to move with ease and as they aren’t bulky, they don’t get in the way of playing.

Check prices Pampers Cruisers Diapers Size 4 152 Count (old version ...

Easy Ups

Easy Ups are training diapers for toddlers who are potty training. They can be pulled up and down like underwear, or torn off for nappy changing. They have a wetness indicator as well.  There are a variety of designs available. Pampers Easy Ups Pull On Disposable Training Diaper ...


UnderJams are for children up to 35kgs, and are bedwetting products. They are good for potty-trained kids who need some help with night potty training. They are similar to Easy Ups but are more like underwear and have better absorbency.

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Pampers UnderJams Absorbent Nightwear Size 7, Big Pack Girl, 46 ...

Diaper Absorbency Comparison

Absorbency is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing diapers. There is no point purchasing diapers that don’t last longer than an hour or two. Diapers are used to stop leaks by having a high absorbency ability. Most diapers made today use super-absorbent polymer (SAP) which is able to absorb 800 times its own weight.

Huggies and Pampers will both absorb your baby’s urine, but Pampers does seem to perform better when it comes to the absorbency rate. Huggies did score lower than Pampers for absorbency, but this does not mean they are not effective.

Material Quality

You want to make sure that you are putting a diaper on your baby which is soft and gentle on their skin, while still being durable enough to maintain leaks and messes.

Pampers diapers are made from a very soft material that any parent would be happy using on their baby’s skin. The high back and wide legs give the diaper more coverage and therefore allow for less leaking. Side tabs are used to hold the diaper together, and while these are very stretchy for a snug but comfortable fit, they do tear easily.

Huggies diapers are not as soft as Pampers, but they are still a good quality material that is suited for a baby’s skin. The diapers feel slightly thicker than Pampers, which gives a little more confidence to its durability and absorbency. The waistband and legs give a good, snug fit while still being stretchy.

Which Diaper Is Better For Daytime?

Having a reliable diaper for during the day is so important. The last thing you want is to be worrying about inadequate diapers while your baby wants to spend the day playing.

The best diaper to use for the day time is the Pampers Baby-Dry. It has more physical coverage that keeps babies dryer for longer and is perfectly suited for an active baby during the day.

The contoured and snug fit stops leaks before they happen, but they are not bulky and do not get in the way of your baby during the day.

Which Diaper Is Better For The Night?

The Pampers Overnight diapers provide more coverage, but they are not as good at preventing leaks over longer periods. The Huggies OverNites are the better diapers to use for night time. They have a great absorbency and fewer leaks than other nappies. This is due to the contoured legs and the snug fit around the waist.

Stand Out Features

Both Huggies and Pampers have different product lines, and each diaper range has its own set of features. Here are some of the standout features in each product line.

Huggies Little Movers

The Huggies Little Movers diapers have a label on every single one of their diapers, indicating the size and type of diaper. This is especially helpful when you have multiple types of diapers at home or two children in different-sized diapers.

The contoured legs of the diapers and the stretchy waistband also make them a great fit.

The added wetness indicator just makes diaper changing that much easier for parents, saving you from having to check the inside of their nappies continuously.

Huggies® Diaper Innovation: Wetness Indicator, Grip Strips & More

Pampers Baby-Dry and Overnights

Both the Baby-Dry and the Overnights have good coverage, which really makes these diapers stand out. Both the front and the back of the diapers come up higher than Huggies, which further works to keep your baby dry and free from leaks.

File:Preschooler in Size 4 Pampers Baby Dry Disposable Diaper 3 ...

Huggies OverNites

Huggies OverNites combine the best features from the Huggies Little Movers, but with extra absorbency to protect your baby through the night.

Huggies® OverNites - Nighttime Baby Diapers

Deciding On The Right Brand

The only way you will really know which brand is right for you will be to purchase a pack of each and try them. Some nights are drier than others and some days have fewer accidents, so test out a brand of nappies for a week at a time or until the diapers are finished (you wouldn’t want to waste them!). You should be able to tell which diapers are the best fit for your baby.

When it comes to pricing, Huggies and Pampers are very similarly priced, and you will probably be able to find one or the other on special at any point in time.

Huggies vs Pampers - The Best Diaper Brand 2020 | Product Playoffs

Pampers And Huggies – A Comparison

At the end of the day, both Pampers and Huggies are great diaper options – both have been trusted by parents for decades.

There is no clear winner with which brand is better, but Pampers do tend to have better diapers for the daytime, while Huggies wins for the best night-time diapers.

Both brands have pretty extensive ranges, and you will be able to find the right diaper to suit different stages and needs!

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