This holiday season, we at Stuff4Tots are thrilled to take our commitment to children and families a step further with a charitable donation campaign. The best part is, you get to help! From now until the end of November, we promise to donate $10 from every participating purchase of one of our Bible Verse Baby Quilts to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In addition, for every tenth donation made, we’ll also send a free quilt to Project Linus. The Comfort In The Word Bible Verse Baby Quilt is one of our best-selling gifts for new and expecting parents. This soft, hypoallergenic blanket is made from the highest quality fabric and comes in blue or pink. It’s embroidered with nine amazing Bible Verses, so you can literally wrap your child in the Word of God. For more info on this product, visit its page here. St. Jude’s is a leading non-profit research and treatment center for a variety of pediatric diseases, including cancer. Unlike other organizations, most of their funding comes from individual contributions. Because of this, families with children treated by St. Jude never receive a bill. Project Linus is a non-profit dedicated to providing blankets for children in need. They donate around 350 blankets a month to needy children. Blankets are collected locally and distributed to children in hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, and anywhere else a child might need one. Stuff4Tots is proud to support these charities and the children who need them. You can help us by providing a thoughtful gift for a new parent, just like you normally would. For more information about St. Jude or Project Linus, click the links below to check out their individual websites. If you’d like to personally see how our donation campaign is going, you can view our campaign page here.
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How does the quilt donation campaign work?

If you’d like to take part in the donation campaign click on the links to one of our retail partners below (either our own online store, Amazon or Etsy) then

  1. Purchase one or more quilts
  2. Send your order # or a screen shot of your order to [email protected]
  3. Let us know if you’d like your name to appear on the St Jude’s donation page or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous
  4. That’s it.  Once a week we’ll batch up the donations and donate $10 on your behalf to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and, for every tenth donation, we’ll also send a free quilt to the Project Linus collection center.
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Q)  What if I buy more than one quilt?

A) We’ll donate $10 for every quilt purchased – so if you buy two quilts we’ll donate $20 and so on

Q) How do I know you’ll genuinely donate to St Jude’s?

A) Firstly, our conscience wouldn’t let us sleep if we’d stolen money from a children’s cancer hospital! Secondly. you can follow the donations on our campaign page on St Jude’s website.  Click here

Q) Why are you doing this?

A) It is our company and family policy to try to give back whenever we can.  We’re very proud of these quilts and they have been a successful product for us so, by supportiong related causes, this is our way of saying thanks.

Q) No really – why are you doing this?

A) Really that is why.  Admittedly we do hope to create some positive publicity for our Stuff4Tots brand too.  Never a bad thing for a small business. But we do hope this is a win-win-win all around.  You, the customer, get a wonderful baby gift, the charities get a nice donation and we get a little bit of good publicity and, hopefully, some good karma too.

Q) Is there a limit to the number of donations you will make?

A) Unfortunately, yes.  We’re only a small business so there’s only so much we can afford to give.  We’ve no idea how popular this campaign will be but if it starts to get a bit eye-watering, we’ll publish a notification on this page that the campaign is coming to a close.  Hopefully it won’t come to that but just to be honest – like most families there’s only so much we can afford to give right now.  Rest assured we’ll give plenty of notice so that, if you buy as part of this campaign, then we’ll definitely include your $10 in the donations.

Q) Can I share this campaign with friends and family?

A) Yes please!  Please pass on this page link to anyone you know may be interested. Publish on your social media, you blog or your dog’s walking jacket. Whatever works for you! Thank you!

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Father of two lovely and special children. I'm an engineer (electrical) by trade and have worked at many a blue chip organization in the past.  From Ford Motor Company to Airbus to Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to the UK National Health Service I've had a pretty diverse working life.  After completing my MBA I wanted to break away from the corporate 'cubicle' so I founded Stuff4Tots as a means of being at home for my family and creating a future for us all.

Now as CEO of Stuff4Tots I bring together my expertise as a parent, a husband and a professional to serve fellow parents providing useful and relevant information and products to new families.