Should I Hire a Home Tutor for My Toddler?

You are reading this article probably because you are considering hiring a home tutor for your child and you are interested in knowing what the benefits are before investing in the program. Don’t worry yourself at all as I am about to reveal to you what you should expect and whether it is a worthwhile investment. 

A toddler is a child between 18 months and 4 years old. Basically, a child that is beginning to learn how to walk is considered a toddler up to age 4. This is the preschool stage or nursery age group when your child gradually develops his cognitive and motor skills. Numbers and alphabets should be introduced to a toddler by age 2 or earlier as it will quicken his level of understanding and I.Q.

Now, the question is “should you hire a home tutor for your toddler?” YES, especially if your child is a slow learner or has a learning disability. Although you may not need to if your child is a genius or a whiz with the tendency to learn advanced studies at such a tender age. But you may still need to hire one even for a talented kid. That is if you desire for him to improve and showcase his strengths. 

Below are the benefits of hiring a home tutor for your toddler: 

1) General Improvement in Cognitive and Motor Skills 

Physically and mentally, your child will develop his ability to comprehend whatever he is taught with adequate speed. Cognitive skills are associated with the mental activities that occur in the brain. Your toddler’s retentive memory and undivided attention will gradually develop as his private tutoring experience becomes consistent.

Motor skills involve physical movements and the proper coordination of the body parts in achieving a perfect motion. A home tutor will ascertain that your child understands and incorporates safe speed in his strides during playtime and in his writing skills. 

2) Encourages Social Behavior 

Children that are taught by specialists privately tend to exhibit sociable characters earlier and better than kids that are not. Having only familiar faces around all the time does not encourage a child to socialize freely in public as he grows. Most kids wouldn’t even take their family members seriously if they tried to teach them academic work. 

So, aside from introducing a new person to the family whom your child will be official with, home tuition will teach him how to interact with strangers. A lot of adults today are introverts due to their childhood upbringing. 

3) Self-expression Becomes an Easy Task 

A sociable individual automatically learns how to express himself wherever he goes. Associating isn’t a problem for him therefore he is able to fathom what his partner’s thoughts and behavioral patterns are. A home tutor will factor in a method of learning that can help a shy child speak his mind and freely express his desire. 

So many adults today find it difficult to maneuver unfamiliar territories and people due to their initial childhood upbringing. Several undergraduates struggle with academic presentations of seminars and final year projects because of their inability to express their ideas. 

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4) Speeds up Maturity 

Having the quality of being a responsible adult stems from whom a child turned out to be. You should consider hiring a home tutor for your toddler to achieve that goal in your baby care strategy. Private tuition helps a child learn how to keep to a regular structure of teaching and remain disciplined. That in turn transcends to raising a wise kid eventually. 

Toddlers that are coached privately mature faster than others. If they have younger siblings, they will display seniority attributes towards them. You will notice how your child will grow in wisdom and accountability. He will be quick to accept mistakes and be willing to apologize without any fuss. Temper management is a virtue and your toddler will definitely pick it up fast. 

5) Builds an Excellent Academic Foundation 

Early intervention in a child’s academic life creates an avenue of development in his future career. “The journey of a thousand mile begins with just a step.” Therefore, seize the opportunity to make his foundation a solid one for a brighter future. Introducing private coaching quite early in a kid’s life is very vital for achieving excellence in all aspects of existence. 

Kids that perform brilliantly in their studies are those whose parents paid proper attention to while growing up. You will easily detect your child’s interests and career path via his performance in the home school. The earlier you introduce him to the formal learning process, the better for you both. 

6) Early Enrollment to Elementary Education 

Private tuition for your toddler can pave the way to an early start of kindergarten education. If you have a whiz kid, then he could even bypass kindergarten and proceed straight to grade 1. Home tuition speeds up baby care in the aspect of learning the essential skills required by the school education board of any country. You will notice a tremendous positive impact of a home tutor in your child’s life as time progresses. 

By the time your toddler attains the recommended school age, he will be way ahead of his classmates in performance. His ability to comprehend will be far better than any of his peers. It will be as though he has been in a school setting before. So, to discover your toddler’s potential, I would recommend that you hire a home tutor for him. Geniuses are identified faster when a teaching assistant or specialist is involved. 

Stop Doubting and Decide Now

You now have reasons to go ahead and hire a private tutor for your toddler from the highlights above. Be informed that slow learners or mentally impaired kids will benefit greatly from being taught by a private coach. Hence, you mustn’t think twice before making a decision right away. 

Studies have shown that kids who are exposed to childhood tuition early enough tend to perform exceptionally throughout their lives. They are often found becoming leaders worldwide. Invest wisely today by hiring a home tutor for your toddler before he outgrows infancy when his brain is like a magnet that retains vast knowledge. 


GUEST POST:  this article was written by one of our contributors and the views expressed are not necessarily those of Stuff4Tots and her team.

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