Educational Activities for Children During COVID-19 Lockdown


Life as a parent is challenging enough as it is without having our working lives turned upside down too.  School closures during Lockdown have been both a major inconvenience and a source of worry and anxiety too.

If you’re unavoidably home-schooling for an extended period of time you’ll want some fun activites to do with the kids at home.  You’ll also want to find a way to ease any anxieties and fears they have over having their worlds turned upside down.

We’re currently both juggling running our businesses and home-schooling a 9 year old and a 7 year old; so we know how it is!

We’re finding it tough to maintain routine and structure, keep them occupied and educated and keep them happy and safe too; all while trying to run our businesses at the same time.

We’re putting together some activity books for our kids – full of fun and educational challenges – and we thought parents would appreciate us sharing these resources to use as a starting point to planning the week’s activities.

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LockDown: Coronavirus Activities

A parents’ guide to planning Lockdown activities to keep your child occupied (and safe).

Mom, what’s a coronavirus? 

A light-hearted way to explain the current situation through the eyes of a young child.  Stressing how the virus is passed from person to person, why it’s been necessary to close schools and workplaces, and what children can do to help in the fight against the virus.

Free Online Resources

More than 115 free online resources to educate and amuse your children.


Easing Your Child’s Anxiety During Covid-19

A quick guide to easing a young child’s anxiety given all the change and uncertainty going on right now.

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