Being a parent in today’s age can be rough. All loving parents want to be the best parents they can be for their children. Unfortunately, there is so much conflicting information about methods for child-rearing that sticking to the “right” strategy may seem impossible. When it comes down to it, parenting is a fluid and multifaceted journey where love and acceptance should be at the core of how you approach your children.

Raising a healthy and happy child takes a lot of work and focus, which is why, in this guide, Stuff4Tots has a few ideas for parenting happy and healthy children in a modern world. Check out our three top pieces of advice for parenting at any age below!

Parents will often do this subconsciously. Each parent out there wants their child to be the best that they could possibly be. However, constantly comparing your child to other children can be detrimental to their self-esteem. This is the case whether or not you are positively or negatively comparing your child to others. Many studies have concluded that children who grow up to be successful are often raised in families where their parent-child relationship makes them feel accepted and properly nurtured. Being a “coach” parent is less important than simply having an open and accepting relationship with your child.

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Set Them Up for Success by Modeling It

Inc. magazine notes studies showing that, among other things, parents play a huge role in their kids’ success by how much they get involved in their scholastic activities, as well as how they role model persistence. Those two aspects combined are reason enough to consider going back to school to either wrap up your studies or complete a new degree. For example, returning to school and earning an online master’s degree in information technology allows you to learn about IT management, data analytics, or cybersecurity. Not only would this encourage your kids to reach higher, but your career and earning potential would be enhanced as well.

Have a Healthy Attitude Towards Sleep

Anyone who has ever lived with an infant knows how much their sleep habits and patterns vary. As a result, parents of newborns find themselves with varied (and not healthy) sleeping patterns as well. One method for establishing a better sleep schedule for both you and your child is known as sleep training. Essentially, this method teaches babies to fall asleep on their own and soothe themselves back to sleep when they wake up. (A clean and tidy room also helps with this!)

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However, this technique requires a lot of care — the purpose is to teach your baby independence and comfort from an early age, but leaving them feeling neglected could have adverse emotional effects. One way to avoid this is through graduated extinction, or allowing your baby to cry for a short amount of time at night before coming into the room to soothe them.

Create a Healthy Food Atmosphere

Children are naturally curious about food and experimenting with food. Some might be quite voracious, while others are picky. Let your child feed themselves as early as possible, even if more of it ends up on the floor than in their mouths. Parents magazine explains that playing with food teaches young children about texture, flavor, satisfaction, and independence. Allowing them to do this also helps with socialization around meals. Just remember to avoid cooking special food for picky eaters, as this could cause poor eating behaviors in the future.

Effective parenting takes time and patience. We hope these three pointers will inspire you to look outside the box as you raise your kids to become all they can be and, perhaps one day, raise their own children the “right” way!

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