More parents are choosing to attend online parenting classes rather than attending live classes in person. Online parenting classes contain the same information as normal parenting classes would, but they allow you as a parent to have more flexibility as to when you can attend the classes, do they activities or watch the videos.

Being able to learn at your own schedule is a huge benefit in today’s busy world and is one of the main reasons why online parenting classes are becoming more popular.

There are some wonderful parenting classes available online, to be taken from the comfort of your own home or even sitting by the pool (we wish!), and they cater to many different parenting situations and styles.

Why You Should Take an Online Parenting Class

Parenting classes are great to build confidence in new parents, to help them better prepare for the birth of their baby. There are some specific skills you need to handle stressful situations as a parent, or even just to know how to raise your child in a positive manner, and online courses can help you achieve this.

Other parenting classes are there to cater to older children, parents going through a divorce, co-parenting situations, and just for moms and just for dads.

Taking these classes online means that you can follow them at your own schedule, without having to worry about making certain classes and all else that comes with it.

By attending an online class, you will have the freedom to move at your own pace, and to digest the information comfortably from home! They may even help you discover what type of parenting style you have and change it if you feel it’s not right for you.

Online Parenting Programs

The below parenting classes are all wonderful for parents to attend and cater to different needs and situations. Which one you attend online will depend on what you want to get out of a parenting class, but these will allow you to do so from home.

Positive Parenting And Behavioral Advice

Positive Parenting Solutions Logo

Positive Parenting Solutions

This is a wonderful course for parents with children of all ages to attend. It will teach you the ways of positive parenting, how to get your kids to listen without having to yell, nag, or lose your temper. As a parent using this course, you will gain all the tools needed to put an end to constant power struggles with your child, and in turn, this will help you avoid the tantrums, meltdowns, and guilt. It will allow you to be the parent you have always wanted to be, and to raise kids who listen and respond well to positive parenting!

Check our in-depth review of Positive Parenting Solutions.

Logo of Generation Mindful

Generation Mindful Online Positive Parenting Course

Through this course, you will acquire practical, empowering tools to assist you with positive discipline in your home. Using this method, you will cut out yelling, shame, and blaming, and instead, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your trigger, and find out ways to manage these and instead use a positive form of parenting to connect with your children.

Once you have mastered this thorough the course, you will be able to set and maintain consistent, firm, and respectful boundaries with your children. End the power struggles with your kids and help them to better get along with you and their siblings as a team, creating a more wholesome environment at home.

Check out Generation Mindful by clicking here.

Mindvalley Merge Logo

Mindvalley: Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Mastery Program

The Conscious Parenting Mastery program takes you on a 35-day journey with Dr. Shefali herself for just 20 – 30 minutes per day. She discusses the myths and illusions of the traditional parenting model while providing the tools you need to nurture a deep, meaningful connection with your child.

The program teaches effective ways on managing conflicts, being authentic to yourself and your child, mastering new parenting skills, being a positive influence, supporting your child’s learning and growth, enhancing emotional intelligence, improving connections and communication, and having deeper self-awareness.

Whether you’re raising a toddler, teenager, young adult, or even if you’re still expecting or trying for a child – this program will help both you and your child to experience emotional and spiritual awakenings that will last for a lifetime.

Check out Dr. Shefali’s program here or read our in-depth review of Conscious Parenting Mastery.


Fathercraft: Preparing Yourself For Parenthood

Down-to-earth dads John and Paul give a bloke’s eye-view of impending parenthood and a guide for all parents – male and female – in the months before and after becoming a parent for the first time.

9 fun, but information-packed, modules of information and motivation are sure to make even the most nervous dad-to-be feel 100% more confident.

Check it out here.

Logo of Parenting Code

Talking To Toddlers: Toddler Parenting Tips

Toddlers are incredibly difficult at times, and any parent to a toddler could really benefit from this online course. The course will teach you the reason your child does not behave, how to properly talk to a toddler, the emotional bridge you need to cross with your little one, and the triggers that could be causing their tantrums.

The course will help you better your parenting skills by adjusting the way you interact with your toddler, and how to be able to connect with them on their level to help them understand the world around them better. This works to promote their listening skills and how they handle stressful situations.

123Magic Logo


123Magic is a well-respected child discipline program that helps keep parents in charge, and which has been proven to be effective and produce results quickly.

Based on the fact that parents talk too much, the course will help you discipline your child in short and sweet sentences, with calm counting and very little conversation. Through this method, your child will learn to respond to your cues without you having to say too much. It is a great way to avoid arguments and tantrums by keeping discipline as short and as simple as possible.

Logo of Triple P

Triple P Parenting

Triple P Parenting is a method of parenting that aims to give parents practical strategies to help them build healthy relationships with their children and to confidently manage their children’s behavior, preventing problems from happening later on.

The Triple P method is used in over 25 countries and has been shown to work time and time again, across socio-economic groups and with many different family structures.

The online course teaches you to make small changes and to expect big differences. It is positive parenting at its best.

Logo of Udemy

How To Get Your Kids To Cooperate Even When They Don’t Want To

Learn how to save time and energy fighting and shouting at your kids with this online course. Discover what successful parenting is, and how you can adapt it to your own life. You will be able to figure out certain words that create conflict and tension in your home and be able to set quick boundaries that will help your children listen the first time.

After the course, you will understand what you are doing that causes your child to be stubborn and to resist your rules, and how you can overcome this together.

Udemy Logo

Alternatives To Saying No! Without Giving In

After this course, you will learn how to say no in a way that is both empowering and respectful. The course consists of a section just for toddlers, and how to implement this method of discipline from a young age. Once completed, you will be able to put in place a range of boundaries and not have to give in to your children.

Learn to say no in a positive way, and help your children stop doing what they are not allowed to do, without causing feelings of guilt or punishment.

Sleep Training

Sleep Sense Logo

Sleep Sense

For parents of a baby or toddler who is not sleeping through the night, the Sleep Sense course is for you! The course is run by Dana Obleman, who has helped parents provide their children with better sleep since 2003.

The recommendations and teachings on the course will be adjusted to suit your child’s age and sleeping habits. You will need to fill in a short questionnaire so that Dana may personalize a solution to helping your little one sleep through the night better. Through the course, you will be able to drastically improve your child’s sleep.

Lully Sleep Logo

Lully Sleep

Lully Sleep is the online course to help you help your child with night terrors. There are different classes or video resources on the site to explain night terrors to you, why your child might be having them, the difference between nightmares and night terrors, how to stop night terrors, and how to prevent the causes of nightmares and night terrors.

Many kids experience night terrors as they grow, so having the resources to deal with them is really so invaluable.

The Sleep Lady Logo

The Sleep Lady

The Sleep Lady course is perfect for first-time parents, or for those who are battling to instil good sleeping habits with their baby. The course focusses on a positive parent and child relationship and helps to build a stronger bond between parent and child while building good and gentle sleeping habits.

This sleep method does not involve the cry-it-out method, and instead uses a gentle and effective technique to help your baby sleep better at night, without causing any upset and keeping a positive relationship with your baby and sleeping. It is a stress-free method for parents, who want a gentle method of putting their baby to sleep.

All-Round Parenting

Kids in the House Logo

Kids In The House

Kids In The House is the ultimate parenting resource for parents with children of any age. There is so much to be found on the site, and parenting videos covering so many different stages and situations. You can start with pregnancy, and go all the way to teen children, with the videos containing invaluable advice to follow. There are also videos containing classes and information from experts in these fields who give sound, relatable advice to parents.

The videos are all broken up in easy to find categories and can be watched at anytime, anywhere. The site has some great products as well that might help you along the course.

4 Life Happy Kids Logo

The Law Of Attraction For Kids

You are never too young to start reaching for your goals and using positive thoughts to accomplish what you want. If you as a parent follow this way of thinking, then you should definitely look at The Law of Attraction For Kids. It is an adapted program to help you teach your kids how to set goals and use positive thinking to achieve these goals.

The course will provide you with an incredible tool to help your kids have a positive outlook in life, and how to effectively set goals.

The Parent Resource Center Logo

The Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center offers parents multiple resources on how to become better parental figures, and how to better understand their relationship with their children. The course understands that parenting is an ongoing process that requires constant learning and development of skills, and the resource center has ongoing courses to cater to this. There is also a short course on the site as well for more specific topics.

Snotty Noses Logo

Snotty Noses

Being able to raise your kids healthily does not come naturally, and you will need some help on how to raise kids who not only care about their own health but choose to eat a healthy diet as well. The course covers how to help a picky eater, how to improve your child’s diet, how to be aware of your child’s health, and how to introduce healthy eating habits.

You will be able to learn some great health-habits from this course that you can pass down to your kids, making them aware that good eating habits promote a healthier lifestyle!

Udemy Logo

Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Mature Children

This parenting course will help you establish a loving, authoritative position in your home. You will learn how to build a harmonic atmosphere, instead of constant bickering and criticism. It will encourage you to give up parenting habits that destroy your child’s self-esteem, and instead give you the tools to create conditions which will open up communication and further build trust.

You will be able to teach your children to take responsibility for their actions and their feelings. With these tools, you will be able to resolve disagreements and conflicts without engaging in heavy-handed discipline and arguing.

Udemy Logo

Autism Parents’ Starter Kit

With this course, you will be able to recognize the signs of the autism spectrum disorder, and better be able to decide whether your child should be evaluated. You will be able to navigate the IEP process with confidence and choose therapies that are suited to your child’s unique needs.

Udemy Logo

Mindful Parenting

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, this course might be what you need. It will help you recognize that you are living in unnecessary chaos. To help you calm the environment in your home, the course will give you mindful tools to de-stress and manage your emotions. This lifelong skill will not just help with your parenting but can be passed on to your children to help them handle stress.

Udemy Logo

Do You Want To Raise A Happy Child?

Learn about HYGGE’S social value and how this can bring your family together, prioritizing the time you spend with your children.

It will help you be brave and authentic with your children, and help them be more authentic as well. The course encourages authenticity to promote a happier life. It will also help you practice empathy, and teach your children to be empathetic as well.

You will understand why play is so important, and how your child can digest information and emotions through play.


Online Parent Class Logo

Online Parent Class

The Online Parent Class covers many different topics when it comes to parenting. It is an ideal online course for divorcing or blended families, as well as an invaluable site for co-parenting courses.

The courses cover most court and legal requirements and help improve personal skills and help you to better your relationship with your children as a strong, confident parent.

You can register to the online site and receive access to an exclusive area of content. The online class is self-paced and can be accessed 24-hours a day, allowing you to work through it at your own pace from home.

Udemy Logo

Real Stress Management

Co-parenting, or going through a divorce, can be stressful for a child. As a mom, you need to know how to help your child deal with their stress. This course will provide you with tips from a psychologist on how to navigate life’s most stressful parenting moments. You will learn how to support your child through stressful times, and how to avoid the hurtful and toxic effects of stress.

Udemy Logo

Co-Parenting 101

The Co-Parenting 101 course will give you tools to effectively co-parent your children both during and after a divorce or separation. It covers the tools you need to care for your children during these changes, and how to create a schedule with your co-parent that benefits the whole family.

Co-parenting is tough for parents and children, and this course will give you what you need to help both you and your children through this trying time.

Peaceful Parent Institute Logo

Peaceful Parenting eCourse

Through a tough divorce or during co-parenting, stress can be overwhelming.  This course has been designed to transform parenting chaos into an experience with clarity and cooperation. There is a step-by-step guide on how to process core parenting strategies and when to apply them. This is a great skill to have when co-parenting.

Potty Training

Start Potty Training Logo

Start Potty Training

Potty training can be really tough! The trick to properly potty training your child is to have a plan, and with no experience, you will not be able to create the perfect plan yourself.

The Start Potty Training video is a short video showing you how to potty train in 3 days. Creator, Carol Cline, is an expert at all things potty training, and the short video gives you all the preparation and skills you might need to get started with potty training and to potty train successfully!

Potty Training By Noon Logo

Potty Training By Noon

Potty Training By Noon is trusted by many parents, and is a method that has been tested time and time again to be incredibly effective!

The course aims to get you off changing diapers all the time and to use this method to potty train your toddler in next to no time. Having some extra guidance during the tricky period of potty training is really helpful, and being able to refer back to this course will really help you out.


MontiKids Logo


MontiKids provides parents with a subscription-based curriculum through Montessori, to help parents learn how to entertain and stimulate their children at home.

It can be really difficult to keep your toddler busy at home, and you would want to keep them busy with fun games that are educational as well. The Montessori toy package will provide you with age-appropriate toys that will help them develop their different skills, and help you with different tools on how to help your little one develop at home.

Fun and Function Logo

Fun and Function

Learn how to practice sensory activities and sensory processing for your kids at home through this online site. Fun and Function provides you with the best selection of sensory tools, catered to every age. The course and the tools will help you effectively help your child with sensory processing and are especially suited for children with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and with other special needs.

There is priceless advice on the site, as well as some great products to help you follow the course through at home.

Green Kid Crafts Logo

Green Kid Crafts

Raise your kids to be green kids! Teaching your children how to be eco-warriors is such a great gift to give them, and the Green Kids Craft course will teach you how to do this in the most fun way possible.

Along with the course on how to raise green children, you can order monthly science and art kits which contain fun, yet educational activities to keep them interested in science and the environment. You can choose a plan suited to your child’s age, and receive age-appropriate material from there.

Udemy Logo

Neuroscience for Parents: How To Raise Amazing Kids

To dive deeper into understanding your children better, and to help them be the best they can be, the Neuroscience course is a must. It will help you understand the way your children act due to their development and brain structure, and how to adapt your communication and reactions based on their active brain structure.

You will learn to build your child’s self-esteem, foster your child’s natural talents, help your children develop a stable world view, and teach you how to react appropriately when your child is stressed.

Udemy Logo

Inspired Parenting – Spiritual Activities

This is the course for you if you are tired of seeing your children stuck on their devices, with their noses always buried in a screen. It will provide you with 50 spiritual activities for your children, to help them connect with the world and with who they are.

You will have the tools to help them become guided by love and their own inner wisdom, without worrying about media and social trends.

Learn how to spend more meaningful time with your kids, doing some meaningful and wholesome activities together as a family.

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