Are you a parent who likes to invest their hard earned cash for more educational toys for their children? I know I am. I like to sneak learning into everything I can. It’s especially useful when they don’t realize that it is educational and they are just having fun! My oldest who is now a teenager catches on much more easily now though! I wanted to compile a list of fun educational learning toys that you can buy. And what better time than before Christmas! This will help you find some awesome toys!

Words with Friends kid version

For your little who likes books and interaction check out the Leapfrog Learning friends 100 word book. It’s a hard plastic book with some buttons and sounds. The goal is give your child a larger vocabulary in a super fun and interactive way.

There are words, pictures and even some fun facts on the pages. It even speaks in Spanish too. So unlike me, it’s bilingual! There are 12 different categories as well so your kid won’t get bored. They can choose from different colors, opposites, parts of the body, foods, pets vehicles, and so much more.

If that isn’t enough to sell you on the toy, there is also 3 different modes. You can have the book tell you the word in one mode or the other modes do sounds or fun facts. There is a fancy star button on the book that you can push and the book plays music and lights up for more added fun. So what are you waiting for? Go get this gem of a book and watch your child’s words and vocab grow!

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The Woodchuck made your name!

I like this super simple, yet wonderful idea of a present that’s next because it is durable and helps your child spell their name and learn letters. It is a wooden puzzle style board that is personalized with their name. Or whatever you want it to read. They can take out each letter and put it back in. The letters on the board are cut out so the removable letters only fit in their appropriate spot. It helps with learning shapes, doing puzzles and seeing their name. The manufacturer says they use “fresh and modern” colors on the product. I don’t even think lead paint still exists, but it specifically lists the paint used as non-toxic and lead free. And if you have a newborn, you can order this and put it up as a decoration until they are interested in playing with it. Check it out here! And while you’re at it, check out these best baby toys for 6-12 month olds.

A fuzzy learning bear book you say?

I am a mother of 2 and they both love their books and stuffed animals. I have to secretly sneak out stuffed animals or I honestly believe my house would be overrun with them. As in if for some crazy reason they came to life, I would need a zoo license. So that being said, there is this neat book called Dress Up Bear activity book. It’s literally set up like a book, but you open it and there is pockets to look for stuff, belt buckle, shoes to tie and then when you are done, you just fold it back up and it can go right on your book shelf. It has a bear head and arms and legs too when you open it.  It’s described online to have opening and closing fasteners, pockets to look in, belt to insert, panels to fold, zipper to zip and much more.  Did I mention that you can also wash it many times and it will still last? That is my favorite part because if your kids are anything like mine, they will get their toys dirty, no matter how hard I try to keep them clean. It’s like kids find dirt in the bathtub! This is such a cook book/toy to have and travel with. And for the price, you might as well go grab one or even two! Check the latest Amazon product pricing here. How about some fantastic activity ideas for kids who are stuck in the house?

Lego-nects? Kinegos? A play on Legos with Kiencts?

Do you have a future builder on your hands? Or scientist? Or maybe just a kid that likes to connect things and make something from nothing? Here is a new fun way to build while improving skills in science, technology, engineering and math. Its creative and fun while helping building and develop motor skills not to mention your hand-eye coordination. This is described as a stem building toy. It can be built into 5 different things like a helicopter, robots and other things. Oh, and the name of this is EZDOIT Building Toys. This comes with a child safe screwdriver and wrench so you don’t have to worry about your own tools. There is a carrying case with this toy as well. It’s kind of like a mix of Legos and Kinects on steroids I my book.  I wish they have this when my oldest child was younger. He would have loved this because even though he enjoyed Legos, he wasn’t quite good enough with Kinects. This would have been the perfect toy for him. So what are you waiting for? You read about this toy, leave and go grab it now! WAIT, I guess you should finish the rest of this article first. View similar product here. Toys are incredible, but don’t forget about the power of pretend play.

All-in-one everyone suction Kup toys

I call this the silly twist on magnets. These are for the younger child and can be used almost anywhere including the bath. They call them suction cupz. They are pretty much exactly as they sound too. The twist is that they are in bright colorful colors and are very squishy. They also have a suction at both the top and the bottom.  The reason I call this a twist on magnets is that they work by suctioning onto a wall, fridge, tub, etc or even each other. Like magnets, you can stack them like a tower, but these obviously can make a taller tower. You can build with them and they don’t fall down. If you have younger children that really like putting things in their mouth or up their nose (like my youngest) than they are much better than magnets.  I find this educational because your child will learn about building and how these work together and also what they can work on and what they will not work on.  Oh and they are easily washable as well! Try them out and you and your little will have a ton of fun! Click here to view product on Amazon. How about some fun holiday craft ideas?

Forts on steriods?

What is better than building a fort in the living room with blankets and furniture? Having a fort made exactly how your child wants it and it will last longer than a blanket falling. It will also be taken down, put away and stored until the next time you want to make a fort too. It’s called The Ultimate Fort Builder.

It’s actually really cool. It has poles and these binder type things that just snap together. Your kid can snap the pieces together and build the frame how they want. Through building the frame, they will learn what works and what does not. Even after they have it all together, they might put their blanket on it and realize it is not a strong enough frame. It makes them think and they get a cool reward at the end. If I had these as a child, I would have played in it for days. It’s a great way to invest your money. Click here for the latest pricing on Amazon.

Do you love gardening? Teach your kids the importance of composting while you also teach them where food comes from.

Mechanics in the making

For the car enthusiast children, there is the absolute coolest thing ever made. A build your own “working” motor. There is different brands and styles for what you are looking for. There are simple ones along with some that take numerous hours to build. My oldest loved building his when he was younger and watching it run after he was done. It’s obvious that you use your brain and hand-eye coordination on something like this.  The nice thing about some of these is that they come with a case. After you put your hard work in for building it, you can put it proudly on a shelf to display it. So let’s start our engines! Click this link for more details.

Flowers and Gizmos a plenty

So if you have a kid with a green thumb, there is a gardening kit that can be used and reused a million and one times. Ok maybe not that many times, but allot. The Flower Garden building set are made with durable plastic which is made to prevent breaking apart. You build your flower garden with mix and match petals, stems and such. It also makes your child find the right shape and color to go with the right stem or petal. It uses fine motor skills, thinking and problem solving and starts them thinking about designs and overall imagination come to life.   This is said to have endless combinations and comes with vibrant colors. It has lilies, petunias and daisies.  So grow away and finish (or start) your shopping spree! Click here to view the latest pricing on Amazon.

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