There’s no handbook or toolbox for parenting. Oh, life would be so much easier if there was!

No one enters parenting knowing exactly what’s going to happen, so we’ve come up with a collection of positive parenting affirmations which we sincerely hope can help you overcome those difficult days.


I am a wonderful parent.

I make it a point to get to know my child more.

I fully support my children in everything they do.

I enjoy learning new things.

I am grateful for available provisions that help me to be a better parent.

My spouse and I agree on positive parenting approaches.

I am continuously growing as a parent.

I always try to do what is right for my children and my family.

I quickly let go of negative thoughts when comparing myself to other parents.

Parenting gives me so much contentment and joy.

I am healthy and radiant.

I make time to care for my own needs, as having me time helps me to be a better parent.

I make sure to get the rest I need.

I’m happy with how my family life is going.

Good health is a priority for me and my family.

I make sure to support my family’s health and wellness.

My family appreciates the healthy food I prepare for them.

Having meals together is enjoyable for me and my family.

I am thankful that I can afford to buy food for my children.

I love preparing healthy meals for my children.

While there are some good and bad days, in general my family life is good.

I make it a point to teach my children how to take care for their bodies.

My family is free of disease and illness.

Peace reigns in our home.

While we enjoy each other’s company, we also know when to give each other space.

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Our home is clean and orderly.

Everyone is open to contributing to our home’s cleanliness.

My children are confident in accomplishing their chores.

Our home is full of love.

Fond memories fill our home.

I am thankful for each time my family has fun together.

We are able to set aside a budget for recreational activities.

My children appreciate learning how to budget. They are wise to spend their money on activities which are beneficial to their well-being.

I respect my children.

I am a patient parent.

I am blessed with extra patience especially during those bad parenting days.

I am mindful about speaking to my child in a loving tone.

My children feel safe and secure when they’re with me.

I am a good communicator.

I am a pretty good listener, too. I understand my children better because of this.

I’m happy that my children openly share their thoughts and feelings with me.

I am grateful for how cooperative everyone is in my family.

Each member of my family makes an effort to get along with each other.

I am a good friend to my child.

I am thankful for the chance to be a parent to my children.

I am strong.

I am forgiving.

I am calm.

I am focused.

I am trustworthy.

I am worthy.

I am assertive.

I am peaceful.

I am prayerful.

I am content.

I am fair.

I am gracious.

I am hardworking.

I am inspiring.

I am responsive.

I fully accept my imperfections.

I am exactly where I need to be in my parenting journey.

I am the perfect parent for my children.

My love for my family is unconditional.

I am doing my best for my child.

I know I am capable of being a better parent.

I know what is good for my family.

I am enough.

I am loved.

I’m blessed to be a parent.

I deserve all good things.

I can stand up for myself.

It is okay to make time for myself.

It is okay to say no.

I choose to live in the present.

I trust my ability to make parenting choices and decisions.

I make an effort to make every minute count, as I can never get today back.

One bad day does not make me a bad parent. I am only human.

I am courageous for trying things which I think I can’t do.

I find peace in being good enough because perfection is impossible.

There’s no need to compare myself to others because I am already the parent my child needs.

My family appreciates and loves me.

I am grateful for each smile and hug that my children give me.

I am using discipline appropriately to correct my children’s behavior.

I approach all disciplinary actions with a peaceful tone of voice and behavior that shows respect to my child.

I know I’m an imperfect parent, and I forgive myself for that.

Giving time and attention to my child is more important than providing them material things.

I am responsible for keeping myself healthy for my family.

Establishing personal boundaries helps me to remember that I am also important.

The parents who struggle the most are the best ones because they are patient enough to do better.

I will conquer my struggles so that they become my strengths.

The hardest days help me to become stronger as a person and as a parent.

I will stay positive and brave amidst any challenges my family and I will encounter.

I have the power to make the most out of what life brings for me and my family.

I understand that life is not always the way I want it.

I have become the parent to my children for a reason, and I will work towards being the best parent I can be for them.

Prayer helps me and my family to get through each day.

Nothing is impossible as long as I set my heart and mind on it.

I fully accept how each day imperfectly goes.

I will do my best as a parent, and that will always be enough.

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