If you, a family member, or a friend have a child in hospital, you might want to lift their spirits up and give them a fun and meaningful gift that will make their hospital stay a little easier.

Kids want to be outdoors playing with their friends and enjoying just being young, but unfortunately, there isn’t much to do in the hospital!

It is never nice to see a kid in the hospital, and while there is not much you can do from the outside other than offer support, you can keep them entertained and cheery in the hospital with one of the below gifts:


Candy & Chocolates

One thing you can be sure of is that almost every kid loves candy and chocolates, and if they are allowed to have some during their hospital stay, they will absolutely love getting some candies to snack on during their time in hospital.

The great thing about candy and chocolate is that there are so many different options to choose from, making it one of the easiest, and most loved, gifts to buy!

If you want to go all out, you could go for a giant pack of mixed treats, such as the Hershey All-Time Greats Chocolate Candy Assortment, which contains all the chocolates a little kid could want! It covers all the bases and lets them choose their own treats to enjoy each day.

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For the candy lovers, the Oreo Mini, Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish bulk pack is a must. The three options in the kit are all really popular with children, and will definitely last them a long time, hopefully past their hospital stay as well. The treats come in small packs so that they can be enjoyed as little bits at a time.

Kit Kats are always a favorite, and this bag of Kit Kat Minis is perfect to snack on throughout the day, and are the perfect size to keep in hospital for a stay. The small bag will be a great addition to a giftpack.

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Pajamas When in hospital, comfort is key, especially for a kid. One of the best ways to provide some extra comfort and to encourage a more homey feeling is to gift some pajamas. There is nothing better than the feeling of slipping into some comfortable pajamas, and for a child, fun pajamas do a lot to lift their spirits. Every little girl loves unicorns and rainbows, and this comfy two-piece pajama dress set is perfectly suited to a little princess in the hospital. The flutter sleeves add even more of a girly touch, and the prints are fun, colorful and full of sparkle. Click here for the latest product listing on Amazon.
Traveling to space is every little boy’s dream, and you can help them explore their imagination with this space-themed Calvin Klein Big Boys 2 Piece Sleepwear Set. Perfect for the cool environment in the hospital, this sleepwear set is incredibly comfortable and is sure to be loved by a little boy. Check out this product on Amazon.
For the smaller hospital attendees, cotton footless pajamas are a wonderful choice. With fun whale illustrations, this 2-pack Cotton Footless Pajama set can be for both girls and boys, and will provide extra warmth and comfort to a small child in the hospital, and will also be appreciated by the parents as well! Click here for more product details.


Not only are books entertaining, but they are educational as well. They can be enjoyed both in the hospital and long after the stay as well. For inquisitive minds, the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why is a wonderful choice. It is full of interesting facts and bright, wonderful pictures of all things to do with nature and life, and will keep even the most inquisitive of minds busy for ages. Check out this product on Amazon.
Dr. Seuss will always be a favorite for both kids and adults, so you can be sure that a Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection will be absolutely loved. Including Cat in The Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks and Green Eggs and Ham, there are enough rhymes and laughs to be entertaining for a hospital stay. Check product details on Amazon.
Falling asleep in the hospital can be tough for adults, and even tougher for children who are in an unfamiliar environment. If Animals Kissed Goodnight is an absolutely wonderful book to read at night, calming down little minds for bedtime and reminding them just how loved they are. For more product details, click here.
Coloring Books & Crayons Coloring is so much fun, more so than many adults would like to admit! But a fun coloring book does wonders to help pass the time in the hospital, as well as provide some semi-educational fun as well. The Crayola Book of Awesome is the absolute ultimate coloring book, with 288 pages full of sloths, llamas and cosmic cats. It is pure entertainment and fun summed up in one book!
Once again, every little girl loves unicorns, and this book is covered from start to finish with the cutest unicorn pictures to be colored in with all the colors possible. Unicorns, princesses, dragons, and mermaids fill up all 50 pages in this coloring book.

To complete the gift, you will need to give the kid some crayons! These Crayola Twistable crayons are the newest crayons out there, and this pack has 50 mini twistables in all the colors needed tocomplete a masterpiece!

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Teddies & Stuffed Animals Stuffed animals offer the ultimate comfort to kids, and will be a source of warmth and snuggling in the hospital, keeping the patient company during the day and night. Who doesn’t love a cuddly elephant? This super-soft plush elephant is as cute as can be and has the sweetest little face and body position. Check out product pricing here.
Sloths are one of the favorite animals out there, and this Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth plushie is as adorable as can be. It is really soft and cuddly but is also made with beautiful details and measures 30-inches tall, big enough to provide the best snuggles.
Some kids love sea creatures more than those that live on land, and if the little patient is one of them, this Wild Republic Sea Turtle Plush will be so appreciated. It is 8-inches in size, making it the perfect size to cuddle in a hospital bed.
Games The best way to keep a kid entertained is to give them some fun games to play with. With the right games by their side, their hospital stay will fly by. To play as a pair, the Guess Who game is a classic. Using memory and guessing, the players each try their best to discover the other player’s character. It is a great size to use on a hospital table and will be enjoyed at home as well.

For a double whammy of fun and education, the World Bingo Geography Game encourages STEM development and helps to teach kids all the different areas in the world through different fun games and applications.

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Let’s Go Fishing is a fast-acting, fun game that can be played by kids four years and up. The game includes 21 fish and 4 fishing poles, and the game board spins with the fish opening and closing their mouths, waiting to be caught. It can be played time and time again and still be as much fun as thefirst time.


Blankets offer so much comfort, for babies to older kids, and will a cherished gift that can be used for years after the hospital visit.

For the most sentimental gift, we would, of course, recommend our very own Bible Verse Quilt. It is available in either blue or pink, with 9 bible verses embroidered into the material. The child can be wrapped up safely and warmly in scripture, comforting both child and parent. Feedback from happy parents, grandparents and children has been absolutely incredible.

Let’s be honest, the Minions make everyone laugh, and this Minion blanket from Franco Kids will bring such light and laughter to a hospital room. It is comfy and cozy, perfect to wrap up in during those hospital nights.

A little bit of fun mixed up with soft fuzzy comfort is the perfect combination for a kid in the hospital.

This wearable monster blanket is so cute and is an awesome gift for any kid! With a monster hood and monster hands attached to a high-quality blanket, it is such a great option.

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Gifts For Kids In Hospital

All of the above will be so loved by kids in hospital, providing entertainment, fun, and comfort in a time when they are needed the most.

If you are wanting to build up a gift basket, you can add in some fresh fruit, soda, slippers and other snacks that they can enjoy both day and night. A gift basket offers lots of little surprises and will do wonders to raise their spirits during their stay.

Give the gift of fun and comfort to a child in the hospital, and you will be doing such a great job of lifting their spirits and providing both them and their parents with the support they need to make it through the difficult time.

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