Every parent knows how difficult it can be to change their wriggly baby’s diaper, and not only is it a bit of a challenge trying to change the diaper of a squirming baby, but it can be dangerous as well!

Diapertainment has decided to try and solve this problem for parents, by creating a wall-mounted stand to keep babies entertained (and still) while their diapers are being changed!

Using the Diapertainment tray, parents mount their phone above the changing table and put on something for their babies to watch and be distracted by while they change their diapers. This is to cut out wriggling and squirming, making diaper changes safer and easier.

If you know that you could use some help to keep your little one still as you change their diaper, this might be something you are interested in, but is Diapertainment worth it?

To help you decide whether or not Diapertainment is a good option for you, we have done a review of the product, and overall, we think it is great!

Keep reading to find out how Diapertainment works, how it might benefit you, and what other moms and dads think!

What Is Diapertainment?

Diapertainment is a solution for distracted and wiggling babies during diaper changes. It is a phone stand that you mount onto the wall above your baby’s changing table. When it is time for a diaper change, you place your phone into the safe tray and put on a video for your baby to watch.

The video or pictures on your phone should keep your baby distracted and still, allowing you to easily change their diaper. This not only makes changing easier but reduces the risks of accidents happening by your baby moving around too much on the changing table.

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Product image of Diapertainment

A clear, angled tray, Diapertainment keeps your phone safe and in view, away from the reach of your baby, and attaches to the wall at just the right angle to be a comfortable watch for your baby while they are on their changing station.

For a little bit of extra help for parents, Diapertainment comes with a QR code that leads to baby-safe videos, which have high visual stimuli, which are sure to keep your baby entertained and focused while you change their diaper.

Diapertainment fits all major phone makes, including all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

What Do You Get?

When purchasing Diapertainment, you will receive the following:

  • 1 Diapertainment tray
  • 3 custom elastics in various colors
  • QR code to baby-safe videos
  • 2 screws and 2 anchors
  • 1 zipper pouch
  • Instructions

You will need to provide your own phone to place inside of the tray, and the tools to mount the Diapertainment phone holder onto the wall above the baby changing station.

Product image of Diapertainment Kit

Diapertainment Specs

The Diapertainment internal tray measures 3.6-inches by 6.9-inches and has been designed to fit all major phone brands, including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

The tray is made with Makrolon polycarbonate, which is long-lasting and durable, and which will keep your phone safe and protected while mounted on the wall. This is a clear material that provides an uninterrupted view of your phone from any angle for your baby.

Product dimensions of Diapertainment

Diapertainment can be installed with 2 screws/anchors, which are included in the box, and is installed similar to most baby monitor mounts. It is designed to work with drywall. You will need a screwdriver, drill, and hammer for installation, which are not included in the set.

Full instructions are included with the Diapertainment set, but it is easy enough to install, and the tray has been pre-angled to be the right angle for your baby to watch from their changing table.

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Providing Safety On Changing Tables

Baby changing tables can be so incredibly useful for parents. It offers a place for you to easily change your baby’s clothes and diapers, and you can keep all of the essentials close by during the change.

The problem with baby changing tables is that the mat your baby lays on is often high off the ground, and a fall from that height can be really dangerous.

Babies squirm and move around, and the older they get, the more movement they achieve. A squirming and moving baby on a changing table can easily lead to an accident, and parents have to pay really close attention to ensure that this never happens.

One way to reduce the risk of falls and injuries on a baby changing mat is to ensure that your baby is still and kept distracted, which is where Diapertainment comes in. If your baby is still and focused, watching videos on your phone through Diapertainment, the risk of them wriggling and falling is reduced.

While Diapertainment works to keep your little one still, you should never leave them unattended on their changing mat, and ensure you are always within reach of them.

Baby watching cartoons on smartphone while getting diaper changed
Baby enjoying Diapertainment

User Reviews

To know whether a product really works, you need to hear from parents who have actually used it! These are some reviews from parents who have used Diapertainment in their baby changing station:

“This device is a lifesaver! My little one moved around a lot and turns his head constantly when changing his diaper. I used Diapertainment to get his attention and that went well! I had nursery rhymes playing and he was so busy watching those that changing diaper has been a breeze lately” – Sidra J

“My daughter finally has something to keep her busy while we change her diaper. This isn’t just for diaper changing though, it is also good to use to keep them occupied for a little bit as well. We definitely recommend it” – KaLia Y

Image of Diapertainment mounted on wall
Diapertainment mounted on wall
Image of diapertainment product box from Jennifer the customer
Image of Diapertainment fixed to wall


My baby wasn’t interested in watching videos etc, she did enjoy when I made her a picture collage of our family and put it on for her to see when changing her diaper” – Jennifer C

What We Love

Diapertainment definitely has some great benefits for parents and babies. These are some of the features that we, and other parents, love about the product:

  • Safe distraction to keep babies still during diaper changes.
  • Reduces wriggling and moving, reducing the risk of accidents happening on a changing station.
  • The tray can be attached to the wall at an angle that is comfortable for babies to view from their changing table.
  • Diapertainment fits most phone makes, including all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models.
  • There is a QR code included which gives you fast access to baby-safe, stimulating videos.
  • Can be used for videos, photos, or even video calls to keep baby distracted and entertained during diaper changes.
  • The tray is easy to mount onto the wall, with only two screws needed to keep it in place.

What Are The Downfalls?

Like with everything, there are some downfalls with the product. One of the biggest issues that parents have with Diapertainment is that it needs to be mounted in place, and because of this, it can only be used when changing your baby’s diaper on their changing table.

Parents know that accidents happen all the time with babies, and you never know where you might need to do an emergency diaper change, but you can only use Diapertainment at the changing table.

Many parents also choose to change their baby on the bed, but once again you will not be able to use Diapertainment when doing so.

What Age Is Diapertainment Suited For?

Diapertainment will come in handy once your baby begins to squirm and wriggle during diaper changes. This usually happens after the first few months, and the more your baby grows, the more they will move around during diaper changes.

However, some parents have noted that Diapertainment is not as useful after around 10 or 11 months, as at this age your baby might be too big to change on a changing table, and placing them on a changing table might be too dangerous as they have more freedom of movement, and once you aren’t changing them on a changing table anymore, Diapertainment isn’t too helpful.

If you find your baby just does not cooperate during diaper changes, and you are still using a changing table, then Diapertainment will be suitable to use.

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Image of a smiling mom and her baby pointing at the diapertainment mounted on the wall

The Verdict On Diapertainment

Diapertainment is beneficial for parents who battle to keep their little one still during diaper changes. It offers a form of entertainment for babies during diaper changes, which keeps them still and not wriggling, so mom or dad can change them easier.

This also goes a long way to reduce accidents happening on a changing table, as the less wriggling your baby does, the less of a chance there is of them falling off the changing table or hurting themselves.

Diapertainment has many benefits, and there are some downfalls too, such as not being able to move it around if you are changing your baby somewhere else, but if you feel like you need some help to stop feeling like you are in a wrestling match during each diaper change, then it is definitely worth a try!

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