Pack n plays provide babies with a comfortable space to play or sleep, and give parents some peace of mind knowing that their little one is in a safe place where they can keep a watchful eye.

Having a pack n play in your home can be so useful, you can easily move it around your house as you go, and it can easily be packed away and traveled with.

This gives you a safe space wherever you might be, at a friend’s house or away camping.

Choosing the right pack n play will ensure you can make the most out of it, whether it be at home, when traveling, when sleeping or playing. 

To make sure you are buying the right pack n play for you and your baby, here is a list of the best out there, and some things to consider before making a purchase!

The Best Pack n Plays

These pack n plays have all the best features and are sure to last you a long time, giving your baby a safe place to play, and a comfortable place to sleep, whenever and wherever!

Graco Pack n Play On The Go Playard

The Pack n Play on The Go will make sure your little one is as comfortable as can be, wherever you might be.

This pack n play has a removable full-size bassinet that allows your baby to sleep comfortably, while still being confined to the safe space of their crib. The crib has automatic folding feet, and wheels which allow you to move it conveniently around the house.

With a quick push of the Graco push-button, the pack n play folds down really quickly, with little hassle. It is just as easy to set up as it is to fold down, simply push the bottom down flat and pull out the sides until the crib clicks.

A toy bar sitting above the crib features soft toys that will keep your baby amused, and the neutral yet warm colors are the perfect combination for a calming area.

The pack n play comes with a carry bag that allows for fuss-free storage and travel.

Graco has poured their years of experience into ensuring this pack n play is of the best quality, keeping your baby safe and happy.

Brand Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

With a whole host of features, this nursery center crib will fulfill every need you and your baby might have.

A fully removable bassinet and canopy offer protection and comfort to your baby during sleep time, and can even offer some coverage when playing outside on a sunny day.

The flip away changing table makes nappy changes a breeze, and allows you to change your little one wherever you are.

There is also an organizer for changing supplies and nappies, to keep all the essentials close by.

An electronic music center has a volume control, a nightlight, vibration, and different musical settings to suit your baby’s mood and the time of day.

The one-hand locking mechanism helps to keep the pack n play in place, and the large wheels with brakes make for easy maneuvering.

Featuring everything you need at home and when away, this pack n play will be an essential item in your home, lasting for many years in your little one’s life!

Delta Children LX Deluxe Portable Baby Play Yard

The Delta Deluxe Pack n Play has all the basic features to save you space at home, giving your baby the perfect sleep and play space that can move around the house when needed.

It has a removable full-size bassinet and changing table, for safe sleeping and easy nappy changing.

The bassinet is lifted up off the bottom of the pack n play and should be used for sleeping only.

You are able to place a mattress at the bottom of the pack n play for your older baby to sleep in, or to create a more comfortable space for playtime.

There is a removable mobile arm that features hanging plush toys that will help your baby drift off to sleep.

Another removable feature is the changing table, which has a waterproof surface, and which clips on and off onto the pack n play.

There is a snap-on hanging storage compartment as well, which holds diapers, wet wipes and other toiletries for easy access.

For sleep and play, this simple pack n play crib has it all, in soothing neutral colors that will fit into any home.

Evenflo Portable Babysuite Delux Playard

The versatile playard can either be a pack n play or a play matt for the floor – converting from a clean, safe play space on the floor to a crib to say goodnight in.

The storage container on the side of the crib rotates to the side when it is not in use, and the removable changer allows for easy access to a changing station, but can be easily clipped off when not needed. 

The pack n play has no locked hinges, which allow for easy set-up and pack away of the crib. It is lightweight and comes with a travel bag for easy and comfortable transport.

With all the essentials you need, the pack n play can be used for playtime on the floor, or for a more protected space inside the crib itself, for sleep or play.

Graco Travel Lite Crib With Stages 

Made for portability, this lightweight crib has so many useful features.

The one-of-a-kind adjustable height bassinet grows with your baby, seeing them through many different stages.

The travel crib easily transforms into a portable playard, while keeping your baby safe throughout.

The sides of the pack n play are ventilated, to allow for easy airflow, and for you to keep an eye on your baby as they play or sleep.

Overall, the pack n play crib is 20% smaller than traditional cribs, but this only helps it be more compact and portable, perfect for the family on the go, while still providing utmost comfort for your baby, and adjusting to their needs as they grow.

What To Look For When Buying A Pack n Play

With there being so many options, it can be quite difficult to choose the right pack n play. First, you need to consider what you are going to be using your pack n play for – will you only use it at home or will you be taking it out with you when you are traveling or visiting family or friends?

Figuring out your needs will help you better decide on what to look for in a pack n play, and which features are more important to have.

However, there are a few features that a pack n play must have, for safety, hygiene and comfort, and here is what you should look out for when making a purchase:


Pack n plays are folded up and down quite a bit, to be taken around or stored away. This is handy to have, but can often mean that the structure is not sturdy. Make sure the pack n play has robust clips, a strong frame and that the sides are strong as well. This is so important to make sure your baby is safe within the pack n play.

Safety Features

As you will be leaving your child in the pack n play for periods of time, you want to make sure that it is safe. Look for safety clips, wheel locks, and padding to protect your baby from any bumps and knocks. It is also a good idea to choose a pack n play with a low center of gravity so it has less of a chance of tipping over.


The last thing you want is a pack n play which is heavy to carry around, defeating the purpose of portability. Most pack n plays have mesh sides, which allow them to be lighter, perfect for traveling. The mesh sides also allow you to view your baby sitting or sleeping inside the pack n play while providing them with good ventilation as well.

Ease Of Use

Look for a pack n play that is easy to fold up and set up, you don’t want to be wasting time struggling with a crib that won’t fit together, or one that does not fold away simply. It will not only save you time with set up but quite a bit of frustration as well!


If you are planning on traveling with your pack n play or moving your pack n play around the house often, it would be a good idea to choose one with wheels, so you can wheel it around rather than carry it. It also allows you to wheel the pack n play around the house with your baby in it, rather than packing and unpacking it between rooms.


Not all pack n plays come with a mattress, but it is always great to have one. It will offer a more comfortable sleeping space for your baby, which can transform the pack n play from a play area to a sleeping space in an instant.

Consider buying a specialist pack and play mattress and playard mattress protector.


All different pack n plays will have unique features, such as attachable bassinets, mobiles, canopies, and many other things. Choose one that has features that you would use the most.

The Best Pack n Play Cribs

The right pack n play crib can last your baby for many years, adjusting to suit their needs as they grow. By making sure that your pack n play is easy to travel with, and easy to set up and pack away, you will be saving yourself a great deal of time and stress.

Pack n plays transition so easily from a play space to a safe sleep area for your baby, all while being portable for you to take it wherever you might need to!