Finding the right sleeping bag for your toddler can be tough.

Toddlers are little and need a sleeping bag that is small enough to keep them comfy and safe, but they also tend to grow really fast, so you need to make sure the sleeping bag you choose will be able to last a little while too.

There are many different reasons you might need a kids sleeping bag – from going on a camping trip to a pajama-clad movie night in the lounge to a sleep over at cousins’ house.

Whatever your need, there are some really great sleeping bags to suit you and your toddler.

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The Sleeping Bag for Daycare & Nap Time

The JumpOff Jo is the perfect sleeping bag for toddlers who need a place to nap at daycare or are having a sleepover at a gran’s house.

It is compact and portable and is a great indoor sleeping bag.

The measurements of the sleeping bag are 43’’ x 21’’, which is a good size for a little one.

It has a built-in name tag for easy identification at school, making it a personalized toddler sleeping bag, and the padded mat bottom, the soft blanket, and Minky dot lining makes for a really comfortable nap.

There is also a removable pillow, making sure your toddler is super comfortable even away from home.

For traveling, the sleeping bag can be rolled up easily and secured with the built-in hook and loop fasteners. The additional carry handle makes life easy when you are on the move.

Cleaning the sleeping bag is a breeze, you can simply remove the pillow and wash the matt as normal.

This sleeping bag is comfortable, easy to clean and easy to travel with, making it the perfect choice for sleepovers and daycare!

It has great reviews and costs around 40 bucks on Amazon.

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The Travelling Sleeping Bag

Whether you are out in the woods or are traveling to a holiday destination, having a sleeping bag for your toddler which is easy to carry around makes traveling much easier, especially when the sleeping bag has been designed to be carried by your toddler!

This brightly colored sleeping bag with cartoon frog print is appealing to little ones. It has a comfortable loft filling and a cotton lining which help to make the sleeping bag really soft, warm and comfortable. The design and material used also help to create a really durable sleeping bag, so it should last for ages.

The sleeping bag can be zipped up to create a warm cocoon, or unzipped fully to create a full spread quilt. Two-way zippers help kids enter and exit the sleeping bag easily, and the bottom can be unzipped independently for a cool breeze in warmer weather.

For traveling purposes, the sleeping bag fits into an included backpack, which makes it easy for toddlers and kids to carry around.

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Sometimes, a sleeping bag is needed just to have some fun. Instead of a boring blanket at home, a crazy sleeping bag can be perfect for chilly nights.

This sleeping bag is shaped like a whale and has all the details to make it look believable and fun. It is a sleeping bag for girls and boys!

Made from extremely soft polar fleece, the blanket can accommodate children from 3 to 12 years old and is perfect to use at home or for sleepovers. There is such great attention to detail with this sleeping bag, with both sides featuring accessories to really make it look like an orca.

The sleeping bag is eco-friendly and made with premium materials which are 100% safe and secure for children. It is machine washable and will last for years as your child’s favorite sleeping bag.

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The Sleeping Bag for Campouts

When attending a campout, your little one will want to have the coolest sleeping bag around, and this sleeping bag will definitely fit that role!

This luminous sleeping bag will give your little one wonderful dreams, and the glow in the dark design will be such a hit with your little one and their friends.

The sleeping bag has been designed with a wavy shape, which allows for different sleeping positions. The cover and elastic opening can be rotated for easy movement and maximum warmth.

The interior of the sleeping bag is lined with 100% cotton flannel which is comfortable and soft, while the exterior is made from 190T embossed polyester, which is durable, breathable and waterproof.

Check product pricing on Amazon.

Not only is this sleeping bag comfortable and reliable, with a unique shape which allows for different sleeping positions, it is also just a different, fun sleeping bag which will literally glow in the dark.

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You might want to spend a night out with your little one under the stars, or have a camping trip coming up, and this sleeping bag is exactly what your toddler will need.

This sleeping bag was created to give the ultimate comfort during all the seasons. It has a temperature range of 40-65°F, perfect for all year use. It has a durable, ripstop waterproof shell with great insulation and a comfortable, non-scratchy woven liner.

The curved hood provides extra warmth and comfort for the head, and the full-length zipper keeps the cold out. It has a compression sack, allowing for space-saving storage and travel, and it can be machine washed as well.

To make it even handier, the sleeping bag has an inner storage pocket, to keep gloves, a flashlight, or any small item safe. This is a really comfortable and versatile sleeping bag which can be used time and time again!

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Sleeping Bag for the Super-Cool Kid!

For most kids this age, space travel and astronauts are the coolest things around, and this sleeping bag turns them into an astronaut as they sleep!

Made from 100% cotton, the sleeping bag has quilted craftsmanship, making it incredibly comfortable and durable as well.

The print on the outside of the sleeping bag is really quite awesome, transforming your little one into an astronaut traveling space in their dreams. The designs on the outside are colorful and vivid, and the hood of the sleeping bag looks like the helmet of an astronaut.

It is a reliable sleeping bag that just has that extra bit of cool, which will encourage your toddler to sleep on their own in this cozy sleeping bag.

It’s not the cheapest at almost 60 dollars but if you can afford it your kid will love you for it!

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The Summer Sleeping Bag

It gets cooler at night – even during the summer months.  You want your toddler to be warm and cosy – but not too hot.

This sleeping bag is suited for mild temperatures and will keep your toddler warm in temperatures as low as 50 degrees F. It can accommodate children up to 5 feet.

The special ThermoTech Insulation and the ComfortCuff will help to keep kids warm and cozy, even in cooler temperature.

Along with an interior flashlight pocket, which is ideal for camping, the sleeping bag has a glow-in-the-dark design that is a little comfort in the dark. The ZipPlow system and design plow the fabric away, to prevent any snagging from zipping.

This is a handy sleeping bag to have and will keep your toddler warm, comfortable and happy, no matter what the weather.

Find it for sale on Amazon.

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The Co-Sleeping Bag – let’s snuggle!

If you’re little one likes to jump in your bed at night then they’ll likely want to while out camping too.

We loved this Outdoorsman two person sleeping bag and loved getting our warm toddler snuggles on a cold camping morning.

Obviously not suitable for very young children but worth a look if your kids are a little older.

Or maybe siblings like to snuggle? Bless them if they do. Make the most of it before they start fighting 🙂

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How To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag for Your Toddler

Choosing a sleeping bag for your precious toddler needs some consideration. Size, durability and other factors all need to be thought about when buying a sleeping bag, to make sure it will be perfect for your toddler’s needs. Here is what you should consider:


The size of the sleeping bag is quite important. You don’t need a full-size sleeping bag as toddlers are much smaller than us, but you don’t want it to be too small that it won’t fit in a few years’ time.

Look for a sleeping bag that can accommodate your toddler’s growth and last a few years.


There is no point buying a sleeping bag if it isn’t going to last. Look for the design features to make sure the sleeping bag is durable with a long life expectancy, you never know if you will need it for another toddler in future!


The perfect material for sleeping bags are ripstop nylon and polyester, these have been used for years and work really well. For extra warmth, you could look for a sleeping bag that is lined with a material such as cotton or fleece.

Temperature Rating

Temperature rating becomes important when you are planning to use the sleeping bag in cooler weather. There is a rating that sleeping bags use to determine their temperature range, such as a 20-degree bag being used in 20-degree weather, etc.


Even if you are not planning on using the sleeping bag outdoors, a waterproof exterior can save you from unfortunate spills and messes. The last thing your toddler needs is the inside of the sleeping bag to be soaking wet.


Whether you are planning on using the toddler sleeping bag for daycare, for sleepovers or for traveling, making sure it can compress into a small size to be carried can save a lot of effort and space.

Toddler Sleeping Bags

Toddler sleeping bags are so versatile. They can be used for camping, for daycare, for naps in the lounge or for sleepovers.

Choosing the right sleeping bag will help to ensure it lasts a long time, it is comfortable, it grows with your child, and that your little one will love sleeping in it!

For a look at the latest range of toddler sleeping bags take the checklist above and browse Amazon.

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