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If you have decided to purchase a Pack ‘n Play for your baby, the next thing you need to do is buy the correct sheets for it. Pack ‘n Play mattresses are not the same standard size as cribs or cots, so you will need to look for the right size sheet to fit the Playard.

You want to create a comfortable, safe space for your little one to sleep and play, and the right sheet will definitely help with this!

Here is everything you need to know on how to choose the best sheet for your portable travel crib, to ensure that you give your baby the safest and most comfortable sleeping environment.

Do You Need A Sheet For Your Pack ‘n Play?

Once you’ve transitioned your baby from sleeping in a bassinet to a Pack ‘n Play, the first question that might pop into your mind is whether or not you actually need a sheet for your Pack ‘n Play. Many parents told us they opt not to have one when giving us their honest feedback about their Graco Pack ‘n Plays, and instead just use the mattress and some blankets (and maybe a Pack ‘n Play mattress protector).

Almost no Pack ‘n Plays are sold with sheets, and it is something that you would have to buy separately. However, while some parents don’t use Playard sheets, and they aren’t sold with any, it is definitely best to use a sheet for your Pack ‘n Play.

The Pack ‘n Play will most probably be used for both play and sleep, and the right sheet will help the mattress stay clean, and will provide a comfortable surface for your baby to sleep on.

The same applies to bassinet Pack ‘n Plays, a sheet (or a few) will help to protect the mattress, and create a safe and soft sleeping environment for your new baby. 


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How To Choose A Sheet For A Pack ‘n Play

There are some factors to keep in mind when choosing the best sheet for your Pack ‘n Play mattress. These factors will help you choose a Pack ‘n Play crib sheet that is comfortable, durable, and safe for your baby.

Size Of The Pack ‘n Play Mattress

The first factor when choosing a sheet for a Pack ‘n Play is the size of the mattress. You cannot use a sheet that is too large or too small, it just is not safe for your baby.

Check the size and dimensions of the Pack ‘n Play mattress before choosing the sheet. Remember, if you are using the thin mattress that comes with the Pack ‘n Play, you cannot choose a deep sheet. However, if you have purchased a separate mattress for the Pack ‘n Play, a standard sheet would be fine.

Elasticated Corners

Some Pack ‘n Play sheets do not come with elastic corners, but you should really try and buy sheets that do. The elastic corners help the sheet stay in place on the mattress, which is so important to ensure your baby is kept safe while they sleep or play.

It is also just really frustrating having to readjust the sheets each time they slip off a corner.

Comfort Of The Sheet

You want your little one to be kept as comfortable as possible when they are playing or sleeping in their Pack ‘n Play. There are different materials and thread counts of Pack ‘n Play crib sheets for you to choose from, with some being more comfortable than others.

If you can feel the sheet before purchasing it, definitely try to do this. Otherwise, read reviews from other parents and see what they have to say.

How Do I Make My Pack ‘n Play Mattress More Comfortable?

The best way to make a Pack ‘n Play mattress more comfortable is by choosing the right sheet. The first step is ensuring that the sheet is the right size, and that it is snug on the mattress, but not too snug, and that it is not too loose, which could be dangerous for your baby.

Next is choosing the perfect material. There is a wide range of Pack ‘n Play sheet materials to choose from, but the best choice is probably a cotton sheet. This is suitable all year round and is easily machine washable.

Other options would be polyester or microfiber sheets. These are stain-resistant, which is so important with a baby, and which are easy to clean!

The absolute safest option, which also happens to be super soft and comfortable as well, is organic cotton. These sheets will be free from pesticides and other chemicals and have a wonderful feel to them as well.

The right Pack ‘n Play sheet will go a long way in making a Playard mattress more comfortable!

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Are Pack ‘n Play Sheets Safe?

Pack ‘n Play sheets are much safer to use for your Playard than other crib or cot sheets. They would have been designed to fit the mattress in the Pack ‘n Play, which reduces the chance of the sheet coming loose and posing a potential risk to your baby.

A sheet that fits securely onto a mattress, and which is not too tight or too loose, is a big factor in creating a safe sleeping space for your baby. This is why a Pack ‘n Play sheet is much safer for your Playard than any other sheet.

What Size Sheets Fit A Pack ‘n Play?

Most Pack ‘n Plays come in a standard size, with the mattress measuring around 27-inches by 39-inches. You will obviously have to check the size of the mattress that you purchased with your Pack ‘n Play before choosing a sheet, but most fall into this size range.

Once you know the size of the mattress, then you will be able to choose the right size sheet for the Pack ‘n Play. Remember to take the depth of the mattress into account as well, so that the sheet can be tucked under the mattress securely too. The average depth of a Pack ‘n Play is around 3-inches.

Our Top Pick

If you want a little help finding the right Pack ‘n Play mattress sheet, you should consider the American Baby Company Fitted Pack ‘n Play Playard Sheet. It is made from velvety chenille and is wonderfully soft, but still durable.

Your little one will love snuggling up on the velvety sheet, and as it measures 27-inches by 39-inches, it will fit most Pack ‘n Play mattresses perfectly.

The elastic trim keeps the sheet in place, which creates a safe sleeping space for your baby. There is also a range of sheet colors to choose from, so you can decorate your baby’s nursery exactly how you want!

Choosing The Best Pack ‘n Play Sheet

When choosing the best Pack ‘n Play sheet for your baby, you need to choose one that will fit the mattress well, and which is made from soft and comfortable material that is easy to clean.

While not all parents think it necessary to have a sheet on a Pack ‘n Play mattress, it definitely does help to provide a more comfortable sleep and play space for your baby, and helps to protect the mattress too!

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