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Summer is just around the corner, and this is a good year to make it one of the best summers yet!

While summer should be relaxed and easy, your family could create your very own bucket list for the season, to have fun activities to plan and tick off throughout the summer.

How many times have you sat at home trying to think of something to do that day, only to waste half the day coming up with nothing? You also don’t want to be stuck in winter wishing you had taken advantage of the sunny summer days to do something new.

If you want to make the most of the season, below are summer bucket list ideas for parents. Use these ideas to create your very own bucket list for your family and start ticking off activities!

Camp In The Backyard

You do not need to leave your home to go on holiday! If the weather is good, you can set up a tent out in your garden, and the family can spend the night camping in the backyard.

What you do for the night is up to you – you could have a mini-campfire and toast some marshmallows, or you could take a shortcut and have takeaway pizza in the tent.

If it is a clear night, lay out some blankets on the ground and get everyone to lay down and watch the stars.

The absolute best part about camping in your backyard, other than spending time together as a family without spending money or leaving the house, is that you can just go back inside to your warm bed if the weather turns bad!

Toasting marshmallows at a campfire

Have An Outdoor Movie

Rent or purchase a movie, set up some pillows and blankets outside, buy some snacks, make some popcorn, and have an outdoor movie night!

You could either take your TV outside, which could be quite difficult, or you could hire or borrow a projector if you do not have one, hang up a white sheet, and watch the movie cinema style.

The most important component of an outdoor movie is to have good snacks, so make sure to have an assortment of sweets and some buttery popcorn to win the kids over!

Learn A New Skill

Learning a new skill can be a family event. Look for local classes near you that are suitable for the whole family to take. Here are some ideas on classes that the whole family can attend to learn a new skill:

  • Family yoga
  • Cooking
  • Learning a language
  • Pottery
  • Art class for beginners
  • Horse riding

The best thing about learning a new skill together as a family is that you can all practice together at home.

If you cannot find classes nearby, you could always head over to YouTube for some tutorials to watch together. You can find just about any new skill to learn online, and it is free!

Students taking a pottery class

Go On A Road Trip

Road trips are so exciting! Pack the family car up for a day of driving around, visiting new places and sightseeing in your local area, and a little further on.

There are a few different ways you can do a road trip. It could be a day trip where you leave early in the morning and arrive back home that evening, or you could plan to stay overnight somewhere.

For families with younger kids, staying overnight might be a better option, so there isn’t too much time spent in the car in one day.

To make the trip easier, pack some snacks and activities for the drive, and make sure to stop often for the bathroom!

Visit A Waterpark

Spending the day at a waterpark is the ultimate family event. Adults love waterparks just as much as kids do, when else do we get to run around, slipping down slides and eating ice cream like we are 6 years old?

Try to find out if there are any specials at your local waterpark and even go during the week if it means tickets are cheaper or the park is quieter (who wants to wait in line?).

Pack a picnic basket for the day and enjoy the fun!

Have A Pizza Night

Everyone loves pizza, and instead of ordering pizza in on a Friday night, you could host your own pizza night at home.

You could cheat and buy pizza bases or pre-made dough, but it is fun to make the dough from scratch with the kids, and it helps to teach them a new skill in the kitchen!

At dinner time, layout a variety of toppings for the pizza, and let each family member roll out and make their very own pizza with all the toppings they want.

Not only is this a fun activity to do at home, but there will be no arguing over which pizzas to order!

A plate of healthy vegetable pizza

Make Your Own Comic Book

Make the most of your child’s imagination, and re-ignite your own by making your very own comic book over the summer!

You and your kids can come up with a storyline for a comic book, and start drawing and writing your very own piece.

This could be a summer-long activity, and it is something you will be able to keep and treasure forever. You never know, you might have a budding writer or artist in the family!

Go Stargazing

Warm nights are ideal to sit outside and stargaze. Pack the family in the car one evening and drive out to an open, remote area away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Lay some blankets down and get everyone looking up at the stars. The more you look, the more stars you will see. You could even bring along a guide to recognize constellations and see how many the family can pick out.

You might be lucky enough to wish on a shooting star!

A beautiful starry night

Visit A Farmers Market

You should be able to find a farmers market close, most towns have a local farmers market each weekend. Most also allow you to bring your dogs along too, so the whole family can enjoy a morning out.

Wake up early and take the family along for a morning spent picking out fresh vegetables and enjoying some local cuisine at the market. You will be supporting local farmers and businesses, which is always a great initiative.

It might even become a regular outing for your family, and at least offers up an early start on the weekend.

Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Teaching your children the importance of helping others out, no matter how big or small, is a lifelong lesson. Kick this off by having a volunteering task on your bucket list.

With kids, you do not want to expose them to too much at a young age, so starting them off with volunteering at an animal shelter is a great option.

You could take them there on the weekends to help walk dogs, clean the kennels, or help with any other tasks the shelter might need.

Not only is it teaching them the importance of helping others, but you get to spend some time with cute dogs too!

A boy carrying a cute dog

Go Fruit Picking

Summer isn’t complete if you haven’t gone fruit picking! Look for local fruit farms near you to see where you can take the family to pick some fruit.

The most popular fruits to pick during the summer are berries and apples. Most farms allow you to pick your fruit and then spend the afternoon picnicking in the fields. It really does make for the most amazing summer’s day.

As an extra bucket list item, you could try baking something with the fruit you have picked, such as a pie or a dessert!

Have An Outdoor Adventure

Check to see if there are any fun outdoor adventures close by. This could be something like white-river rafting, abseiling, or rock climbing.

Summer is the best time to be outdoors, so do something different and adventurous and get the whole family involved!

Go Fishing As A Family

Fishing doesn’t just have to be for dads! Pack up your fishing gear, or hire some if you don’t have, and take the family fishing on a beautiful summer’s day.

Find a damn or lake nearby, and make sure to check if you need any special permission or license to fish there. Make sure to pack a picnic basket or some snacks for the day, some sunscreen, fishing hats, and fold-up chairs.

It is a great way to get the kids outdoors and learning something new!

Plant A Herb Garden

Having a herb garden at home gives you fresh herbs to cook with, and gardening is such a therapeutic activity for all ages.

This summer, you and your family should plant a herb garden at home. Choose the herbs based on the season and the area you have available, and purchase some seedlings. If you do not have a garden, you could always plant some in pots and keep them on the windowsill.

Give your kids the responsibility of watering the herbs and making sure they grow big and healthy!

A pot of freshly watered herbs

Spend A Day At The Beach

This is a great bucket list item for families who do not live close to the coast. Plan to spend a day at the beach, even if it is quite a drive. If the drive is too long, book at a hotel overnight and make it two days at the seaside!

The kids will love being able to play in the sand, building sandcastles and finding shells, and being able to swim in the ocean.

Just don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and a beach umbrella!

Go Hiking

It is essential to spend time outdoors in the summer. One of the best ways to do this is to take the family on a hike.

Look for local nature trails nearby, or in a National park. Make sure to choose a trail that is beginner-friendly if you do not hike often, or if you have younger children.

Make sure to pack essentials for the trip, such as lots of water, energizing snacks, and basic first aid (you never know what might happen). You could even choose a trail that leads to a picnic spot, where you could lay out a blanket to enjoy a meal outside.

Visit A Museum

Local museums are an absolute treasure-trove of information and fun, and you should utilize this! Add a museum visit to your bucket list, and get your kids to appreciate history, whether it be a natural science museum, an art museum, or anything else.

You might even be able to find some tours and activities at a local museum with a little bit of research. These are often really interesting and make for a fun day out, and oftentimes are very affordable.

People visiting a museum

Go Camping

If camping in your back garden isn’t enough, then why not book an actual camping trip. Whether you travel near or far, go all out, or only pack the basics, a camping trip is an incredible way to spend time with the family outdoors, enjoying the best that summer has to offer.

Make sure to book a camping trip with the family this summer. Leave the electronics behind and spend some real bonding time together.

Visit A Farm

Spend a Saturday out at a farm, letting the kids enjoy seeing the animals and learning a bit about how they live. Whether you visit a working farm that allows guests, or a petting farm for kids, it is always fun to see farm animals, and possibly even feed them!

It is a fairly inexpensive weekend activity and one which the kids will love. Phone ahead, or check on the website, to see if there are specific feeding or milking times, so you can plan the visit around this.

Have A Games Night

Games night at home can be such fun! No matter how old your kids are, everyone will enjoy a night in with some friendly competition, playing board games, charades, and any other family favorites.

Choose games based on the age of your kids, and have some fun rewards for the winners. These could include a slab of chocolate, or being in control of the remote for a whole day!

A fun family board game

Cook A Three-Course Meal

Sit down as a family and plan a three-course meal for one night. You could all be given a designated job, such as cooking a certain course, setting the table, or even choosing the music for the evening.

Create a restaurant-like ambiance at home and enjoy a three-course meal planned and prepared by your family. Treat yourselves like royalty for a night! It is a great way to get the kids in the kitchen, and you don’t have to leave the house to enjoy good food!

Learn A New Dance

There are so many dance routines and dance moves to learn on the internet, so you should challenge yourself and your family to learn a new one!

Not only will you be learning some sweet new moves, but it is a form of light exercise as well, and dancing is always good for the soul!

Make a family dance video if you are brave enough, and you might be the next viral sensation!

Ride Bikes

If you do not have your own bikes, you could hire bikes and go for a ride together one day. Whether you take a ride on the beachfront, through your town, or on a trail, going for a bike ride is a great way to spend time outdoors in summer.

If you and your family already go for rides often, why not try out a new trail or a new route this summer?

Children enjoying a bike ride

Go On A Tour Of Your Town

Most towns hold such a rich history, and you should take the time to get to know your town’s story. Look online for any local tours of your town, and attend one with the family.

You might learn some interesting new facts about your hometown!

Big Ticket Item – Visit Disneyland

If you are wanting to add a big to-do to your summer bucket list, then it doesn’t get better than Disneyland!

This will obviously take some time to save up for, but it is the ultimate bucket list item and one which will create memories to last a lifetime.

Bucket List Ideas Just For The Parents

Parents need some special alone time too, and to really force you to take the time to spend with each other, you should have some parent-only items on your bucket list. Here are a few ideas:

Have A Romantic Dinner

This might seem simple to those who do not have kids, but parents know how difficult it is, and how rare it might be, to go out for a romantic dinner.

Put this down on your bucket list and make sure to get it done! Plan ahead for a family member or babysitter to watch the kids one evening, and book at your favorite restaurant or one which you have wanted to try for some time.

Make an effort to get dressed up and make a real evening of it. Nothing is stopping you from picking up dessert on the way home as an extra treat!

Go On A Second Honeymoon

Your honeymoon was probably one of the best times of your life, so why not try to have another one? Your second honeymoon doesn’t have to be as elaborate as your first, it could simply be heading out to a hotel or bed and breakfast for the weekend.

What is important is that you and your partner get some time alone for a while, and reconnect with each other outside your role as parents.

The kids can stay with family or friends, and you can spend a few days focusing on your relationship, and why you fell in love in the first place!

A couple enjoying the sunset on their honeymoon

Start A Supper Club

Supper clubs are great ways to see friends often and to enjoy a night of good food and wine. Ask a few of your friends if they want to join a monthly or bi-weekly supper club, and start planning!

Each supper club evening will see another couple hosting and cooking the food. You could share out responsibility by alternating who hosts the supper club, who brings dessert, and who chooses the wine.

This means that the cost and effort is spread out evenly, and you will be able to try new things often.

Go On A Babymoon

If you have a baby on the way, you and your partner should plan to go on a babymoon! It is a small getaway for you to spend time together before the baby arrives.

A babymoon is a celebratory vacation, enjoying one last hurrah before your baby is born. It might be the last time you get to holiday alone for quite a while, so make a point of planning one!

Have A Spa Day

Having kids is stressful, and what better way to unwind than by spending a day at a spa. Look for deals and specials at spas to save some money, and find a babysitter for the kids!

Imagine a day of pampering and relaxation, finished off with a glass of champagne in a pool. A spa day is an absolute must, and will revitalize you for the rest of the summer!

Spa day essentials

Attend A Dance Class

Find a local dance class in your area and go learn a new dance style as a couple. For couples, ballroom or salsa are great options, and you could even join if you have two left feet!

There will be classes for beginners, and you might find yourself falling in love with dancing. If you do not know which style you like best, you could try out a few before one sticks. It is a great way to get out and moving as a couple, and being able to dance as a couple is just super romantic.

The Importance Of A Summer Bucket List

The best way to force yourself and your family to make the most of the summer, have new experiences, and make incredible memories, is to have a summer bucket list!

Let everyone contribute some ideas to the bucket list, and work at completing it over the season. You will never be stuck at home wondering how to spend the day when you have a whole list of activities waiting to be done!

Family bonding in the sunset

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