Maclaren Volo Umbrella Stroller: Simple Functionality

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In a Nutshell

Overall Score (100%)                      84%

Value for Money (22%)                  8.3

Ease of Use (22%)                            8.0

Portability (17%)                             8.9

Maneuverability (17%)                  8.6

Safety & Quality (22%)                  8.5

Meet the Maclaren Volo Umbrella Stroller

With life on the go in mind, the Maclaren Volo stroller was created. Without any fancy features, this is a compact, lightweight stroller that folds up to nearly nothing. One specific objective guided its design as an umbrella stroller – to satisfy the demands of parents who lead busy, active lives and who prefer to just grab their stroller, the baby, and go without much bother. 

In the umbrella stroller category, the Maclaren Volo is a great choice. It offers your child excellent protection from the weather while being lightweight, simple to use, and perfectly safe.

Kindly note that this stroller has been discontinued by Maclaren, so if you’re still interested to see if it’s available, check out online stores such as Amazon.

Value for Money

Without the upgraded canopy, you may expect to pay around $140. Depending on the year/model, this product’s suggested retail price ranges between $150 and $200.

For its functionality, some parents could find this a practical buy, but then there’s the plastic wheels which could affect how long it will last and become an unexpected expense at some point.

The best price for this stroller is always found on Amazon. Unfortunately, this model is currently not available there.

What parents say

“The stroller opens and collapses easily. If you intend to travel with children, it is well to invest a little more on this stroller and appreciate its convenience.” – L. March 27, 2013, 5 stars

“Overall, it’s ok but definitely not worth the outrageous price. Our infant appears to enjoy it very much. While this stroller accomplishes my goal of having a second option to our wonderful but hefty full-size stroller, I don’t think it would be comfortable or stable enough for travel.” – D. June 25, 2011, 3 stars

“Costly for a stroller with a plain appearance, but well worth it if weight, quality, and durability are your primary priorities.” – J. December 5, 2009, 5 stars

Ease of Use

It would be good if this stroller had a reclining seat. The Volo only has one position, which is not exactly comfortable for the little ones who nap frequently (6 months old). As a result, your baby can feel uneasy and have a stiff neck.

To add, there have been some complaints that this umbrella stroller’s shoulder strap is overly long and makes it difficult for some people to carry. A few mothers have commented that the mesh-style fabric used for its seat is a touch slick and may cause a child to slide down until they become uncomfortable.

What parents say

“The buckle is really difficult to use. There is no simple lock on the wheels when it is folded, which is the only reason it didn’t receive five stars. Either you carry it about or physically lock it by bending the frame close to the wheels, which gets it dirty easily.” – H. February 9, 2012, 4 stars

“Maclaren is well known for their lightweight strollers that are nonetheless easy to manage. I think the Volo is the best stroller for toddlers.” – M. February 28, 2012, 5 stars


The Maclaren Volo is simple to operate and has excellent agility in tiny spaces. It can be carried to coffee shops or restaurants without worrying about taking up too much space and can subsequently be folded into your car with ease.

When not in use, this foldable, lightweight stroller doesn’t need much space to store it. It is simple to transport and fits without difficulty in the back of smaller vehicles as well.

What parents say

“We have a Bob stroller that we use frequently around town. On the other hand, our Volo has traveled to places like Peru, Hong Kong, Boston, and New York and it’s still in excellent condition. Its color hasn’t faded at all. We recommend it.” – A. February 25, 2015, 5 stars

“Even when I was alone, pulling the stroller with extra diapers, wipes, and a sippy cup in the basket in one arm while holding my baby in the other was simple.” – K. October 13, 2011, 4 stars


Maclaren produces self-service parts for the Volo to hopefully encourage parents to fix any minor breaks and to give the stroller a longer life.

Its plastic wheels unfortunately give it a bit of a cheap feel. Some parents dislike the sound and feel of plastic wheels and most of all, how these perform overall. On flat surfaces, the Volo steers quite beautifully. It might not be able to handle a bumpy ride, so it’s not advised to use this stroller on rocky terrain.

What parents say

“The wheels are made specifically for smooth surfaces and are quite tiny. It rides rough everywhere else and isn’t very good with sand, gravel, or cobblestone.” – J. December 5, 2009, 3 stars

Safety and Quality

The Maclaren Global Safety Standards is a set of highly developed security components that adhere to the strictest international safety regulations. These requirements must be met by every Maclaren product.

The Volo may seem a little fragile given its weight, compact frame, and umbrella-like design, but don’t let this mislead you into believing that it isn’t a robust and solid stroller. Of course, how it is used is a big factor in giving it a longer life.

For warm weather, this compact umbrella stroller offers excellent sun protection.

A 5-point safety harness strap is included with the stroller to keep your child safe and secure. Although the safety harness looks cool, parents have expressed frustration that it can sometimes be difficult, time-consuming, and occasionally impossible to put together and secure the little passenger.

What parents say

“Sadly, within a two-month period, the seat tore, the side bag zipper broke, and the wheel axle cracked.” –M. December 4, 2011, 1 star

“The drawback is that when checked in at the airplane gate, it is easily destroyed. However, the Maclaren repair network is excellent and surprisingly affordable.” –L. September 21, 2011, 5 stars

“We’ve been using this stroller for 3.5 years. Our daughter is now going 5 years old. Even though she’s starting to outgrow it, it’s still running strong. This stroller has likely been on more than 80 flights, including more than 25 round trips, thanks to the frequent travel we do.” – A. June 13, 2012, 5 stars

Accessorize Your Maclaren Volo

Maclaren’s Universal Organizer features adjustable straps which make it easy to attach to any single stroller. It has two bottle holders plus a pocket to hold your important items.

Maclaren also offers a cup holder (sold separately) which is designed to accommodate cups, bottles, and cans. It attaches to the stroller’s frame easily.

What parents say

“A rain cover was not included with the 2010 model. I also wish there was a cup holder.” – K. October 13, 2011, 4 stars

“Since there is no cup holder and it is so light, if you hang anything from the handles and the child gets up, the chair will tip backwards.” – A. June 13, 2012, 5 stars

Is the Maclaren Volo an Umbrella Stroller to Consider for Your Family?

The Maclaren Volo doesn’t recline, so it is not recommended for parents whose children frequently nap in the stroller. It is best suited for people who utilize public transportation or for parents and grandparents looking for a portable but reliable alternative for weekend excursions.

Because there is only one upright seating position, the Maclaren Volo is designed for youngsters six months and older. Its five-point safety harness may be adjusted to fit different heights of children, keeping them safe.

Some parents only want the basics. Sometimes simple functionality does the trick in terms of choosing an umbrella stroller. The Maclaren Volo offers just that. :c)

Type: Umbrella Stroller
No. of wheels: 4
Type of wheels: EVA foam-coated tires
Fixed/swivel wheels: Front Swivel Wheel
Lockable wheels: Yes
Weight: 10.4 lbs | 4.6 kg
Unfolded Dimensions: 19”x 40.9” x 40.5” | 48 cm x 104 cm x 22 cm
Folded Dimensions: 14” x 41” x 10.4” | 35 cm x 103 cm x 8.7 cm
(It's about three-fifths as big as a Bathtub)
Age Range: From 9-36 months
Capacity Limits: Minimum: 0 mo. | Maximum: 55 lbs
Direction of Seat Unit: World-facing
Car Seat Compatibility: No
Car Seat Adapters: No
Ride-On Platform Compatible: No
Recline: N/a
One-Handed Recline: N/a
Storage Basket Capacity: 4.4 lbs | 2 kg
Canopy/Sun Shade Size: Large
Folding Method: Umbrella Fold
One-Handed Fold: Yes
Locking Fold: Yes
Self-standing Fold: No
Handlebar height: 40.9”, Non-adjustable
Cup holder: None
Sandal-friendly Brake: No
Included Accessories: Raincover
Setup Time: 5-10 mins
Stroller configurations of Maclaren Volo

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