Any mom who has had one will tell you how important her breastfeeding pillow was to her (and might still be!) Breastfeeding pillows are not only super comfortable and supportive, but they are wonderfully versatile too.

A breastfeeding pillow can be used to hold and support your baby during breast or bottle feeds, used for tummy time, and can even help you recover from childbirth too.

They really are one of those items that every mom should have. So to help you pick the right one, we have covered why you should use one, the best ones for moms to have, how you should use it, and how to keep it clean!

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Why Use A Breastfeeding Pillow?

There are a few reasons why a mom would need a breastfeeding pillow:

Support While Feeding

A breastfeeding pillow helps to offer support when breastfeeding. New moms will be feeding up to 10 times a day at first, and the feeds can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour. You will find that most of your time each day will be spent sitting down feeding, and this can take a toll on your need, back, and shoulders.

The breastfeeding pillow will help to keep your baby at the correct height for you to not have to slouch over or hold them up, and this, in turn, supports and eases your back, shoulders, and neck.

As it holds your baby up at the right height, breastfeeding pillows also encourage proper latching.

Support While Bottle Feeding

You do not need to ditch the breastfeeding pillow if you move over to bottle feeds. Moms and dads can both use a breastfeeding pillow to bottle feed their baby, which once again helps to relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Support During Recovery

If you have had a C-section, the breastfeeding pillow can act as a cushioned barrier between your baby and your scar. This really does help in the first few weeks and makes a huge difference with how comfortable you feel when breastfeeding and helps you to recover quicker.

Support During Tummy Time

Breastfeeding pillows are a great support when your baby is having tummy time. You can prop them up onto the pillow while they lay on the floor, and watch them enjoy being able to have a little bit of freedom pushing themselves up.

How To Choose A Breastfeeding Pillow

To help pick the right breastfeeding pillows, keep these considerations in mind:

    • Choose a pillow that is firm but not hard. It should not be soft enough that it flattens under you or your baby’s weight, and instead should offer support under the weight of your baby.
    • Try to choose a pillow that has a removable cover, which is preferably machine-washable. Accidents happen and you don’t want to have to spend ages spot-cleaning a pillow. An extra cover is also great if you can find one!
    • Make sure that the breastfeeding pillow, both the filling and the cover, are hypoallergenic and made with safe, non-toxic materials.
    • Understand what you want out of a nursing pillow, whether it is just for feeding, or for support sleeping or during tummy time, and choose a pillow that sees to these needs.

Best Breastfeeding Pillows

We have picked out the best breastfeeding pillows for moms to use, which offer great support and comfort when feeding and allow you to enjoy each feed with your baby.

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow And Positioner

The Boppy Nursing Pillow was designed by a mom who knew exactly what was needed to make feeding time easier. The pillow provides relief to your body by lifting your baby up to a more ergonomic position, whether you or nursing or bottle feeding.

Using the pillow, your baby can be positioned in a few different feeding styles, such as cradle, football hold, cross-cradle, or supportive of bottle feeding.

Boppy Original Nursing Pillow

image courtesy of Boppy

The Miracle Middle section of the pillow allows extra stretch in the center, for the pillow to suit and fit more body types. The signature Boppy shape hugs the body which gives support through the structured design.

With a removable easy-zip cover and being machine-compatible, the pillow is easy to care for and works wonderfully to support mom and baby in the first year. Click this link to view the latest product pricing.

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

The My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow is a favorite among breastfeeding moms. It encourages better posture while breastfeeding, and this then helps to alleviate strain in your neck, back, and arms.

With a firm and flat surface, the pillow prevents your baby from rolling out of position while they feed. The wrap-around design is made to fit most sizes and surrounds mom’s body securely to offer the ideal position for feeding.

Keeping moms in mind, the nursing pillow has a silent release buckle that will not wake your baby up or disturb their sleep, and the attached pouch holds all of your maternity supplies while feeding.

Supportive and convenient for moms, this is a great choice to keep you and your baby as comfortable as can be. Click here to view product availability.

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

image courtesy of My Brest Friend

Nook Sleep Niche Feeding Pillow

The Nook Sleep Niche Feeding Pillow is ideal for moms who are looking for an organic, natural option that is as gentle as can be on their baby’s skin, while still being firm enough for the right support.

Made from eucalyptus, organic cotton, and organic kapok, the pillow is hypoallergenic and soft on all skin types.

It is not too hard and not too soft, with the organic kapok filling being lightweight with the perfect structure for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

The Pebble Fabric is water-resistant, so any leaks or spills are very easy to clean. The Pebble Fabric is also soft on your baby’s skin and keeps both mom and baby cool during feeds.

With a strategic square shape, there is the maximum surface space to allow for extended use as your baby grows, making feeding more comfortable for longer. Check out the latest pricing here.

Nook Sleep Niche Feeding Pillow

image courtesy of N NOOK SLEEP SYSTEMS

Bamibi Nursing Pillow and Positioner

The Bamibi Nursing Pillow and Positioner can be used for feeding, and for support during pregnancy.

The pillow can be tied together on each end to form a feeding pillow, to hold your baby in the right position and at the right height during feeding. If left open, the pillow acts as a maternity pillow that can be used at night to support your back and hips while pregnant.

A removable cover means that you can easily care for the pillow, and the breathable and durable material keeps it fresh and long-lasting.

Included with the pillow is a baby headrest, which can be attached to the body of the pillow to prop your little one’s head up, or be used as a cushion for mom. Look into several product choices here.

It is wonderfully versatile and will last your family years!


Bamibi Nursing Pillow and Positioner

image courtesy of Bamibi

Vernassa Nursing Pillow

Made from premium quality 100% natural cotton, the Vernassa Nursing pillow is safe and soft for moms and babies, while still being easy to care for!

The safe covered zipper design means that you can easily remove the cover and machine wash it if there are any spills, but the zipper is hidden away when not in use, so there is no way it will make contact with your baby’s skin.

The pillow is ideal to use for the first year, propping up your baby for feeding, for tummy time, or even for playtime when they learn to sit on their own.

It is soft and comfortable, yet firm enough to offer proper relief during feeds. It is also available in some really cute patterns! Click here to look into product choices.

Vernassa Nursing Pillow

image courtesy of VERNASSA

Twin Breastfeeding Pillows

If you are expecting twins, you will need a special breastfeeding pillow that will support both your babies at the same time. This will mean you can breastfeed them together, and not have to feed one at a time, which takes much longer.

Here are the most helpful twin breastfeeding pillows for moms to use.

My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow For Twins

The Nursing Pillow For Twins from My Brest Friend supports tandem nursing, with a large design that comfortably supports both babies at the same time.

The pillow encourages better posture during feeding, and helps to alleviate pain in the shoulders, neck, and back, and wraps around comfortably for mom to sit down on any surface and feed.

Because you will have your hands busy with two babies, the nursing pillow features a convenient pocket that keeps all of your nursing supplies close by and easy to reach.

Designed to fit most sizes, the pillow surrounds your body securely and with good support, and will keep both babies in the right position during feeds. View product details here.

My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow For Twins

image courtesy of My Brest Friend

Twin Z Pillow

The Twin Z Pillow is a 6-in-1 twin support and feeding pillow that helps with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tummy time, baby support, infant reflux, and toddler playtime – it will last your twins for years!

Not only is the pillow supportive for babies as they grow, but it offers amazing back support for moms as they nurse two babies at once.

The back cushion offers a soft spot for mom to lean back on during nursing, and the two arms hold babies comfortably as they feed, keeping them at the right height to encourage proper latching.

The cover is soft and gentle on skin, and is wonderfully cuddly as well! Use the pillow to feed your twins together, and as they grow, it can change to their play support, and even a pillow for them to sleep with at night! Check out more product details on this link.

Twin Z Pillow

image courtesy of Twin Z

How To Use A Breastfeeding Pillow

Using a breastfeeding pillow is easy once you get the hang of it. You will need to try out different positions to find what works best for you and your baby, but here are some basics on how to use a breastfeeding pillow:

    • Find a comfortable spot to sit and feed. You could sit up in a nursing chair, on a sofa, lay back in bed, or sit cross-legged on a comfortable surface.
    • Make sure your baby is close to you, on a safe surface, so you can easily pick them up once the nursing pillow is in place.
    • Place the breastfeeding pillow along your lap, arm, or side, depending on the feeding style you will be using.
    • Once the pillow is in place, pick your baby up and gently lay their feet under your arm, with your baby’s tummy facing your body.
    • Lay them down onto the breastfeeding pillow, leaning in towards your body.
    • Ensure that your baby is laying on their side with their tummy facing yours, and gently latch them onto your breast.
    • Keep your arm around their back, to ensure they cannot roll away or lay on their back while feeding.

If you are bottle-feeding, here is how to use a nursing pillow to bottle feed your baby:

    • Find a comfortable spot to sit back, where you will be relaxed, and where there is space to use the nursing pillow.
    • Place the pillow across your lap, and lay the arm you will use to support your baby’s head along the pillow.
    • Place your baby onto the pillow, with their head resting on your supporting arm. This should tilt their head up slightly, and the rest of your arm can wrap around their back to keep them safely on the pillow.
    • Use your other arm to feed your baby with their bottle.

How To Wash A Breastfeeding Pillow

How you clean your breastfeeding pillow will depend on whether or not it has a removable cover.

For breastfeeding pillows with removable colors, here is a cleaning routine to follow:

    1. Unzip the cover from the nursing pillow and pull it off gently.
    2. Make sure to re-zip the cover before placing it in the washing machine, as this will protect the zipper.
    3. Place the cover into the washing machine, and place it onto a delicate cycle, using cold water and extra spin. Make sure to use baby-safe detergent.
    4. Once clean, you can hang the cover outside in the sun to dry, or place it to dry in the tumble dryer on low heat.
    5. Place the cover back onto the pillow when it is fully dry.

For breastfeeding pillow covers that are not removable, you will have to spot clean any messes as they happen.

  1. Fill a spray bottle with a cup of hot water.
  2. Add in a tablespoon of washing soda.
  3. Mix together and spray this onto the affected areas that need cleaning.
  4. Scrub these gently and allow them to dry.

Alternatively, you could use apple cider vinegar in place of the washing soda as it has great antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is able to clean most messes. Mix the apple cider vinegar in a 1:1 ratio with warm water.

Choosing The Best Breastfeeding Pillow

A breastfeeding pillow is a must-have for new moms. The support and comfort they offer both mom and baby is invaluable, and most can be used for tummy time and playtime too.

It will help relieve strain and discomfort, and allow you to bond with your baby during feeds, so you can focus on what really matters!

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