Deciding to breastfeed is fairly easy, but the journey itself isn’t always as smooth sailing as a new mom would hope. With every other aspect of our life benefitting from the use of apps and technology, it is no doubt that breastfeeding should too! There are some great breastfeeding and nursing apps that help support moms through their breastfeeding journey.

Whether it is breastfeeding information they need, breastfeeding or pumping tracking, or help finding a spot to breastfeed in peace when out.

To help new moms feel more comfortable during their breastfeeding journey, we have found the best breastfeeding and nursing apps to try! We also have a breastfeeding and pumping sample schedule that you might find useful!

Why Use Breastfeeding/Nursing Apps?

Breastfeeding isn’t also so natural and easy, and the more help a mom can get, the better her experience might be, and the longer she might be able to breastfeed for.

There are many reasons why you might want to use a breastfeeding app. It could be to track your baby’s feeds, to ensure that they are getting enough milk in during a feed, or that they are not overfeeding. It also helps to make sure you feed equally on both breasts.

Breastfeeding apps also help to keep track of how often your baby is eating and helps them get onto a better schedule. This creates a wonderful routine for the both of you so that you feel like you aren’t constantly feeding all day long on a whim!

Some breastfeeding apps are also full of helpful information, stuff that nobody really tells you about breastfeeding. This information all goes a long way to help moms better understand breastfeeding and pumping and usually includes some great tips and tricks for the breastfeeding mom.

Another reason a mom might download a breastfeeding app is to find spots around her that are breastfeeding-friendly. Some apps have been created to pin locations that allow moms to breastfeed comfortably in private, which is such a huge help for moms who are out and away from home.

The different breastfeeding apps do offer different benefits and functions for moms, whether you are looking for breastfeeding information, breastfeeding tracking, or a spot to feed, you need to think of what you would want from a breastfeeding app before downloading one.

Best Breastfeeding Information Apps

Lactapp Breastfeeding (IOS, ANDROID)

The Lactapp Breastfeeding app is a go-to resource for breastfeeding moms, acting as a 24/7 breastfeeding consultant for moms to get information and advice on nursing.

The app has over 76,000 possible paths, and over 2,500 responses available to almost every breastfeeding question. It offers personalized answers and tips for breastfeeding and nursing mothers, without them having to search for the answers themselves.

Lactapp Breastfeeding Screenshots

The app is also offered for free to all, and if you enjoy the app, you can pay any amount towards it, no matter how big or small you want your contribution to be.

Moms are given access to endless information and help for breastfeeding on this app and can have their questions answered in next to no time. There are even trackers included in the app for moms to use to track and monitor their baby’s development for peace of mind.


Most moms know Medela as the pump brand, and Medela has used its expertise in breast pumps to create one of the most informative breastfeeding apps for moms to use.

The app allows you to track your breastfeeding progress, and even has an interactive checklist to help personalize the app to you and your baby’s needs.

MyMedela app Screenshots

With the app, you are able to work towards your breastfeeding goals, with personalized content, an activity tracker, and helpful tips. You are also able to ask almost any nursing question on the app and receive an answer instantly. It’s like having a lactation consultant on hand at all times!

The app is also able to connect to compatible Medela breast pumps for moms to keep better track of their breastfeeding routine.

Visit for available Medela hands free pumping bra and manual breast pumps.


Glow is a popular app for pregnant moms to use to track their pregnancy and receive updates, but it is also wonderfully useful for breastfeeding moms too. The app will change its content as you progress in your pregnancy, and once your baby is born, it changes its content to breastfeeding and pumping related information.

Glow App Screenshots

This includes information and tips for moms for breastfeeding and pumping, but also support for moms who are struggling to keep up with the stress and demands of having a new baby, and the difficulties that come with breastfeeding too.

Best Breastfeeding Tracking Apps

Baby Feed Timer (IOS, ANDROID)

The Baby Feed Timer app is all you need to monitor your baby and breastfeeding in one place. It is essentially helpful for nighttime feeds, where you aren’t as awake and aware to track your feeding properly, and which breast you used last. The app does that all for you.

You can create a log for your baby which tracks just about everything you need it to, such as their breastfeeds, their bottles, their naps and nighttime sleep, nappies, their growth, and so much more.

Baby Feed Timer app

For moms, the app helps you keep track of which breast you fed off last, and how long you fed from each breast.

It will even create a timeline so you can track patterns and routines, as well as daily, weekly and monthly averages. And just because it keeps mom in mind, it activates to dark mode at night, so there aren’t any bright lights waking up baby!

Breastfeeding Tracker (ANDROID)

The Breastfeeding Tracker App was created by a mom to be used by other moms. It helps to track and share all of your baby’s activities, and is free from ads!

The adaptable styles, the status bar widgets, and night mode are all changeable to suit each mom’s needs, to make tracking that much easier. On the app, you can track normal breastfeeding, complementary feeds, sleep and naps, crying, weight gain, height, and even head circumference.

Breastfeeding Tracker app

You are also able to track your pumping on the app, your baby’s temperature, and even add in your own tracking sections, for diapers or whatever else you want to keep a check on.

Record which side your baby feeds on and for how long, and view displays of your typical breastfeeding times, and use the app to predict when your baby might become hungry.

Use the graphs to keep a check on your breastfeeding routines and schedule, as well as your baby’s growth over time!

Breastfeeding Newborn Tracker (IOS, ANDROID)

The Breastfeeding Newborn Tracker is a pump and baby diary and is one of the simplest apps to use to keep track of your breastfeeding journey.

It offers up an easy-to-maintain history of your baby’s growth, and you can store your feeding history in the app easily too. You are also able to share all of the data on the app with your partner, or your baby’s carer.

Breastfeeding Newborn Tracker

Using the app, you can record the time and quantity of each feed or pump, record which breast was used, record the duration of the feed, and add in brief feeds or top-up feeds. You can also set the maximum duration of a feed, so the app will stop recording once the maximum length has been reached.

It is simple and intuitive, and all a mom needs to track the basics of breastfeeding. Once your baby starts solids, you could also track their reaction to new feeds and leave behind some tips for their carer. It is a great choice for moms who leave their baby with someone else during the day, and need them to have all relevant feeding information.

Baby Tracker (IOS, ANDROID)

Baby Tracker is an all-in-one scheduling resource for parents, with a log for your baby’s health that can be synced over multiple devices.

Using the feeding tracker, you can start and stop nursing timers, track times of nursing for each breast, track your pumping time, and add in additional notes, such as allergies, or formula preference, so that carers or nurseries always have this information on hand.

Baby Tracker app

You are also able to track diaper changes, which are displayed on a log alongside feeding and sleep schedules. This can be used to pick up any possible concerns too, such as constipation or dehydration.

Keep track of important milestones using the app too! 

Breast Pumping Tracking Apps

Pump Log (IOS)

Pump Log was created to be used by pumping mothers and helps to boost breast milk volume by tracking your breast milk production.

The app has automatic reminders personalized to you, to remind you to pump. The timers also help to time your pumps and give you the total time pumped in a day to help you reach your goals.

Pump Log

You are also offered great information on the app as to what foods and supplements will help to boost your milk production. The app will also let you know when you can begin dropping sessions, once you know your supply has been established.

Whether you use ounces or millimeters, you can view your highs and your lows, as well as your pumping averages each day.

Even better, the app will keep track of your breast milk stash, so you never unexpectedly run out!

Pumping Work (IOS)

Use the Pumping Work app to track the time, duration, and amount of each pumping session, and to monitor your freezer stash. You can also create an estimate as to when you will reach your stash goal.

The app is easy to use and effective with managing pumping, which can become a really stressful part of your life. It schedules your pumping sessions for you and helps to keep track of your averages.

Pumping Work

It has all the features you could want to track your pumping, and then some more. You can even link it to your Apple Watch for easier use throughout the day and night!

Milk Stash: Breastfeeding App (IOS)

Milk Stash understands that each drop of milk is precious, and was created to help moms get the most out of each pumping session, and work out when and how they can produce the most amount of milk.

It is also a great resource to track your fridge and freezer stash of milk, knowing when batches expire, and when you have enough milk put away to relax a little. You can maximize the freshness of your breast milk, which helps to boost your baby’s nutrition and immune system.

Milk Stash: Breastfeeding App

If you are worried about allergies, you can hunt them down by tracking what you have eaten before each pumping session and logging this in the notes sections.

To help all moms, the app is free to use and free from ads, so you can focus on what really matters.

Mom’s Pumping Journal (ANDROID)

Mom’s Pumping Journal is an app to monitor your breast milk production and your pumping progress and displays all of this to you in an easy-to-understand pumping journal.

The minimalistic design is really helpful when you have so much else going on, and just need a simple tool to track what is important. You are also able to add more than one baby onto the app, which is ideal for moms who are breastfeeding or pumping for children of different ages, or for multiples.

Mom’s Pumping Journal

It is simple and wonderfully easy to use, and allows you to focus and track what is important, without too many distractions along the way!

Breastfeeding/Pumping Room Location Apps


Mamava is a go-to app for moms who need to breastfeed away from home. Moms should never have to breastfeed in a toilet stall, and this app helps to prevent that.

The app can be used to find pumping and feeding friendly Mamava pods near you, or other breastfeeding-friendly locations, and will bring up vetted locations that are safe for moms and babies to use.

The Mamava pods and lactation spaces are all listed with the amenities they offer, such as plugs, electrical outlets, locks, sinks, privacy, stroller space, etc, so you can always be fully prepared.

Mamava app

Moms are also able to rate and share photos of their favorite feeding spaces they have found using the apps, offering more information to moms who need it.

The Mamava freestanding pods are comfortable and secure for moms and are fitted with a Smart Platform to ensure that only breastfeeding and pumping moms can use them. Mamava is making life easier for feeding and pumping moms, one pod at a time!

If there isn’t a Mamava pod near you, you can choose from one of their vetted locations nearby.

Pumpspotting (IOS, ANDROID)

Pumpspotting is an app that is run by like-minded moms, who want to share breastfeeding and pump-friendly locations away from home. On the app, moms share their favorite spots to feed or pump in their community, and other moms can use this information to find these locations.

Pumpspotting app

Usually, moms leave helpful information on the location, such as electrical outlets and security, so you can be sure to find the right place for you when using the app!

Feed Finder (IOS, ANDROID)

Feed Finder was designed with the help of breastfeeding mothers to provide an easy tool to find and share convenient and appropriate places to pump or feed when out.

The app will show places near you on a map, which have been reviewed by other moms, so you can have some peace of mind when trying out somewhere new.

Feed Finder app

Because the app was designed with the help of moms, it is wonderfully intuitive to a mother’s needs, and has been designed to be used with one hand for added convenience!

Download the app, try out some places recommended on the app, and leave a review for moms who follow after you.

The Best Breastfeeding/Nursing Apps

There are some great breastfeeding apps available for moms who are going through their nursing or pumping journey. Trackers, information, or pump-friendly locations, there is an app to help you with your specific needs, and each of the above are all great options for breastfeeding or pumping moms to try, to make life a little easier!

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