What is an affirmation?

It is a form of emotional support or encouragement, with some referring to it as a daily prayer with the hope of a positive outcome.

Affirmations can be helpful in lessening anxiety and fears by shifting negative thoughts to positive ones.

The way you think about yourself and your developing pregnancy have a great impact on you, your relationships, and your baby.

Your baby can feel what you are feeling, so it is important to make positive affirmations a part of your day.

There are times when pregnancy fears will creep in. And when they do, take some time to calm yourself and repeat an affirmation up to 3 times. Let the words soak into your entire being and become the affirmation.

Reaffirm yourself that you are a wonderful person and that you are meant to be the mother of the child in your womb.


This pregnancy and baby are special and meant to be.

My baby is loved, and she can feel my love as our connection grows stronger every day.

I am proud to be nurturing and sustaining a life within me.

I believe in my natural ability to give birth easily and peacefully.

I trust that my body knows how to safely guide my baby out of the womb and into my arms.

I accept this pain with an open heart and welcome my baby into the world.

I love my pregnant body.

My life is better for having this pregnancy and this baby.

I am calm when looking forward to the birth of my baby.

My baby knows how and when to be born and I will patiently wait for her arrival.

My baby and I are working together to prepare for her birth, and we are both grateful for this powerful experience.

I can endure all that comes my way.

I have the strength to handle the pain of delivery. It will be alright.

I am grateful to be able to feel a life growing inside of me.

My baby is developing normally.

I choose to enjoy every second in this journey of pregnancy, even in difficult days.

Everything I need to take care of this baby is already within me.

I am blessed with this pain so my baby can come into this world in good health.

I am loving and thankful toward my partner, who is supportive through my pregnancy.

I surrender, as I am confident that my body knows exactly what to do.

My body was designed to protect and grow my baby in my belly.

Every week is a step closer to meeting my bundle of joy.

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I can make it through this, the calm is just on the horizon.

My baby is nestled safely in my womb.

My birth will happen at the perfect time.

I educate myself to make the best possible decisions for my baby’s birth.

My body is accepting my baby and my pregnancy will be just fine.

I will go through every contraction until I have my baby in my arms.

My baby is growing and developing just as it should.

My baby feels the love I have for him.

I am strong and resilient enough to face this pregnancy.

I am blessed to be able to have this baby inside of me.

With each wave that comes, I will breathe calmly and flow with it.

The foods I am eating are nourishing me and my baby.

My body knows how to nourish my baby during pregnancy.

I will be prepared for a safe and effortless birthing experience.

There’s beauty in the growth of my belly and the rest of my body.

I will go through childbirth in peace and joy.

Everything I feel and experience is part of the great experience of motherhood.

I know how to take care of myself.

My baby is in the perfect position to come to the world.

I will have a safe birth and a healthy baby.

Pregnancy, labour, and delivery are a natural part of life. Everything will be okay!

I have the confidence to ask for help and receive help when I need it.

Pregnancy is safe for me and my baby.

My baby is developing normally and will be born safely at the perfect time.

I will cherish every little toe, finger, facial expression, and much more!

I am listening to my body and its needs.

I accept my pregnancy.

I express what I want and need and say no when I’m uncomfortable.

My baby is getting healthier and stronger!

Soon, I will finally get to hold my baby.

My life is important, and so is my baby’s.

Expecting Mother Getting Some Sunshine

I enjoy every day of my pregnancy.

I embrace the changes in my pregnant body as it shifts to accommodate my baby.

Any day now, my life will change for the better with you in it, my dear baby.

I am worthy of love and have the capacity to love.

My pregnant body is beautiful.

I was divinely chosen and called to be the mother of this child.

I am good enough to care for my baby.

My baby is a miracle!

I love my baby bump.

I release the discomfort of pregnancy and the fear of giving birth.

My most important goal in pregnancy and childbirth is to simply relax and to allow my baby’s birth to happen at the right time.

I trust my body to work efficiently during pregnancy, labor, birth, and breastfeeding.

My body knows how to protect my baby during pregnancy.

I trust that I am capable of safely delivering my baby.

I am focused on the joy of meeting my child.

I appreciate this opportunity to learn to become a mother.

My baby is happy and safe.

I’m looking forward to a calm and beautiful birth.

I allow myself to see the beauty and joy in my pregnancy.

My baby is developing normally.

I know this is the right time for my baby to come to the world and bless our family.

I want to enjoy this precious time with my baby and to be empowered by all it brings.

I am ready to hold my baby.

I deeply trust my instincts and my body.

My baby and I are working together to prepare for her birth.

I am connected to all women who are pregnant all over the world.

I was chosen to be this baby’s mother.

I welcome the challenge of motherhood with gratitude and a warm heart filled with love.

My love for you will grow every day just like you will.

I am a good mother.

My baby is safely wrapped in my love.

I intuitively know the needs of my baby.

I release the discomfort of pregnancy.

My baby will be born at the precise moment for him.

I love and approve of myself.

My body is beautiful just the way it is.

I know how to take care of myself.

I am aware of my needs.

I welcome the changes that come with pregnancy and giving birth.

My pregnancy will end with the safe birth of a healthy baby.

I celebrate the gift of life and motherhood.

I feel privileged to carry my special baby.

My life will change once you’re in it!

My pregnancy is meant to be.

My baby is well-fed and will be strong.

I am happy.

I am ready for my baby!


Happy Pregnant Couple



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We sincerely wish you all the best with your new bundle of joy!

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