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In a Nutshell

Overall Score (100%)        83%
Value for Money (22%)    8.3
Ease of Use (22%)              8.5
Portability (17%)               8.1
Maneuverability (17%)    8.3
Safety & Quality (22%)    8.2

Meet the Chicco Urban Stroller

There are several advantages to modular strollers, including their versatility in the numerous positions they offer and their overall contemporary style. Enter the Chicco Urban Stroller, a modular stroller with a 6-in-1 riding system.

It has multiple uses: a stroller for toddlers, a car seat carrier, and an infant carrier. Your little one can face you or face the world, depending on your preference and that of your infant.

The Urban can be used for many years before your child outgrows it because it is generally intended for kids up to 50 lbs.

Value for Money

It is understandable why parents love the Chicco Urban stroller so much. It offers excellent convertible characteristics at an affordable price, making it ideal for people looking for a durable alternative without shelling out a lot of cash. It competes as an economical single stroller alternative despite lacking several features that a luxury stroller would provide. But for factors such as weight and size, you may consider other strollers.

Unfortunately, several parents who participated in our survey were a bit unhappy with the Urban’s performance, as per feedback below.

What parents say

“They have cheap, noisy wheels. Get a secondhand model from a reliable brand to help the environment and yourself. I hope you can avoid making the same mistake I did.” – M. February 7, 2020, 1 star

“The noise from the back tires is the biggest issue, and the front tires don’t turn well. Money is not well spent on it.” – C. September 23, 2019, 1 star

“A whole stroller cost this much money, but after 3–4 months of use, it was no longer functional.” – A. July 11, 2019, 1 star

“Before purchasing this stroller, I purchased others ranging in price from $15 to $100, and I never, ever had this many problems. I’ve now realized that price does not necessarily equate to quality. I do not suggest it in any way.” – C. June 19, 2019, 2 stars

Ease of Use

Parents find it quite easy to move between this stroller’s six modes.

For easy parking, the Chicco Urban features a toe-tap brake which instantly locks both rear wheels. For precise movement, its front swivel wheels are simple to lock/unlock also with a tap of the toe.

Chicco Urban users seem to frequently complain about problems with folding. Additionally, storing it requires you to remove the seat, which adds to the number of parts you need to keep care of.

What parents say

“The bassinet function was the main selling factor, but there were too many components to put the item together.” – W. May 28, 2020, 3 stars

“Another flaw in the awful design is that the plastic next to the legs makes it difficult for the baby to extend his legs. When in seated mode, the baby feels really uneasy.” – A. July 11, 2019, 1 star

Parent Tip!
You must remove the seat or the car seat adapter, whichever you’re using, to fold the Urban. It then folds up rather flat.


A stroller with a European style, the Chicco Urban can quickly change from being a car seat carrier to a carriage to a stroller to accommodate growing children. For simple storage and transportation, the Urban has quick-release wheels and a foldable frame.

Convertible strollers typically weigh a lot since they have so many features, and this stroller is no different. Smaller parents have had difficulty with loading this stroller into the car or carrying it up and down stairs. It weighs 26 lbs., so parents should consider this factor if it’s going to be used as an everyday stroller.

What parents say

“We didn’t have a lot of room, and the stroller itself was quite hefty.” – W. May 28, 2020, 3 stars

“It has a number of drawbacks, including its weight and difficulty switching between modes that make you think no one truly tried it out.” – M. February 7, 2020, 1 star

“The folding and unfolding process was exceedingly difficult.” – M. May 24, 2019, 1 star

“I really like how simple it is to use this stroller. It is simple to take down and reassemble.” – J. April 25, 2019, 5 stars

Parent Tip!
If lifting heavy stuff sounds like something you might be concerned about, we advise giving the Chicco Urban a test drive in person just to be sure you can support its weight.


The Chicco Urban stroller offers an all-wheel suspension. It can easily move over varied terrain and uneven terrain, despite it not being a jogging stroller. Its rear brakes can be engaged with just a light foot tap, and the front wheels can swivel or lock into position.

It’s worth noting that the maneuverability of this stroller has received poor reviews from several reviewers. Its turn radius could be improved. Its front wheels frequently get caught.

What parents say

“The wheels didn’t roll smoothly and would often become tangled.” – M. May 24, 2019, 1 star

“The creaking of the back wheel is the only issue I have.” – M. February 24, 2018, 4 stars

Safety & Quality

While placing a newborn in a bassinet is ideal, you can also choose to secure your baby’s car seat to the frame to keep your little passenger secure and comfy.

The Urban’s seat may be converted into a completely flat carriage, making it possible to transport babies who lack the neck and muscle control needed to utilize a regular seat. This stroller’s soft seat adjusts easily between various reclining positions for older infants.

What parents say

“Due to the low quality of the material used in its construction, it is destroyed after only one use.” – M. February 7, 2020, 1 star

“The sunshade is fantastic, and the fabric is plush and highly cushioned. Huge coverage, indeed! The back wheels have a step lock, while the front wheels can be locked with a simple click of a button if desired.” –M. December 16, 2018, 5 stars

“Numerous other strollers with comparable designs and in the same price range felt incredibly cheap. Quality is what I care about, not weight, and Chicco brand has always provided that.” – S. June 5, 2018, 5 stars

“Why is the bar directly in front of my son’s face? While I was moving higher and he was leaning forward, he struck his face against the bar. He started screaming when we hit a bump.” – C. June 19, 2019, 2 stars

Accessorize Your Chicco Urban Stroller

Any KeyFit or KeyFit2 car seat may be used with the Chicco Urban if you decide to use it as a car seat carrier, making it quite adaptable. However, if you choose just to use its standard seat, it features a handy cover that can be extended as necessary and transforms into a bassinet for infants.

As for attachments like the parent console, child tray, and cup holders, these are sold separately.

One thing to note – the Urban’s side cup holder attachment is not entirely functional due to its flimsiness.

What parents say

“As soon as it’s attached to the frame, the cup holder catches on everything. In trying to get through a store, I already broke it. For added convenience, you must purchase extras like a parent console, snack, and cup holders for the infant. You must attempt to hold the bumper bar up when removing the infant because it opens straight up.” – K. July 23, 2018, 2 stars

“The frail tiny drink connector on the side is useless since your drink will spill out all over the place. It’s garbage. With the slightest prod, it easily comes off.” – C. June 19, 2019, 2 stars

Is The Chicco Urban a Practical Choice for Your Family?

From birth until your child is a toddler, families can use the six riding modes offered by the Chicco Urban stroller’s 6-in-1 system. This stroller provides great modular features at a reasonable price – it would work well for families looking for a long-lasting stroller without spending too much.

The three positions of the Urban’s seat – straight, reclined, and flat – are a hit with parents. You may also choose whether you want the baby seat to face you or away from you. For toddlers who are naturally curious, the latter function is great.

If you don’t mind the absence of a one-hand fold and some slight problems with maneuverability due to the front wheels, then this stroller could be worth looking into.

The world of baby strollers is, as we all know, very diverse, so the Chicco Urban might not be the best choice for you. The Baby Jogger City Select Single stroller might be a better option if you intend to have another child shortly after your first, or if you are expecting twins.

Type: Urban Stroller
No. of wheels: 4
Type of wheels: EVA foam-coated tires
Fixed/swivel wheels: Front Swivel Wheel
Lockable wheels: Yes
Weight: 22.9 lbs | 10.4kg
Unfolded Dimensions: 24.8” x 33.9” x 34.4” | 63cm x 95cm x 86cm
Folded Dimensions: 24.8” x 28.3” x 10.6” Frame only | 63cm x 72cm x 27cm Frame only
(It's about three-fourths as big as a Bathtub)
Age Range: From 0-24 months
Capacity Limits: Minimum: 0 mo. | Maximum: 33 lbs
Direction of Seat Unit: World-facing, Parent-facing
Car Seat Compatibility: Chicco KeyFit Plus Infant Car Seat
Car Seat Adapters: Yes, sold separately
Ride-On Platform Compatible: No
Recline: 3 Possible Positions
One-Handed Recline: No
Storage Basket Capacity: 10 lbs |4.5 kg
Canopy/Sun Shade Size: Average
Folding Method: Compact Fold
One-Handed Fold: No
Locking Fold: Yes
Self-standing Fold: No
Handlebar height: 37-41.7”, Telescopic
Cup holder: No
Sandal-friendly Brake: No
Included Accessories: Raincover, Seat Insert, Leg Cover
Setup Time: 6-10 mins
Chicco Urban Stroller configurations

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