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Your search for the perfect waterproof mattress cover for your portable crib or Pack n Play Playard is over. This Mattress Protector Pad is everything you might need to offer the best protection against spills and messes, while still giving your baby the most comfortable and softest surface for a restful night’s sleep.

The mattress protector pad is available in different sizes, from a portable crib size, twin, full, queen and king, to suit your Pack n Play or other bedding needs, with all sizes sharing the same high-standard quality. The crib mattress protector can be used on a variety of portable Pack n Play mattresses, including Graco, Kolcraft, and Dream On Me. 

Designed to be easy to use, the mattress protector fits snugly, with ease, on Pack n Play mattresses, and can be easily popped into the washing machine when it needs a clean.

Being soft and breathable, the mattress cover is ideal for babies throughout the night, and will not cause them to become hot and uncomfortable. Air moves easily through the mattress cover, allowing for a clean and hygienic sleeping environment. If your baby experiences a nappy leak or spilled bottle, the mattress will remain dry, protecting both the mattress and your baby.

The mattress cover itself is made from a 200 thread count, 100% premium cotton, and is free from BPA, Phthalates or other harmful and unnatural materials and chemicals.

Stuff4Tots offer a 100% Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantee if you are unhappy with the mattress protector in any way!

The Benefits of a Mattress Protector

A crib mattress without a protector pad is not going to last very long, or be anywhere near hygienic enough for your little baby. The Stuff4Tots mattress protector pad has been specifically designed to offer the following benefits:


The main benefit of a mattress pad is to offer complete protection of the mattress from leaky messes and accidents. The pad helps to create a barrier from these messes reaching the mattress and creates a sanitary sleeping area for your baby.


Being easy to clean, the mattress pad is machine washable and can be cleaned as often as needed, with very little fuss. To make it even easier on you as a parent, you should consider keeping a second crib mattress protector on hand to use while the other is being washed.


Not only does the crib mattress pad offer protection, but it also gives an additional layer of cushioning and soft cotton to keep your baby comfortable throughout the night.


The mattress pad has been designed to be breathable and with good ventilation, to avoid your baby becoming too hot during the night. Stains, odors, and liquids will be repelled from the mattress, while your baby is kept cool while sleeping.

Stuff4Tots Playard Mattress Protector Pad

The best way to ensure your baby’s mattress lasts, and that your baby is kept comfortable, cool and clean during their sleep, is to use a mattress protector pad. It will extend the life of the crib mattress and help to create a hygienic sleep environment for your little one, giving you much-needed peace of mind, and your baby restful, cozy nights.

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