Check out our current range of top quality Baby products: Waterproof

Check out our current range of top quality Baby products:

Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector: protect your little one’s mattress and keep it clean and dry. This fitted mattress protector is easy to put on and take off, it washes and dries at in your machine to make life easy for moms. Please note we don’t use vinyl in any of our products. We use non-toxic TPU to provide the waterproof layer. This doesn’t outgas and is biodegradable but the flip-side is that TPU doesn’t like high heat – so please keep the setting on your washing machine on low.mattress pad packaging2
Baby will sleep soundly on this quiet, non-crinkly premium cotton surface.

image1_minicrib_mattress_pad_packaging2_rendered Or why not protect your baby’s playard mattress with the same super-soft design? Both of our baby-size mattress protectors are breathable and hypoallergenic to keep baby cool and safe.

Dribbling and drooling toddler? No problem with our super-stylish absorbent bandana bibs. girls_swatch


Protect baby’s pacifier with our gorgeous range of pacifier clips:




Cleaning baby bottles and breast pump accessories is a breeze with this super-stylish baby bottle drying rack!!