There’s nothing sweeter for the lucky parents of twins than getting the rare chance to watch their children’s unbreakable bond as they grow.

The very moment YouTuber Twin Mom brought her babies home, she knew their relationship would always be something special.

It’s a unique bond she got to see unfold right before her eyes just a few weeks later when her twins started feeling fussy before bed.

“My six-week-old fussed when I went in the other room so his twin sister took care of the situation,” the proud mom captioned an adorable video she presumably caught on her baby monitor.

In the 40-second clip, a baby girl rests her cheek on top of her twin brother’s head as they get ready to go to sleep.

But it doesn’t take long before the baby boy begins to feel cranky and starts crying.

Without a moment of hesitation, the loving sister gives her brother her thumb to suck on so they can both fall asleep in peace.

Judging by the little gurgling noises he makes near the end of the video, a thumb was just what this little guy needed to calm down!