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The WayB Pico Car Seat was made for the family who travels often and who are looking for a car seat to accommodate toddlers and older kids.

It has entered the market as a first of its kind as a seat suited for children who need the safety of a car seat but are still too small for booster seats and cannot sit on a plane seat on their own. It was created by a team of parents who saw this need and then designed what is considered the ideal car seat to travel with.

However, the WayB Pico car seat does come with a considerably steep price tag and a few limitations as well, so you might find yourself wondering if it is worth the purchase and whether it is the right car seat for your toddler.

Understanding the ins and outs of the WayB Pico travel car seat will help you decide whether it will be a good purchase for you and if it will suit your family’s needs.

What Is The WayB Pico?

The WayB Pico is a forward-facing foldable car seat that features a 5-point harness. It is compact and small, but offers all the right safety features and meets all safety standards that a car seat should.

The main selling feature of the WayB Pico car seat is that it is suited to be used in both cars and planes, and it is compact enough to be easy to travel with. You can even purchase a wheeled travel backpack to help make carrying the car seat around that much easier.

While it weighs the same as some other lightweight competitors, only 8lbs, the main selling point is that the WayB Pico folds in half, which makes it a breeze to travel with. The car seat can be folded and slipped onto the handle of your rolling luggage using the travel bag, so you really don’t need to worry about carrying it separately to your luggage when at the airport.

Comfortable, compact, and safe, the WayB Pico car seat suits families who travel often, and who want added security for their child when traveling.

Who Should Use The WayB Pico?

The beauty of the WayB Pico is that it is adjustable to suit different ages. Ideally, the car seat should be used by children aged 2 years and older, and who weigh between 22-50 pounds. The child should also be between 30-45-inches tall.

While these requirements might be slightly limiting if your child is older, it does give a young toddler quite a few years of use and works out to be a good investment if you buy it at the right time.

It is also most suited to families who plan on traveling often and who are looking for a travel car seat that is light, portable, and easy to set up and pack away on the go.

Being lightweight, you do not have to worry about lugging around a heavy car seat at the airport. You can unfold the WayB Pico and set it up on the plane seat in next to no time.

If you are looking for a car seat just to keep in the car for daily travel, it might not be the right option for you.

Is The WayB Pico Safe To Use On A Plane?

Being a product of the USA, the WayB Pico has been approved by the FAA and is safe to use on any flight that follows FAA regulations. You will have to follow up with non-USA airlines to check if you can use the WayB Pico car seat, but there shouldn’t be any problems.

It is important to remember that the WayB Pico can only be set forward-facing, so if you feel that your child is not old enough to sit forward-facing, it would be better to choose a rear-facing car seat to travel with.

Plane seats typically have lap belts. To set up the WayB Pico on a plane, you place the belt into both of the marked guides and then pull on the seatbelt to tighten it. The car seat features a mesh fabric on the seat that prevents the buckle of the seatbelt from poking your child and becoming uncomfortable.

The Downsides Of The WayB Pico

As great as the WayB Pico is for traveling, there are some downsides. It does accommodate for quite a varied weight range but it is only a front-facing car seat; this might not be safe to use for younger toddlers.

If you have a car seat that you keep in your car for daily errands and are looking for an extra car seat for travel, then the WayB Pico is a great option. However, it might not be right for you if you are going to use it for daily travel with a younger child who still requires a rear-facing car seat.

The one other issue is that the WayB Pico has a short crotch buckle. It is placed around 4.5-inches from the back of the car seat, and this might be uncomfortable for some kids. The short buckle might result in the tongue of the harness poking into your child’s legs. Over time, this can become quite annoying for your child.

WayB Pico Travel Car Seat – A Quick Review

The WayB Pico Travel Car Seat has been designed to go wherever you do, and be easy to use while traveling.

It can be used when on a plane or in the car and is simple to set up, while boasting some impressive safety features. It meets all US safety standards, which are regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the Federal Aviation Administration, so you know all bases are covered.

The lightweight design of the WayB car seat means that it only weighs 8lbs in total, and with the help of the carry bag, is so easy to travel with. AeroWing aerospace aluminium is used to create the light but strong frame, with AstroKnit wool/polyester fabric making the seat comfortable for your child.

The best part of the car seat, other than its safety features, is that it folds up in half and can be attached to your luggage when traveling. It has also been made to fit into overhead bins in planes for easy storage.

With the travel bag, the car seat can be carried as a backpack or it can be slipped onto the handle of your luggage to be rolled around.

The slim design of the car seat makes it so great to travel with, and you can rest assured that your child will be kept safe while strapped in.

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WayB Pico Accessories

There are two accessories that you can purchase to use with the WayB Pico car seat.

The first is the travel bag, which holds the folded car seat. It can be used to carry the car seat as a backpack or be slipped onto the handle of your luggage and wheeled around.

The other accessory is the Pico Vehicle Seat Protector. It is the only car seat protector which has been crash-tested and approved to be used with the Pico car seat. It protects your seat from any damage that might come with continued use.

Is The WayB Pico Worth The Purchase?

Whether the WayB Pico is worth the purchase will depend on your family’s needs. If you are a family that travels often, then you might fall in love with the convenience of the car seat. However, if you are going to use it as a car seat for daily use, you might battle to get used to it.

The WayB Pico might also be a good option if you take taxis often and need a car seat to take around with you that is easy to set up and then easy to fold away and carry on your errands.

It is quite a high price to pay for a traveling car seat, but it might be worth paying for the convenience if you know you will use it often. That will help make traveling more comfortable for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the product dimensions of the WayB Pico?

Travel bag dimensions: 14.8’’ x 10.2’’ x 17.7’’ – 1.7lbs

Storage position – 11.6’’ x 14.5’’ x 18.9’’

Lowest use position – 15.2’’ x 14.5’’ x 22.8’’

Highest use position – 15.2’’ x 14.5’’ x 27.8’’

How is the Pico installed?

The Pico car seat is installed with the car’s LATCH system. This stands for Lower Anchor & Tether, and is the recommended system to be used.

What are the limits for the Pico?

The Pico is recommended for children aged 2 years and older, and weigh between 22-50lbs and who are 30-45 inches tall.

What colours is the Pico available in?

The Pico is currently only available in Jet Black.

Can I spot clean the Pico?

The Pico is easy to spot clean due to the mesh fabric. You can spot clean the fabric and seat pads using warm water and a mild soap.

WayB Pico – Is It Right For Your Family?

The WayB Pico was made for families who travel often and who need a lightweight car seat to fit into their lifestyle. It was made for bigger toddlers and kids, and will last a few years. It is definitely worth the buy if you travel often or need a lightweight seat to use when running errands.

It offers a convenience when traveling that many other portable car seats don’t, and this might be just what your family needs!

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