It’s no mystery that babies love and crave the attention of their mom. If they feel alone or aren’t getting the attention they need, they will definitely let you know. Whether it means screaming, crying, or throwing things, babies have their way when it comes to getting mom’s undivided attention. This can be extremely challenging if you are dealing with twins!

This mother found that out when it was time to eat. She sat her twin babies side-by-side and began to feed them dinner. However, since she only has two hands, feeding had to be done by alternating between them.

This mom did her best to feed each baby one at a time, but as soon as she began feeding one twin a spoonful, the other became extremely jealous. As each baby watched their mother feed their sibling, their eyes began to well up and out came the tears. They almost instantly forgot that mom was coming back to them only moments later.

She simply couldn’t let this hilarious feeding time go undocumented! The reaction of each baby is hysterical and is sure to give you a good laugh. Babies are just too funny, and their antics continue to amuse us!

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