Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Review

In a Nutshell

Value for money choice – a practical no-frills option with easy maneuverability, but with a compromise on functionality and quality
Overall Score (100%) 66%
Value For Money (22%) 7.5
Ease of Use (22%) 6.1
Portability (17%) 5.8
Maneuverability (17%) 8.1
Safety & Quality (22%) 5.6
66% graphic
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Value for Money Chart

Get To Know The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Baby Trend’s Expedition Jogger is a strong entry with its economical price point. With its easy maneuverability and basic offerings, this stroller comes as an achievable option for parents who would like a decent jogging stroller for shorter, occasional jogs but are on a strict budget.
We analyzed the feedback of over 2,000 parents and the clear conclusion was that the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is a great value for money stroller that is easy to use and practical.

The Expedition Jogger scored a healthy 66.2% in our tests, and it is definitely a recommended buy for those looking for a budget-level jogging stroller.

Read on for the full details of our analysis.

How It Compares

Baby Trend Comparison Table
Type: Jogging Stroller
No. of wheels: 3
Type of wheels: Pneumatic
Fixed/swivel wheels: Front wheel swivel
Lockable wheels: Front wheel
Weight: 23.7 lbs. | 10.8 kg
Unfolded Dimensions: 21"W x 41"H x 47"L | 53.3cm x 104.1 cm x 119.3cm
Folded Dimensions: 23.1"W x 33.1"H x 16.3"L | 58.7cm x 84.1cm x 41.4cm
(It's about six times as big as an Apple iPad)
Age Range: From 6 months up
Capacity Limits: Minimum: 6 mo. | Maximum: 50 lbs./42"
Direction of Seat Unit: World-Facing
Included Car Seat Compatibility: Any Baby Trend car seat
Click-in Car Seat Adapters: None
Strap-in Car Seat Adapters: Any Baby Trend Car Seat
Ride-On Platform Compatible: No
Recline: Infinite possible positions
One-Handed Recline: No
Storage Basket Capacity: 5 lbs. | 2.3 kg.
Canopy/Sun Shade Size: Small
Folding Method: Scissor
One-Handed Fold: Yes
Locking Fold: Auto
Self-standing Fold: Yes
Handlebar height: 41" | 104 cm, non-adjustable
Cup holder: Yes; parent console has 2 cup holders and 1 compartment for a smartphone and keys
Sandal-friendly Brake: No
Included Accessories: None
Setup Time: 5-10 mins.
Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller positions

The Company

For 26 years plus, the Baby Trend company has been developing products in the juvenile field. Since the beginning, the company has designed budget-friendly products for growing families. Baby Trend developed the first sit and stand stroller and the Snap-N-Go stroller. They make a variety of gear for babies from a diaper pail and infant car seats, to high chairs and strollers, and everything in between.

Test Results

Value for Money: 7.5/10


How much bang for your buck are you getting with this model?

The $ for $ value you get from this stroller is one of its strongest features, and the Expedition scored 7.5 out of 10 in this category. Based on our stroller survey, most respondents are happy with its overall performance. It comes with a gentle reminder though – you get what you pay for.

Compared to the more expensive strollers, it lacks features like an adjustable handlebar and suspension system. To compensate, it is a reliable bet with its parent console with cup holders and child snack tray, generous canopy, plus big air-filled tires which help provide baby with that smooth ride all parents are concerned about.

That said, the Expedition Jogger is a great budget-friendly option for families who want to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or for parents who prefer to take shorter, occasional jogs. It might not be the best option for serious runners, though.

Is it long-lasting?

Is it suitable for a wide age range? Will you get a good few years’ of use out of it?

In terms of durability – while its steel frame is solid, it somewhat feels of inferior quality. We’d say that overall, its design and structure is adequate. Most importantly, its quality corresponds to its price tag.

Parents find the Expedition Jogger reliable even after 3 years of use. Some families have even made it multifunctional, from carrying baby safely to serving as a wheelchair for a 5-year-old sibling.

Usability 6.1/10

The score of 6.1 in this category is okay for the price point without being earth-shattering. In our testing, Set-Up was one of the stronger features with folding and brake operation not so good.



How easy is it to assemble out of the box?

Setting up the Expedition Jogger is very easy – it just takes about 5-10 minutes to get it up and running.

In some cases, this stroller arrives partly assembled, with the front wheel already attached (though not fully inflated). So all that’s left to do is to lock in the back wheels, double-check the air for all three tires, and you and your baby are off!

However, many parents found the tire inflation very difficult; for this reason, we only gave a score of 6 out of 10 for this.

Is the manual clear and helpful?

Some parents find the Expedition Jogger’s manual confusing or lacking the information they need (especially about the front tire wobbling or falling off) and seek for answers in how-to videos on YouTube instead.

To be fair, in terms of eliminating the front wheel wiggle and keeping it in place, Page 3 of the product manual clearly states how to avoid these issues.

The observation here is that parents might not be reading the manual thoroughly or at all; otherwise there would be no complaints about common issues for this stroller.



Is it heavy to push, carry up the stairs, put in a car trunk, get on the bus, etc.?

This stroller weighs in at 23.7 lbs. (about two times as heavy as a gallon of paint), more than 6 lbs. over the weight of most lightweight strollers.

The Expedition Jogger’s air-filled rubber tires contribute to a light, smooth push.

Some parents report that when folded up, this stroller can be taken up and down three flights of stairs easily. And for those living in upstairs apartments, the large bicycle wheels help a lot when bringing the stroller up.

The Expedition Jogger is lighter than its jogger counterparts; in terms of placing it in a car trunk, it’s much easier due to its weight.

This stroller can easily be carried onto buses, trams, and other forms of transportation. One family said that their little one was super comfortable, took her naps, ate her snacks, and practically lived in this stroller as they explored the city by foot, bus, and train.

Folding and Unfolding


How it works

The Expedition Jogger requires a two-handed fold. While it doesn’t have an auto-lock or carry handle, it can stand on its own when folded.

It employs a trigger fold. This is achieved by releasing the red safety slides on the sides of the frame, then doing a one-hand pull from the seat bottom.

It’s almost effortless to make the overall package more compact – just use the quick-release function to remove the rear wheels. This is one of the best features of the Expedition Jogger and it scored 7/10 for this feature in our analysis..

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out this Baby Trend video at 0:24 which shows how easy it is to collapse this stroller. For those who like reading manuals, please refer to Page 10 of the product manual on how to fold and unfold this jogger.

Just be mindful that when folding up this stroller, it can be tricky to get the latch into place.

The Expedition Jogger could be much more enjoyable if it could be folded with one hand, though. It would be nice to be able to keep a hand on the child while unfolding and folding up this stroller when out and about.

black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

One parent says that this jogger takes up more room when folded than a regular small-wheeled stroller. But with the ability to easily remove the back wheels, it works well – just turn the front wheel sideways and it’s fairly compact and stores best that way.

Folded size

This stroller has a folded size of 23.1″W x 33.1″H x 16.3″L or 12,463 cubic inches. That’s about one-and-three-tenths times as big as a bathtub.

It’s not the smallest or lightest stroller, so if you’re looking for a jogging stroller that’s super easy to travel with, just be mindful that even when folded, this stroller takes space and needs some effort to move it around.



Is it comfortable to use?

The Expedition Jogger’s handlebar has a rubber covering and is non-adjustable at 41”.

Parents appreciate its slip-resistant grip for easy maneuvering while walking or jogging. A possible downside of its rubber material though, is that it could get hot when under the sun for quite some time and could get slippery when it gets wet.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller Cup Holder Image

While its ergonomic shape is loved by parents, its height could be an issue for shorter parents. We learned that parents who are between 5’1 and 5’5 find the handlebar height comfortable while walking, but it is an inch too tall for running. As a result, it put a strain on their shoulders and their arms got tired more quickly.

Be gently reminded that opinions may vary on the comfort and ease of use in relation to the handlebar height of the Expedition Jogger.

Car Seat Adaptability


Can the Expedition Jogger accommodate other car seat brands?

Officially, Baby Trend states that the Expedition Jogger is only compatible with the Baby Trend EZ Flex-Loc car seat. There are no adapters available for other brands.

However, our research into the Expedition Jogger’s car seat adaptability contradicts this and brought out some valuable information which parents might find helpful.

According to some parents, car seats which DO fit nicely into this jogging stroller are from brands such as Graco (specifically the Click Connect), JJ Cole, and Evenflo.

However, with one plus comes a minus – one mom tried using a Graco Click Connect car seat and said that it fit into this jogger, but it didn’t “click in” or feel secure.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger facing-parent
There’s no doubt that Baby Trend car seats would be the best match for the Expedition Jogger and parents trying other travel system brands do so at their own risk.

Parents have found the installation of the Baby Trend EZ Flex-Loc infant car seat easy and simple, due to it being LATCH-equipped. The tabs by the cup holders are where the bottom of the car seat clips in and help it snap into place.

To know more about how to install your car seat onto this jogger, kindly check out Page 6-7 of the product manual or view this YouTube video from 08:17.

If wanting to consider connecting the other brands mentioned above, please remember to exercise due diligence – it is always best to double-check if these car seats indeed attach securely before placing your little one in it.

Storage Basket


Is it big enough and easy to access?

The Expedition Jogger features a large under-stroller storage basket. It can fit items as big as a 4-pack of toilet paper, an extra-large diaper bag, or a child’s backpack with some room to spare. The downside is it can only bear a maximum weight of 5 lbs.

Storage Basket of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
It is easily accessible from all sides.

Parents report that it isn’t advisable to load too much in it, as it can suspend in the middle and end up scraping against the ground.

Despite this, it is a respectable size and practical; the storage compartment scored 7 out of 10 in our test.



Are the brakes secure and easy to apply?

The brakes are double-action – the two red pedals must be pressed hard to engage the brakes.

A major concern with this stroller’s double-action design is that parents could forget to set both brakes or choose not to set them at all, especially if in a rush. We can only give a score of five for this stroller’s brake system (and we debated on going as high as that!).

Brake System of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Setting and releasing the brakes is average. Be mindful that the pedals are not sandal-friendly – it can be a little rough on the top of the foot when disengaging them. Also, these are stiff plus their underside is rough.

black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

One mom advises fellow parents to make sure to step hard on the brakes and wait for the click. This is a safety precaution – there are times that the brakes don’t stay locked and/or keep unlocking with the slightest movement. This is due to the brakes occasionally skipping across the gear teeth and feel like they are engaged but really aren’t.



Are the child’s feet safe and comfortable?

The footrest is triangular – some parents have experienced their child’s legs dangling off the side due to this shape. It could also use a bit more room so that a child can rest his/her tiny feet much more comfortably.

Footrest closeup image of Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller
It’s only a four out of ten for the footrest, unfortunately.

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Parent Console

The parent console/tray is one of the signature features of the Expedition Jogger. Most competitors don’t offer this option at all or offer it as a separate accessory, which can turn out to be expensive especially for families who are strictly following a budget.

It is snapped into place by the handlebars for easy access.

Parent Console of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
The parent console has two cup holders. One parent says that these can accommodate her 30-ounce Yeti travel mug nicely. However, another mom says that these cup holders don’t really fit her 24-oz stainless steel water bottle. Perhaps the successful use of the cup holders is dependent on the design of the travel mug or water bottle. For example, the Yeti travel mug is slimmer at the bottom, hence fits better than standard stainless steel water bottles.

While these cup holders are a good thing to have, please be mindful of one safety concern. Since they are located high on the stroller behind the baby’s head and are quite shallow, whatever’s in the cup holders can fall onto his/her head especially during those bumpier rides.

In between the cup holders is a handy closeable storage area which can hold most smartphones (even two, according to one parent). You can even fit in the remote of your garage door opener and house keys in there with no issues.

Child Tray

Another signature feature of the Expedition Jogger is the child tray. It ticks a major box for parents as it is already included with this purchase.

The child tray on this stroller also has its own set of cup holders plus a shallow snack tray. Kindly note that some sippy cups or standard water bottles won’t fit in these cup holders.

Child Tray of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
A plus factor is that it opens to the side for easy seat access. Some parents wish that the child tray could open a bit smoother, though. It is also removable to make more space for your little one or for when it is to be cleaned.

Seat Recline


Does the seat recline into multiple positions? Is it easy to go up and down with it? Can you do it one-handed?

You can lower the seat recline of the Expedition Jogger easily using one hand. Raising it, however, ideally needs two hands to make sure it’s secure and safe for when your little one sits in it.

Its two adjustable side straps allow for infinite recline positions. And when reclined, the seat benefits from added ventilation.

Side View of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
With the Expedition Jogger’s adjustable seat recline, your baby can either sit up and see the world, sit back and relax when in the middle position, or grab a nap in the lowest position.

It’s worth noting that the highest position of the seat is still slightly reclined, so a child tends to hold on to the child tray to hold himself up.

We gave the seat recline a 6/10. It is good but could be better.

black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

One mom says that the seat recline straps can be a little difficult to use with a child sitting in the stroller, so be sure to make any necessary adjustments beforehand.



Is it easy to clip on and off? Is it comfortable for the child? Is it safe and secure?

The Expedition Jogger features a 5-point harness which takes some effort to clip on and off.

Apart from it being a challenge to line up parts of the buckle correctly, it is also stiff to buckle and release. Each side strap needs to be released separately from the buckle to release the harness.

Parents who have muscle or joint conditions (e.g. Celiac fingers) might struggle with buckling and unbuckling the harness. One mom has been sliding her child in and out of the harness through the top, which is incredibly bothersome and inconvenient.

5-point Harness of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
This stroller’s harness lacks in terms of comfort, as its height-adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable crotch strap are not padded. This can cause rubbing on a small infant’s neck and head. Extra care is needed when using this with infants aged 0-9 months who are small in stature.

Parents feel that the harness feels very cheaply made. It seems to be made of cheap plastic and doesn’t feel secure, so it feels like it might become an issue over time.

Only a FOUR from our scorers here.

black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

Parents find the straps cheap and thin – they strongly suggest adding strap protectors for baby’s protection and overall comfort.

Sunshade / Canopy


Is the sunshade effective at protecting the child? How adjustable is the sunshade? Is it rain-resistant?

The Expedition Jogger’s sunshade looks small especially when compared to the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0’s extra-large sunshade. It doesn’t have an SPF rating, and Baby Trend doesn’t state that it’s water-resistant.

It allows for ventilation during those hot days and features a small peek-a-boo mesh window. It helps parents to check on their little ones regularly.

Canopy positions of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
This highly adjustable sunshade moves on an arc and rotates downwards until it almost reaches the baby tray, so it can block the sun and headwinds even at low angles. This is a huge plus for parents; as they say, it’s the little things that count. :c)

Kindly note that the sunshade won’t cover the knees of older toddlers and that side protection from the elements is minimal.



Can you adapt to a growing family with ride-on boards, etc.?

Baby Trend offers ride-on boards, but these are only applicable to select in-house stroller models – the Expedition Jogger isn’t stroller board-compatible, unfortunately.



Is the stroller nice looking / stylish? Is there a selection of designs to choose from?

Our survey results show that parents find this stroller’s design very nice, classy, and suits families with active lifestyles well. Our survey gives a score of 8/10 for the stylish looks.

The Expedition Jogger comes in three colors: Bubble Gum (hot pink), Phantom (black and grey), and Carbon (green and grey). The available colors are attractive and bright; most parents especially find the hot pink the most stylish!



How easy is it to clean the material, frame, storage, etc.?

In general, the Expedition Jogger is easy to clean. All it needs is mild household soap or detergent and warm water on a sponge or clean cloth to get going.

Seat image of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
The sides of this stroller’s seat are made of a slick material that is easier to clean compared to the suede-like fabric in the head region. Please note that the seat cover can’t be removed for washing.

It’s a breeze to clean the quick-release rear wheels, cup holders, and rubber on the angled handlebar too.

It’s an eight out of ten for maintainability.

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Portability 5.8/10



Is it easy to lift in and out of a car trunk?

The Expedition Jogger weighs 23.7 lbs.

Parents have complained about it being very cumbersome and heavy, hence it takes some time to get it in and out of their car trunk.

We observed that while this stroller is easy to fold, the child’s tray and big front wheel can get caught when loading and unloading from the car trunk. For this reason, the Expedition Jogger only got a measly 58% score in this category.

black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

One parent advises families with smaller vehicles to fully recline the child’s seat when folding, so that the stroller will fit in the trunk nicely. This can prove to be helpful if needing to move in a hurry.

Public Transport


Is it easy (ish) to use on trains, buses, etc.?

According to one parent, her little one was super comfortable and practically lived in this stroller while their family explored the city by foot, bus, and train.

The Expedition Jogger also fits inside trams and other transportation used to and from parking at parks such as Disney and Universal Studios.

Folding and Unfolding


Is it easy to lift and move when folded?

The Expedition Jogger’s self-stand feature makes it easier to manage and store in small spaces. A plus factor is that its large wheels can be taken off very easily if necessary, resulting in a more compact package.

It has convenient handles for lifting after you fold it together.

Folded Up Dimensions


Is it easy to store in a standard family car? At home?

Based on our research, we find that the Expedition Jogger is most ideal for families with an SUV. Several parents say that it’s a pain trying to get it in and out of a sedan trunk.

We think that responses to this question will vary as it depends on what type of vehicle the family has. For example, one parent says he can fit it in the back of his SUV but struggles to get it into the trunk of his sedan.

Folded image of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
On the home front, this stroller folds a bit big and is not ideal for compact spaces such as studio or 1-bedroom apartments. Some parents are willing to compromise though, by removing the large back wheels and fitting it into the home space comfortably, placing it in the corner of their living room on the side of their couch in the self-stand position.

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Maneuverability 8.1/10

The Baby Trend Expedition’s best category performance was in Maneuverability – scoring a whopping 81%.

How maneuverable and easy to push is it?


One-handed operation/control

The Expedition Jogger’s swivel front wheel allows for easy control by one hand. This is a plus for many parents, as it helps them to multitask when necessary.

Pushing around obstacles

Majority of parents in our survey find that this stroller easily negotiates sharp turns and obstacles without hitting anything, thanks to its shorter wheelbase.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger World-facing position

Is frame width a problem in narrow spaces?

This jogger turns easily in tight spaces, plus tackling turns at grocery aisles is effortless. Its width fits well in narrow spaces.

How about stairs and escalators?

The Expedition Jogger’s rear wheels are great on stairs – it floats like a dream. We haven’t received any feedback about parents using it on escalators. And we hope not to get any! :c)

Is it easy to get up and down pavements and curbs?

Going over small bumps or curbs with this stroller is not a fight or uncomfortable for the baby. It handles trails, pavements, and beaches without any issues.

How easy is it to push on rough surfaces?


How is it on uneven surfaces?

The Expedition Jogger’s large rubber pneumatic tires help it move over uneven terrains easily.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger-Big Tires

It’s a breeze on uneven sidewalks and gravel paths. It moves great on grass and dirt roads, too.

While running, this stroller’s tires can go over cracks in the sidewalk or partial gravel jogging paths without bothering the child in it.

Good for rough ground

One parent calls this stroller an “off-roader”, as it performs smoothly on hikes and trails.

This stroller can handle sand, dirt, blacktop, rocks, and steep hills.

black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

One concerned parent says to be mindful of the tires when out on hikes and the like – these can sometimes deflate especially when traversing rough terrain.

Is the front wheel lockable?

The front swivel wheel on the Expedition Jogger is lockable. Just push on the red lever to keep the wheel in the fixed position. This increases the stroller’s stability while traversing rough terrain or on the occasional jog.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger - Front Wheel

There have been numerous complaints about the front wheel wobbling and breaking. If specifically planning to go on a jog, please always remember to lock the front wheel so that it won’t wobble or spin and end up breaking.

For more details on this, see the Safety & Quality section below.

Safety & Quality 5.6/10

For the entry-level price point, there have to be some compromises. The Expedition Jogger does cut corners on some aspects of build quality, and we therefore only gave it a low-ranking 56% for Safety and Quality.



Is the seat fabric good quality? Does it feel durable?

The upper area of the seat features a suede-like fabric. The sides of the seat are made of a slicker material which looks cheap.

Some of the sewing and Velcro is a little off center, which can give the impression that the fabric isn’t as durable as intended.

Does it feel well-padded and comfortable?

This stroller’s seat has minimal padding and a harder back unlike the sling-style seats found on most competitors.

The sides of the seat have no cushioning. If a baby falls asleep in it, the baby’s face would rest against the metal frame, and he could get hurt. A child’s head could hit the hard frame especially when hitting a bump or going up and down from a curb.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger front view
That said, the absence of padding poses a safety risk. One concerned mom ended up buying an infant head insert to protect her baby’s head from hitting the sides of the stroller frame.

We only scored 3 out of 10 for the material quality – which unfortunately is one of the lowest scores we have given in all our stroller analysis.

Is it a robust, well-designed piece of equipment?


Frame construction

The Expedition Jogger has a small steel frame without shocks. It shows several hinge points, and all its plastic connection points are exposed.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller frame
When being pushed, there are times when the side supports seem to flex a little bit. It gives the impression that the stroller frame can be a bit flimsy.

Overall, this stroller’s frame is at par with its price tag – it looks solid but feels cheap.

We give it a 4 out of 10.


This jogger has no suspension, which greatly affects a child’s comfort and safety plus its ability to move on various surfaces without the baby being knocked about. Its big pneumatic tires may help to make your baby’s ride a bit smoother, but these aren’t the ideal compromise on comfort.

Parents who participated in our survey recommend that it would be worth spending a little more money to get a stroller with suspension.

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black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

One concerned parent says to be mindful of the tires when out on hikes and the like – these can sometimes deflate especially when traversing rough terrain.

Is the front wheel lockable?

The front swivel wheel on the Expedition Jogger is lockable. Just push on the red lever to keep the wheel in the fixed position. This increases the stroller’s stability while traversing rough terrain or on the occasional jog.

There have been numerous complaints about the front wheel wobbling and breaking. If specifically planning to go on a jog, please always remember to lock the front wheel so that it won’t wobble or spin and end up breaking.

For more details on this, see the Safety & Quality section below.


While the Expedition Jogger requires just a one-hand recline to lower its seat, it needs two hands to raise it.

Its two adjustable side straps offer infinite recline positions. Kindly note that these straps might take some effort to adjust when the seat is occupied. Not all parents agree to the seat height being regulated or controlled by just a strap – they are looking for a firmer solution to this concern.

When reclined, this stroller’s seatback offers ventilation, which is a nice bonus especially for those hot days; no worries for cold days as the seat is coverable.

Side View of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger
Still on the seat recline, we observed that the highest the seat will adjust is still slightly reclined. A child would tend to hold on to the child tray just to hold himself up.

Its seat is padded. However, as per our parents’ survey, its cushioning is uncomfortable. It also lacks side cushions for the baby’s head. When asleep, children tend to lean to the left or right of the stroller frame and bump their heads onto it. As discussed in an earlier section, the absence of padding poses a safety risk. One concerned mom ended up buying an infant head insert to protect her baby’s head from hitting the sides of the stroller frame.

As for the leg rest, it is not adjustable. The footrest is triangular, which can sometimes cause a child’s feet to dangle off it. This is another safety concern to look out for.


The durable ratcheting shade canopy on the Expedition Jogger offers a good deal of sun coverage, though not as good as those on higher-end jogging strollers.

Highly adjustable, this sunshade moves on an arc and rotates downwards until it almost reaches the baby tray – it’s helpful to know that it can block the sun and headwinds even at low angles.

Canopy of Baby Trend Jogging Stroller
This stroller’s canopy has a peek-a-boo window and a mesh pop out visor, which can be rotated forward to protect your little one from the elements.


The Expedition Jogger’s footrest is made of plastic. It features reflectors for added visibility and safety during those early morning or evening walks or jogging sessions.

Based on our survey, parents say that the footrest needs more legroom. One parent mentioned that her 3-year-old’s legs dangle down around the footrest.

It could also be improved in terms of ergonomics. For example, a 2-year-old can’t put his feet on the footrest without his knees hitting the cup holder tray.

Quality of tires/wheels and wheel assembly

The Expedition Jogger has metal wheels with air-filled rubber bicycle tires which give a sense of suspension and offer a smooth push. Buyers love that the tires are “real” – made of rubber and air-filled. Also, the quick-release wheels offer much convenience especially when travelling, and in a hurry at that. These features seem to be major buying considerations.

One downside is that the spokes on the metal wheel rust over time, especially if living near the ocean.

Parents say that the tires go flat easily or don’t hold air at all. Defective inner tubes are common. The tires are hard to inflate; it’s difficult to fit the tire pump over the valve on the front tire. All of these could be manufacturing defects.

As for the assembly, this stroller has a front wheel locking mechanism, but it is not conveniently placed. The front wheel locking tab is located on the front wheel. Parents say that it’s a pain to have to stop, put on the brakes, and then go up and lock/unlock the front wheel.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger - Front Wheel
One parent describes the wheels as being ”squirrely”. When there is weight in the stroller, it works fine. If without much weight, she must do a wheelie with the stroller because the front wheel just goes all over the place except straight. She thinks this may be because this is a $100+ stroller, and it’s just one feature they cut corners on for price.

It also happens that the front wheel suddenly falls off, mostly due to improper installation. One parent used Loctite on the bolts of the front wheels, as a precaution due to the complaints that the front wheel tends to fall off.

Overall, these concerns could remind you of the word “economy” – there is the possibility that the tires/wheels simply won’t last as long as a higher quality stroller.

These reliability issues were the biggest complaint we heard in our 2,000-parent survey and is certainly the Expedition Jogger’s worst aspect. Bear in mind though that the vast majority of parents were very happy with their stroller and there is a workaround described in the manual.

Stroller stability – is it likely to tip or topple?

As with any three-wheeled vehicle with a single wheel in the front, it is fairly easy to tip over if not paying attention.

There are some issues with the front wheel. At times, it spins out of control, causing the stroller to topple. The front wheel, if not properly set up and secured, tends to lock up and cause the stroller to fall over.

Another thing to note – the Expedition Jogger tends to tip backwards easily if downward pressure is placed on the handlebar.

black and white graphic of a pinParent Tip!

One parent strongly advises that while walking/running, do not press down on the handle (not even a little) because the stroller will tip over backwards. This happened with her 18-pound son inside and fortunately, she was able to catch the stroller from tipping over just in time.



5-point functionality and shoulder straps

The Expedition Jogger has a 5-point harness that takes some effort to buckle/unbuckle. Also, it can be challenging to get the parts of the buckle lined up correctly.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger front view
It features height-adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable crotch strap. Some downsides – please take note that these are not padded and may prove to be uncomfortable for your little one. For taller kids, the shoulder and lap belt tend to dig in uncomfortably.

According to our survey, parents find the harness as very cheaply built and impossible to unsnap, especially if you have arthritis.

Tether strap

The Expedition Jogger comes with a durable safety-conscious tether strap. It prevents the stroller from getting away in case you lose your grip or fall for some reason.

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One parent finds the tether strap super useful. Her hand slipped when going down a hill and if it wasn’t for this wrist strap, her stroller and little one would have rolled away! She advises to always use the strap whether walking or on the occasional jog. She says that it is very sturdy and just the right length.

Anything else I need to know?

As per Disney, strollers should be no larger than 31” (79 cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long when measured across the widest and longest points. The Expedition Jogger’s dimensions meet Disney requirements, with its width at 21″ and length at 47″.

Some people find that buying two Expedition Joggers at once is helpful. One parent likes this stroller so much that she bought one for the house and one for the car. Another parent says she bought one for her home and one for grandma’s house.

Should I buy it?

All in all, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger comes up as a great low-cost jogger. While it’s a basic, no-frills stroller, it scores big points in maneuverability with its large pneumatic tires and a swiveling front wheel. A generous canopy, under-seat storage basket, child tray and a parent console are great extra features for a stroller with this price point. It can also be converted into a travel system (Baby Trend car seats only though) if need be.

As with all economy options, there are points of compromise such as the non-adjustable handlebar – which could be a concern for parents of varying heights – and lack of a suspension system.

The bottom line – if you’re looking for a jogger that meets your basic, everyday strolling needs and falls within your strict budget, then the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger could be a practical, affordable pick for you.

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Parent Reviews

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I am 5′ tall. Is this going to be a comfortable height for me to maneuver?

A parent who’s 5’2″ has said that the height of the Expedition Jogger is very comfortable for her, and that pushing it feels so lightweight and easy.
For another parent who is 5’6″, she has no issues. Her friend who’s a little shorter uses her stroller all the time with no issues. She loves it so much as it maneuvers so easily!
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