Having twins makes for some interesting logistical challenges at times, from how to squeeze two car seats in a car, to how to transport them when out, to breastfeeding, to strollers, and of course how to manage their sleeping arrangements. Our twins have undergone various sleeping arrangements in their relatively short lifetime, and it has me wondering what is the best sleeping arrangements for twins from the newborn stage, the toddler stage, and beyond. Thankfully I know that Mattress Firm is supportive in every phase of a child’s life, and that no matter what size mattress we buy and when.Great sleeping arrangement ideas for twins! All the way from #Crib2College #ad

When our babies were newborns, we had the grand idea of having them sleep in a pack n play, together, in our room, for the first few months. We lasted one night. I couldn’t sleep hearing every tiny peep and squeak from my new precious babies. We quickly moved them over to their cribs in the other room and equipped ourselves with a baby monitor. What is the best sleeping arrangement for newborn twins?

We had both cribs set up, and usually put them down to sleep together in just one of them. Of course, we still worried about them breathing properly, so we made sure to buy brand new, supportive mattresses for each crib, with tight fitting sheets and mattress protectors. They slept together in one crib until they were about 4 months old and one of my daughters made it known she needed some room to stretch out. From then on they slept in two separate cribs.Have your newborn twins share a bed! Such a great sleeping arrangement in the beginning.

These crib sized mattresses would last our twins until they were almost three years old (and my third child now uses it in his crib). They bounced on them like crazy when they were toddlers still in their cribs. And then we took off the front of their cribs and converted them into toddler beds.Toddler Beds for TwinsEventually we gave up on the toddler bed idea, and went for the toddler mattress on the floor mode of attack instead, and had a heck of time with getting them both to nap. But, with a huge time commitment and perseverance we toddler sleep trained and one of our twins still takes a nap everyday at 4.5 years old. The other napped until just a few months ago. (You can read more about what we did HERE and HERE).How to get your toddler to take a nap – 10 step method to better toddler sleep.Due to space constraints and the desire to get our kids real beds, instead of just mattresses on the floor, we decided to buy them a twin bunk bed. (If you are in the market for a bunk bed, be sure to look at THIS post about some important things to consider when buying a bunk bed). We picked up a nice study wood one with rails from craiglist for a good price, and then made sure to buy some good supportive twin mattresses for the top and bottom bunks.Bunk beds are a great sleeping option for twins!Despite our best intentions, it became clear that our twins didn’t much care for the bottom bunk, and many nights we’d find them both fast asleep together, on the top bunk. After a while it really made us wonder why we got two beds, when apparently one twin bed would work for our small twin preschoolers.

So, when we were getting ready to move to Texas, we decided to sell the bunk bed and the mattress (yes, our daughters slept on the floor for a few weeks) and when we moved to Texas we bought them a full-sized bed from Mattress Firm as well as a mattress protector. They were they running a killer mattress sale at the time.A great sleeping arrangement for twins as they enter the preschool or elementary school years is a full sized bed.When we were in the market for a bunk bed, and then as we went shopping for a full-sized mattress, we always made sure to include our daughters in the decision making process, having them lie on beds, tell us if they liked it and if it was comfortable. Because, even children need to have a good supportive mattress to help a child’s overall sleep health (be sure to read my previous post about how to go about buying the right mattress).

School-age children need 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night, and adolescents need 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep each night to function best. I also find that having them love their bedding makes a big difference too. If you need practical baby sleep solutions, check out the ebook For the Love of Sleep.
Practical baby sleep solutions for the everyday mama. Everything in this book is what helped my teach my son to sleep through the night. Our daughters have loved sharing a full sized bed. This bed should last a very long time. For now, we don’t know what the future holds as far as bed needs, but I do know where to get a good mattress.

So, if you are in the market to buy a new mattress – perhaps because your child has outgrown the toddler bed, or because it’s been eight years since you bought your child’s first “big kid” bed (as it’s recommended to replace mattresses every 8 years and pillows every two years) – then check out these tips for buying a child’s first mattress, or tips for buying a teen’s mattress. And then be sure to learn about how to take proper care of your mattress so it will last a long time.

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