Aye, Matey! Arrrr ye ready for International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Me thinks it is September 19th every year, me hearties. Shiver me timbers! What a fine day it will be! Herein lies the best Talk Like a Pirate Day activities for lads and lassies to enjoy. Ye landlubbers can take part in the festivities from home. No need to set sail on the high seas. Yo ho ho!!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities for Kids

10 Best Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities for Kids:

1. Hunt for Treasure

Bury some plastic gold coins in the sandbox. Invite the kids to use shovels and sifters to dig for their buried treasure.

2. Decorate Newspaper Pirate Hats

Fold newspaper to make your own paper hats. Use crayons or markers to decorate them however you would like.

Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities for Kids

3. Complete the Compass Rose

Practice navigating your pirate ship with cardinal directions. (See photo above.) Use the North clues to fill in the other directions of the compass rose.

4. Eat a Pirate Snack!

Be sure to include “shark bait” fish-shaped crackers and “planks” of string cheese. Gummy fish are always a fun treat too!

5. Read a Story Book that Features Pirates

Some of our favorites are Peter Pan and Treasure Island.

Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities for Kids

6. Laundry Basket Pirate’s Ship

Create an invitation to play with an empty laundry basket and a simple sail made from a wrapping paper tube. Set sail on many adventures!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities for Kids

7. Make a Cardboard Tube Spy Glass

Easy, quick, and super fun! Every good pirate needs a spy glass!

8. Gold Coin Math

Sneak in some early addition and counting practice with a little gold coin Math. Get full details here.

9. Make an Eye Patch

Complete your pirate look with an eye path made from elastic cord and black craft foam.

Talk Like a Pirate Day Activities for Kids

10. Race Cork Boats in the Tub

These cork boats are simple to make and great fun to race! Get the full tutorial here.

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