Pacifier Clips

No more scrambling around to find lost pacifiers! No more crying


No more scrambling around to find lost pacifiers! No more crying babies who can’t understand why they’re not allowed to put a dirty soother in their mouths!

At Stuff4Tots we’re not as quick as we used to be, and that means spending a lot more time rinsing and sterilizing things that hit the floor! Our daughter absolutely has to have her pacifier at all times. It is something she gets very upset about and we have lost quite a few too!

With these Binky Baby Pacifier Clips we can secure her pacifier or a teething toy to her clothes or bib quickly and easily. Now she always has her pacifier to hand and she doesn’t get upset about it. It also helps in the car when she loses her pacifier because it’s attached to the clip so it’s easier to reach back and hand to her.

The Binky Baby Pacifier Clips are both fashionable and functional. With four cool designs in a pack there’s always one to complement any outfit. They are made from top quality, durable material and are easily hand-washed to clean up the gunk that babies and toddlers seem to attract like magnets!

We have gone for a super-safe plastic clip without any of the sharp edges you get in metal ones. They never rust and are non-toxic and nickel free. Strong enough to attach firmly but practical enough to remove one handed. The attachment loop threads through the pacifier in a couple of seconds and the leash clips on and off her clothes quickly and easily.

These pacifier clips are a great investment in lost binkies and are great value at less than the price of a cup of coffee for each one. You’ll also benefit from Stuff4Tots responsive customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase simply return it to Amazon and we will refund your payment – no questions asked! So with no risk, go ahead and order a pack now!