I went to a first-aid medical practice yesterday that I’ve visited quite a bit over the years. During the routine questions the nurse asked before the doctor came in, it came up that I’m breastfeeding.

“How old is your little one?” she smiled. “He’s a little over 2,” I replied.

“You’re STILL breastfeeding a TWO YEAR OLD?” she remarked, followed by what I can best describe as an audible eye-roll and an “Okaaaay…” as she entered something into my chart.

I was there for pink eye, not pink tits, gnawed to stumps by ferocious toddler. Her reaction seemed more on par with her learning I slept with a loaded gun between my baby and me.

Honestly, I was shocked. I mean, I know this kind of judgment exists. I’m a freaking mommy blogger. Come on. But, like, to my face… like that… from a nurse?

Uhm, no. This will not do.

So here’s a packet of papers I’m dropping off at the office first thing tomorrow.

It includes a letter to the doctor – the last line reads

“So I’ve taken the time to print a few helpful articles from reputable medical organizations that I hope you will share with her before she shames another mother.”

and print outs from the following links (WHO, Dr. Sears, MayoClinic). I may have got a touch aggressive with the Sharpie, underlining and circling points of interest.

The thing is, I’m not discouraged. When it’s time to stop we’ll stop.

I breastfed my first until he was 13 months old, my second until 22 months, and they both were happy with when we stopped.

Lowell, at 26 months, is just not there yet. It would be AWFUL to stop right now. Not so much for me. Truly, I would be sad maybe for a day, but I’m pretty over it at this point. But for him, it would be hard. And I’m just not ready to make my life a shade of hell right now over it. << All of that is a justification I owe nobody. For another mom, though? Dude. What if she’s getting no support from home, and she encounters a response like this from a medical professional? What if this is the shame cherry on the shitty sundae she’s been dealing with? You don’t have to cheer a breastfeeding mom on, but you should definitely keep your judgement to yourself, ESPECIALLY when you are a medical professional. You already know about my monthly cycle, how much I weigh, and all about my cysticle. I could do without the unsolicited and unnecessary opinions. We all could. Check out the whole article with images from the source link below. Source: http://www.babyrabies.com/2015/10/yup-still-breastfeeding/ Image: flickr.com