Bride breast-feeds her crying baby at her wedding: ‘I was feeling pretty proud'”If the baby is tired and cranky, what’s a mom to do when she’s about to say ‘I do’?

For this breast-feeding bride, the answer was easy: Without a second thought, she cradled her crying baby girl to her breast and nursed her in the front pew of the church. The baby quickly fell asleep, and the ceremony carried on without a hitch.

“I was pretty stressed out thinking about her being so upset,” bride Christina Torino-Benton told TODAY Parents. “I was happy to take her and I was able to calm her down. I was feeling pretty proud of myself.”

With a big smile on her face, Christina Torino-Benton nurses her 9-month-old daughter during her wedding ceremony in Montreal.
For Torino-Benton, who practices attachment parenting and exclusively breast-feeds her 9-month-old daughter, Gemma, nursing during the ceremony was a natural response.

“It felt pretty normal, nothing too out of the usual for me, except for I was wearing a 50-pound dress,” said Torino-Benton, who wore a strapless ball gown to her June 18 wedding in Montreal. “I was very fortunate I was able to maneuver myself out of it without too much struggle.”