When the Brousseau family adopted a dog six years ago, they knew they were welcoming a new family member. What they didn’t know was how he would repay them.

One night, Duke the dog started behaving erratically. The loyal dog jumped into his mommy and daddy’s bed. He was shaking so profusely that he woke them up.

“He is insanely obedient, so this was extremely bizarre,” Jenna Brousseau said.

She knew something had to be wrong. Duke had never behaved like this before. He led them into their 9-week-old daughter’s bedroom.

Something was wrong. Their baby girl Harper had stopped breathing during her sleep.

Duke is a lot like Ember, the pit bull who alerted her mommy to her son’s seizure. It’s safe to call both Ember and Duke heroes.

Jenna immediately called an ambulance. Harper was revived by paramedics and taken to the hospital. She survived.

“If Duke hadn’t been so scared, we would have just gone to sleep,” Jenna said. “He’s the perfect dog, he was meant to be ours.”

People like to joke about or undermine the loyalty of dogs. Some even say rescue dogs are inferior. Duke proved all of these assumptions wrong when he showed how smart, intuitive, and protective he is of a baby who at the timef had only been in his life for a few weeks.

Source: https://www.littlethings.com/duke-and-baby/
Image: pixabay.com