Crib Mattress Protector

Babies spend so much time asleep (well that’s the theory anyway!)


Babies spend so much time asleep (well that’s the theory anyway!) that it’s important to provide a safe, comfortable, hygienic sleeping environment for them. As parents we know that diapers can leak, bottles can spill and spit-ups can, well, spit up! It’s reassuring to know that, alongside creating a safe and cozy bed, you can protect your expensive crib mattress and make it easier and quicker to clean up too.

The Stuff4Tots Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector is made of premium (200TC) quilted cotton with a non-toxic, waterproof layer. We tried cheap mattress protectors with our son early on and decided it was a false economy. A sweaty, uncomfortable baby who needs his mattress turning in the night makes you realize that saving a couple of dollars just isn’t worth it!

With that in mind we designed our Stuff4Tots mattress protector to be:

SOFT & SAFE – The Stuff4Tots crib mattress pad is thin enough to be safe for babies but thick enough to provide that extra bit of warmth and padding.

EASY TO USE – We made the Stuff4Tots mattress pad just that little bit bigger so that you can warm wash it without it shrinking too small to fit. You can tumble dry it too! Please dry on low heat though. The non-toxic waterproof layer we use isn’t a strong chemical like vinyl and so will break down at high temperatures.

VINYL-FREE – We use inert TPU which does not out-gas into your baby’s bed. It is also a bio-degradable substance so it won’t still be hanging around the earth for our great-great grandchildren to pick up.

UNIVERSAL FIT – 28″ wide by 52″ long with a 6″ skirt. Designed to fit snugly on all standard crib mattresses.

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