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There’s a lot of talk about COVID-19 or Coronavirus at the moment.  In order to reassure our children and give them some helpful advice and support we put together this short video (see below).

Hope you like it.

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Hello. My name is Corona Virus You may not know me, but you’ll have heard of my cousins Cold and Flu

I love to travel and make new friends

At the moment I’m travelling all over the world and having lots of fun

Unfortunately, people don’t seem to like me when I visit and you may have heard adults talking about me a lot

They say that to stop me getting around they are going to close lots of things down like shops, offices and even schools… This is because I like to jump from hand to hand and from cough to cough

This is how I make friends you see

By closing down places that people work in or go to school in it stops me from jumping about onto new people

People don’t really like going to work or to school so I don’t know why they are so mad at me!

I guess it’s maybe because I make people a little bit sick when I visit

People can get a bad cough and a high temperature, and some older people find it hard to breathe

You shouldn’t worry though because most people get better quite quickly

And the adults are doing all they can to keep you safe

You can help the adults by being especially careful to wash your hands

I don’t like clean hands Yeuckk!

How about you sing a song when you wash your hands? You can sing when you start washing and stop washing when the song is finished?

Or you can practice counting while you wash?

Count to at least 20 and make sure you rub really hard

Oh and cover your mouth when you cough too  I love riding in the sky on peoples’ coughs Wheeeeee!

One other thing Don’t worry If you’re scared or confused talk to an adult about it

It’s ok to be worried but I’m not so bad Honest

Scientists are working on a vaccine so I’ll be gone soon and then everything will be back to normal

In the meantime you will get an extra long Easter vacation

Don’t forget to keep up with your homework while you’re off

You can also do lots of fun things like helping your parents with the cooking

Painting pictures

Or writing letters Did you know old people are a bit sad as they have to stay inside?

Old people get a bit more sick than young people like you so they need to be extra careful

Why not write them a letter to cheer them up?

All you need is some paper and an envelope Ask an adult for a stamp

Old people are old fashioned and they like getting letters

Do you have any ideas to share about other things to do while schools are shut?

Please type them in the comments box below and we can all give them a try

Or if you’d like a few suggestions… Your friends at Stuff4Tots have put together a little e-book on activities to do while you’re at home You can download it at Bye then.  Have fun. I’m off before someone washes me away

Don’t forget to download your activity book…. …and leave me a comment to read later.

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