Let’s be honest, life becomes a little tricky when you have triplets or three young children to travel around with. Running an errand isn’t as simple as it used to be, and you need to keep your hands free when out and about.

One of the best ways to make life a little less stressful with three young tots is to invest in a triple stroller. There are some really versatile strollers on the market, some that fit three newborns, and some that can grow with your family, accommodating three kids of different ages.

Finding the right triple stroller will depend on your own personal circumstances, and what your children need. You need to stay in control when out with your babies, but they still need to be comfortable and safe.

Here are our top picks for triple strollers, each with their own unique features and seats to cater for your individual needs.

The Best Triple Stroller Travel System

A word of advice, life will be much easier when you have a triple stroller that doubles up as a travel system. It saves you some money, with not having to buy separate car seats and strollers, and they are usually able to grow with your family.

The Triplette by Peg Perego wins outright in this category. There are three seats on the stroller that fall inline with each other, meaning they sit one in front of the next. This is a huge help as it makes the stroller narrow, allowing it to fit through doorways and aisles easily. The seats can all recline fully and can be faced forward or backward.

The stroller is compatible with the Primo Viaggio car seats, which are sold separately. These can be attached to the system to comfortably hold infants. These car seats can be taken off easily to be put in the car and clip back onto the stroller easily for moving about.

The travel system folds in compactly, making it easy to travel with. The steering wheel handlebar makes it easy to maneuver around and the sturdy and solid frame will give you peace of mind that your babies are safe.

To make it an even better deal, the travel system comes included with a trendy baby bag to carry all of your goods in! There is a large undercarriage basket to hold even more items when out shopping or out on a trip.

The Best Triple Tandem Stroller

Sometimes, you need a nifty little stroller that is quick to set up and get going. When out on trips or running errands, a compact yet sturdy triple stroller will be your best friend. At the end of the day, you really don’t need anything fancy, just a go-to for keeping your babies in place and safe when out and about.

One of the best options for a convenient triple stroller is the Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller. It is perfectly safe to keep your three toddlers in, with the seats reclining individually and with adjustable heights, it can be suited to each child’s needs.

Each seat has a five-point harness which will keep your babies in place, so you won’t have any kids escaping and running around the grocery store. Each canopy has a peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your kids at all times.

What makes this triple stroller great for taking it out and about, is that it folds up surprisingly compact, fitting in most cars. The narrowness of the stroller also allows you to maneuver it easily through doorways and shopping aisles.

The Best Triple Stroller For Mixed-Age Kids

Every family is different, and triple strollers aren’t only made for triplets. You might have two small babies and an older toddler, all who need to be kept safe in a stroller. Having all three kids in one, compact stroller is much easier than having them spread out between two.

That is where the Joovy Big Caboose comes in. It is the only triple stroller on the market that has a built-in standing platform, as well as a rear bench seat. The standard stroller comes with two built-in seats, which have universal car seat adapters, as well as an optional seat caboose on the rear that could convert into a full size reclining seat.

The stroller has all-wheel suspension, giving your babies a comfortable and smooth ride. It is also narrow, making it fit through doorways easily.

The Best Triple Jogger Stroller

For the moms who love to get outdoors and take a jog now and then, you need a good triple jogger stroller that will not only keep your babies safe in place but keep them comfortable on a potentially bumpy jog.

Having three kids in tow can be tricky when out jogging, but the BeBeLove Triple Jogging Stroller can get the job done. Two solid wheels in the front mean that the stroller won’t topple over, and it can handle many different outdoor terrains.

The fixed wheels ensure that the stroller won’t vibrate or wobble, which could cause your children to have a rather uncomfortable ride. Each seat has a footrest, and the stroller has a large canopy which will keep your little ones safe from the sun and other harsh weather conditions.


Best Value Cheap Triple Stroller

While there are lots of great options on the market for triple strollers, a lot of them can be on the pricier side. You don’t want to bankrupt yourself when buying a triple stroller so it might be an idea to look for a more affordable, yet quality, stroller for your family.

The Child Craft Sport Triple Stroller is an affordable triple stroller, but it still offers some great features. The stroller has a safe-brake system which automatically engages the brakes when the handle is released.

The seating on the stroller is stadium style so each child will have a good view of the environment in front of them. Each seat also reclines individually and can accommodate for toddlers. The large storage space underneath the seats is perfect to hold all your belongings, and the stroller folds up easily and compactly, making it great to travel with.

The Fun Triple Stroller

Okay, while this isn’t practical for young infants, it is a great way to transport toddlers, and they would love coming along for the ride as well!

For walks and outings, the Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon is such a fun option. It has three seats for children over the age of 18 months. There are seatbelts attached, keeping your little ones safe in place.

The wagon comes with a large and expandable rear storage bag that can be folded away when not in use. The canopy will keep the kids out of the sun, and protect them from any rain or other conditions, while still giving them a good view of their surroundings.

The tires are also large and durable, for a safe and comfortable ride.

Choosing The Best Triple Stroller for Your Family

Price vs Quality

Most of the time it is true that the higher the price, the better the quality. Most well-loved brands do cost more, but sometimes you can find some really great specials online. If you come across a great special, make sure to read reviews of the triple stroller to make sure that it is a good option.

Your Children

There is no point buying a triple stroller suitable for infants alone when you have three children of different ages. Finding a stroller that grows with your family will be a lifesaver, and save you money in the long run. Make sure that it is compatible with all your children, even if it means your oldest toddler gets to take a ride on a built-in bench.

Reclining Seats

When you have multiple children, you will need to make sure each one of their needs are met. Seats that recline individually will allow each child to rest the way they want.

An Active Lifestyle

You need to seriously consider your lifestyle before buying a triple stroller. If you only plan to use it when out running quick errands, a compact umbrella stroller is your best option. However, if you love being outdoors and going for jogs, you will need to look at buying a triple jogging stroller.
A stroller made specifically for jogging will be able to handle the terrain better, will be easier to maneuver, and will make the ride more comfortable for your babies with better suspension. It is also a good idea to make sure that the stroller allows each child to have good visibility of the world around them, enjoying the jog just as much as you.

Your Triple Stroller and You

Parenting comes with lots of complications, don’t make traveling with your toddlers one of them. There are more than enough triples strollers to choose from, to accommodate and grow with your special family.